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December 27, 2008


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I almost never leave comments, however I looked at some of the remarks here Motherhood Uncensored: All I want for Christmas is my two pink eyes. I do have a couple of questions for you if it's okay. Could it be just me or does it seem like some of these responses come across like they are written by brain dead folks? :-P And, if you are posting on other places, I'd like to keep up with anything fresh you have to post. Would you list of the complete urls of your social community pages like your twitter feed, Facebook page or linkedin profile?

Breastmilk in the eye always cleared up pinkeye for my kids. It is awesome. I rubbed it into my cracked nipples and it healed them right up. I am only sad that I didn't have good enough aim to squirt it into my eyes. Truly, it is wonder-juice. So ignore that doctor and keep on doing it if you can. (I can remember doing it to my son when he was about 14 months old, just before he stopped nursing. He thought I was mad but it certainly worked!)

Never mention the breast milk thing- they didn't think of it first
and they won't accept it. LOL

I was going to suggest the Similasan. It's over the counter and for viral pinkeye. I just used it a few weeks ago with mine and it actually cleared up the goop and numbed my eye.

I like the end of this post because I really hope that 2009 will be the year I become one!

Seriously. I woke up Christmas day with a raging and red case of mastitis. I spent the one day my parents were here on the couch, achy, moaning/crying and shivering. Kick ass. I should have listened to my body the day before when the pain began.

I need to slow down and take better care of myself. Please do the same Kristen! Well, as much as you can with three kids, work and a husband out of town frequently...

Ugh. Doctors. Pink eye really bites the big one. It's the only time I drag out my glasses.

I don't think I have ever been happier to say good-bye to an entire year. Year of the Mom can't get here fast enough.

Sounds great. Can we make it longer though, say, extend it to the entire century??

Right there with ya, sister. The year of the Mom! Bring it on!

I'm so with you.

And I feel your pain. We've been sick here for like two weeks. Pink eye and all.

As I'm becoming a mummy in 2009 I am all over the year of the mom. Take care of yourself.

My kid just had pink eye as well and I have never noticed how much she touches my freaking face! I'm all "get away, leper!"

I can get on the 2009 Mom Year bandwagon...are we having special drinking games and costumes? Can I have a cape?

I'm all for year-of-the-mom. here's to 2009!!!!

When I was in my early 20's and had no health insurance, I got a raging case of pink eye. My boyfriend's German mother put chamomille tea into my eye and the infection disappeared quickly. I've since heard that this is not recommended by doctors. Go figure. Your kids will learn how to care for themselves by the example you set them in your life. Nurture yourself and don't take any crap. You go girl!

"Year of the Mom"! I like it. It's my first full year of being a mom anyway, and I had already decided that things have to change. I have to get off the baby weight and back into my old clothes, I have to start running again, I have to take care of me, not just the baby and my husband.

And you take it easy! You need it to get better.

I'm all for 2009 - Year of the Mum (sorry, Mom).

I just need to remember to slow down and think about it and it might happen, if only in small bursts. I think I need to get the surfboard out again - they can't get to you out on the water...just you and the water, no phone, no kids, no visitors (much as I love them), no computer, just you and the water. Think I'll be out there tomorrow...

Amen, ditto, agreed, seconded! Whatever it takes let's make 2009 the year of the relaxed mom!!!

Hope you feel better soon. There's a homeopathic remedy for pink eye too -- called Similasian pink eye relief eye drops. Can't hurt.

Hope you feel better soon. Sometimes we moms need someone to knock us on our asses to get us to take a break. That said, I'm all in for Year of the Mom in 2009.

yay for the year of mom! :-)
here's to reclaiming your body (well, most of it) and life (on evenings and weekends?)!

I'm with you. TOTALLY with you. 2009 is my fucking year and the rest of the universe can lick my toenails. :)

I figure I have four days left to be crabby, bitchy, eat whatever I want and yell at everyone -- because come January 1st, life will be a-changin' -- on all fronts.

I had pink eye and I did the breastmilk thing until I could get in to see the doctor and get some "real" medicine. I'll tell you what, the breastmilk felt better (more soothing) and worked better (less redness) than the prescription whatever it was.

But yeah, my doc looked at me like I'd lost my tiny mind, too.

I've tried it on pimples, with unsatisfactory results. I think the milk would need to be evaporated or something, to make it stronger... but I'm not sure how to do that without heating it and therefore killing any good antibodies it might contain.

Yes, I have given this entirely too much thought.

Amy @ http://prettybabies.blogspot.com

It can be the year of the purple people eater for all I care, if only we can all catch a break in 2009.

But if I can only pick a non-imaginary figure, Year of Mom sounds great to me.

Me too, It's about time Mom got a little break/ credit for all of the crap we do for the benefit of our families. They can fend for themselves right, isn't that why we married?

Best wishes,
Feet off the table mom

I am--and so are most other people! Hope you recover soon!

Me me me! Damn I need a break.

And I'm gonna get one. Soon.

Hope you get well soon!

and by not taking care of myself - I mean simply having a meal!!!! I would just snack on whatever I could get my hands on during the 5 minutes she was not wailing.

WHen I had my daughter I was young and very overwhelmed. About two weeks after she was born I became very ill, I lost 70 pounds (50 that I gained and 20 additional ones) and I was down to 92 lbs. I was hospitalized. I was lectured and sat down and talked to by a very good doctor, it all came down to not taking care of myself.

It was hard, I was 19, my whole family did not live in the state I was in and my daughter father was working three jobs. So it was just me.

I can only imagine what youa re going through with kids but I will tell you what the doctor told me ~ don't be afraid to ask for help. I know it is hard and I know it is easier said then done. BUT you gotta try otherwise you will just be sick and miserable.

Maybe on Sundays make yourse a really big hearty soup (or meal) and break it down to little meals for the week, this way you are getting a nice hearty meal once a day.

I wish I had better advice. I am a big fan of your blog and I read it every day and every day since you had the newest baby I just say - man she needs some help. IF I lived closer (I am in NJ) I would hop on over and help you out. BUT just now that you are getting virtural hugs from many moms that understand.


The year of the Mom?!!? I am so in. I could even make a button for it ;O)

Count me in for year of the mommies!!!! Hey I was nursing my son this morning and noticed he had gook in his eye and I remebered the tidbit about breastmilk in the eye and since I had freeflowing milk this morning I put some in his eye! Guess what, it cleared the gook out without needing a warm washcloth. So freakin cool! I guess if I keep it up it might clear it up completely. The doc looking at you like you need psych meds just goes to show how out of touch they are with boobjuice cures. I did read somewhere awhile back that breastmilk has helped people with lung cancer.

Yep ... breastmilk works! I've used it on my son and on myself.

So sorry. Hope you feel better soon!

Ick. And I'm sorry. And yes, TOTALLY WITH YOU. 2009 -- YEAR OF THE MOMMIES.

Breast milk worked for clearing my daughters plugged tear duct so I would think that it would work for pink eye too. I read 4 drops in the eye one day and two drops the next day and presto all clear. Freedompondmoonworks.com says it should work and that is wear I got the info on clearing the plugged duct. I used breast milk to clear zits on my face before. The magical powers of the boob milk are unending. I say give it a try.

Considering my first is due in May, you bet :)

When I went to the doc thinking I had pink eye or something like it, it turns out he said something like what your doc said: it's mucus coming up and out of the drainage canals of your eyes and it'll go away when the cold does. But, all that aside, breast milk in the eye... can't hurt ya, so why not? You never know.

Go year of the mom, you deserve it!

Oooooo... I like that!! Viva la mommies!!

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