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December 04, 2008


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That is one cute baby! :)

Here's hoping that 2009 rocks!

Oy. I have had my fill of '08.
Death, divorce, and disease - just to name a few. The cherry on top was getting laid off yesterday.
Can't wait to give this year the finger and a loud good-bye on New Year's Eve!

Here's to successful snot sucking and even greater joys.

As I listen to my daughter coughing so hard she's gagging herself in her sleep, I can only say yeah, this year can suck it.

I'm done with being karma's bitch. It's time we all had the balance shift to positive in our lives.

Cute kids can ease just about any angst.

But I swear there's got to be a celestial explanation for why some people in my offline life have taken leave of their f'ing senses.

hopefully you're getting all the icky out of the way so 2009 will be p e r f e c t.

I couldn't agree more. This might be the first New Year's that I'm actually looking forward to instead of dreading in that 1 year older, time flies sort of way.

Hang in there, everyone!

sick kids + UTI
that's all I can say

Yeah, this year bit the big one and is still chomping on my ass. Except for the birth of my daughter, the rest of the year can go straight to hell and fester there but of course it just won't go away without bruising us up a bit more on its way out. Can't we just hybernate through it?
Oh and the snots are at my house too! All six of em! and seven if you count the big lump of mass that seems to remotely resemble my husband.

That's one cute baby!

I have to focus on the small things, because the big things are eating me alive. I keep telling myself, 2009 will be better. I'm willing it too be true.

I hear you on the snot and puke. Question for you, is she teething yet? Because Harrison is getting a tooth, which seems insane at two months old. I'm rusty at this baby gig. But the amount of vomit, snot and drool in my house could fill a pool right now.

That smile? Worth it's weight in gold. :)

what a cutie pie! Yeah, it seems like everybody I know is getting screwed over this year, and NOT in the good way. I'm looking forward to the end of this year. Next year has GOT to be better (or else). Ha!

It HAS been a rough couple of months. For us, too. Seeping bandages and all.

Definitely looking forward to all this being over with. Here's to 2009

oh yeah....the treasured "this too shall pass" belief. It's been my mantra lately. But not because of snot...

Hope all of your snot passes soon...

That's sweet--I need to break out the Xmas music. Was planning on watching Frosty & Rudolph this weekend, too.

Here, here. This year has been such a challenge. It's hard not to want to crawl into a hole and remain there until spring arrives. Were it not for my kids, I absolutely might have. You're doing great. Cold and flu season too shall pass.

Oh, you guys too? GOSH can 2008 just DIE already???

Other than my daughter's birth... this year can SUCK IT.

(I'm sorry, that was a lot of anger. Here's a puppy).

You so totally can just coast on posting cute baby smile pictures for the rest of the year. 2009 better kick ass for all the ass-kicking 2008 did. Here's to a snot free Christmas!

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