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December 15, 2008


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Sehr gute Seite. Ich habe es zu den Favoriten.

God this is hilarious!!! I thought I was the only gross girl in the whole world.

You must, absolutely must go read about my encounter with a terrible vomit producing stomach bug where I simultaneously puked in the royal bowl but stood wand watched urine stream out of me as if I was doing it on purpose.....

And, I've pushed no babies out of my vajajay...they come from my c/section belly opening scar....so why is it that I can't just puke in peace? Why do I have to wad a towel up between my legs prior to puking.

And on the same note, do you know how difficult it is to do make up your mind "yes I do indeed have to vomit, now rush kids to other end of the house because it freaks them out, now where are all the towels & cloths we've lost in the re-modeling...and oh wait, there's no running water in the bathroom sink today (and the jacuzzi has this crazy faucet which was underwater)so I have to go to kitchen to wet these cloths (and hey, I gotta puke so get moving) and then...then I have to find the towels so I can put one in between my legs so as not to pee all over the carpet"

Ok, now I'm ready to puke.

Then, my husband is soaking in the tub because he too has the same nasty bug (which he has soaked about 8 times in the last 24 hours from this same bug)and I asked him if he would get me a cup of water to wash my mouth out with and I look and he dips his cup in his bathwater and extends it to me....

Now, come on, not even your in-laws would want you to rinse your vomit-breath with their bath water, lol....would they?

The post-partum discharge (and any discharge) can easily be remidied with a trip to the acupuncturist. Giving birth takes a toll on your life energy & the discharge is one of the signs of that weakness. You can also help with a few dietary changes: warm foods (both temp and enegetic warmth), more red meat, eggs, avoid dairy, & cold foods (salads, uncooked foods,& most sea food).

After everything I have read about your mother-in-law, the panty liner information was just too much.

Gah, when I was pregnant with my second kid is when it was the worst. Thankfully, 10 weeks postpartum (I think we were due within 1-2 days of each other, though mine decided to actually arrive on time) I am panty liner free!! (I third or fourth? the vote for Always though)

Yes, what Angie said about shaving. Also buy CLEAR shaving lotion/cream so that you can see what you're doing.

More info here:

'Leaky Crotch' was my nickname in high school. Just sayin'. :D

Ugh, I've been wearing pantiliners since I was 14. I can't fathom the ones that go commando, cause I'd look like I wet myself if I did that.

I've had "leaky old lady twat" since my second child was born (6 years ago). Don't know what to tell ya except I feel your discomfort. I suppose it's better than vaginal dryness which would make sex a bitch.

since i don't wear underwear about 98% of time, i'm SO thankful right now that i don't leak. but if i was a leaker...i can promise you that i'd be anti pantyliner...because, um, ew. :)

I third the Always vote. I use them daily, and have for at about 10 years.

I've had lifelong (well, since-puberty-long) discharge, every day but especially during ovulation. I'm a daily pantiliner user (I second the vote for Always -- best staying power ever). I think the leakage subsided somewhat while I was pregnant, and has now returned in all its glory since I've weaned my son.


Reason number 113 that I'm glad I'm a dude. You gals have some tough stuff.

I would think that bald would increase the discomfort... yeah? I use liners. I have to.

shaving advice:
1. use a very sharp, nay, a NEW razor.
2. relax in a warm-to-hot tub and soak for a very looong time.
3. exfoliate (i use a honey, sugar mild scrub)
4. small to medium but sure strokes.
5. more soaking post shave.

umm.... WHAT?!!?!? As someone considering getting pregnant for the first time, a leaky crotch is definitely making me reconsider!!! Wowza!

My god, where was all of this peer support when I hit puberty and desperately needed it? I'm just basking in the warmth of all the "me too's".

The title of this post made me almost wish I was wearing a panty liner, to catch the errant bit of laugh-wizz.

Ah yes, and dear Kirsten, please tell us all how you go bald without ungodly itching and prickliness and red bumps. And oh god the itching!!!

PLEASE post a how-to on shaving, waxing or whatever you do that doesn't result in the apocalypse below the belt.

Oh and it's not because of poor blader control, I must add!! It was while I was pregnant, but not before and not after. It's like horny nympho city all the time. Without the actually "turned on-ness"

It sucks being a woman sometimes.

Oh I hear ya all. I've been wearing pantyliners since I was 15. And the problem only got much worse after having a baby.

I wear Always pantyliners. They are thin, I don't even feel them there, they don't shift around or get unstuck, and they aren't gross and unsightly when you peel them off at the end of the day.

I should seriously think about getting stock in Always because I must go through 1 box a month...

And yeah, I've done laundry and have them end up in there. They don't fall apart or get stuck on everything in the load of wash. They stay together and swell up like a full diaper. No mess though. At least not with Always... Kotex makes a HUGE mess in the laundry!! lol

Bald = ITCH. Right? How do you deal with that? Or does waxing not itch? I've always wondered.

Laughing so hard at the "freshly cracked egg white" reference. I've always thought that but never actually had the balls to say it out loud. Thank you, Kelly.

So with you on the liner aversion. I just deal with it and change often. Would waxing help though? Because I think I would be much more acutely aware if it if I were bald.

Having a Mirena helps with the time of the month stuff. Don't even have a period anymore. Life is fabulous.

Okay, I'm a bit confused here. It seems some of us are talking about pee and some are talking about vaginal discharge. The pee part is fairly easy, do some Kegels, if that doesn't help, see your doctor and then a physical therapist who specializes in "women's health" and pelvic floor rehab. Surgery and pills for bladder control should always be a very last resort. And PLEASE don't assume you must use pantyliners/depends for the rest of your life just because you had a couple of kids! Talk to your doctor, and if they suck about this issue, which most do, GET THEE TO A GOOD PT (Sorry, I deal with pelvic floor issues professionally so I get a little soapbox-y about it all.)

As for vaginal discharge, I don't have a clue except to say WTF? I'm pregnant with my second and the goo that emerges daily is beyond gross. Is this what most of you are talking about?!?!

Welcome to my post partum world. i could never figure out why my mom bought them, horded them really, like they would be discontinued ANY DAY...until pg numero dos. Ugh and Yuck. And yes, they are a part of my daily routine now. Thanks, WALLIE. You're the gift that keeps on giving.

Yeah, I've voting for no on the Diva cup. Ewwww. I go for liners, although I am always afraid I'm going to end up washing them.

Oh no no no on the Diva Cup.

My post here:


I'm currently pregnant and experiencing the "excess discharge". I hate panty liners, too. The shift around and aren't comfortable so I'm just going with the nasty underwear.

Second on the Diva Cup! The thing is amazing. I get the leaks too, and also despise panty liners, so at one point I was changing my underwear several times a day before I got really desperate and tried my Diva for this non-menstrual purpose. Works like a charm!

I had that happen after #2- I kept thinking WTF is with this leaking- but thankfully it stopped.

Psha. I'm always a little damp... it's natural for me, but if it isn't for you mention it when you go for your gyno checkup and they'll run some tests to make sure it isn't anything serious.

I have to share-- the diva cup has changed my life forever. Gone are every kind of pad, tampon, and pantyliner. When I'm ovulating, I get super gooey too, and the diva cup keeps me nice, dry, and cozy then too (it's not just for blood!).

I'm so gooey during ovulation, I have to resort to pantyliners. Otherwise, it's like walking around with a freshly cracked egg white in my undies. And...yuck.

I have always found that they, "twist and afix" in ways I suspect were unintended by the creators. Not. A. Fan.

Oh, I forgot to say. Being bald has many perks, but one bad thing is you feel every little drip/leak that comes out in a very nasty sticky way!

Get thee to etsy and get some reusable panty liners.

good luck with that. it grows back and itches. ugh.

I hate them too! But have no choice. Mother of 4, oldest is 6! My 16 year old sister saw them in my bathroom and thought it was the most disgusting thing ever, little does she know, when she grows up......

I wore a liner EVERY. DAY. for over 4 years from the birth of the 1st kid until the 2nd was almost 2 years old. Then one day... there was FINALLY no need. It was the happiest day.

See, these are the damn things no one warned me about BEFORE I had a baby. "Leakage" is def. now on my after pregnancy "shit!" list. Not to mention that Baby Powder "Fresh" scent reminds me somehow of what a baby prostitute would smell like.
Maybe if they came out with a "new car smell" they would convince me to use those God awful things when I'm NOT supposed to be on the monthly. You think Pine Scent may be too much to ask for as well? Ew. I bet my MIL would LOVE the fresh pine scent. Anything to take the attention away from her camel toe.

I did the pantyliner every day thing for four years, then had bladder surgery. So glad.

I did the pantyliner every day thing for four years, then had bladder surgery. So glad.

LOL at this post and at Jamie's comment before me.. yes, the mighty have fallen. I remember my mom dribbling and complaining about it and in horror I was sure that would NEVER happen to me! Ha....why do I think I hear her laughing in my ear! :)

Ha! When I was living in Hawaii, my MIL came to visit and left her bathing suit at my house somehow. She asked me to mail it and when I found where she'd left it, there was a panty liner stuck in it! Talk about disgusting!

Ha! When I was living in Hawaii, my MIL came to visit and left her bathing suit at my house somehow. She asked me to mail it and when I found where she'd left it, there was a panty liner stuck in it! Talk about disgusting!

Oh, I know. I can remember seeing my mom grab her crotch every time she sneezed or laughed, and feeling slightly superior. Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

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