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December 31, 2008


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In your post there are certain stuffs which are I like most for moms. We respect them. I am wondering that can we give award every months to mom? If possible then its good thing for moms also.

Susan Gray

I'm still learning from you, but I'm trying to achieve my goals. I certainly enjoy reading all that is posted on your blog.Keep the information coming. I loved it

you're the first blog i look for every morning. thanks. thanks for making 2008 a little better for me. my post is up... emailing you now.

btw, thanks for creating the year of the mom. i'm shooting for the millenium of the mom, still, lol ~

I want to experience different things everyday. thanks for sharing. impressive page you have in here.

Sounds a very nice one. thanks for sharing. impressive page indeed.

I found your blog towards the end of 2008, but I have really enjoyed it. I continue to be impressed with what you put up with, and your ability to juggle so many things. Because of you, I say "thank you" everyday for the fact that I have decent, completely nonannoying in-laws. I often wonder if your mother-in-law reads your blog!

I hope this allowed, I have never used this website before so I wasn't really sure what this was going to do. So this is just a test post. I really like this forum, it has some excellent discussions that take place

Fantastic blog! Very well written, I expect you to write more

I love this idea. I found your blog towards the end of 2008, but I have really enjoyed it. I continue to be impressed with what you put up with, and your ability to juggle so many things. Because of you, I say "thank you" everyday for the fact that I have decent, completely nonannoying in-laws. I often wonder if your mother-in-law reads your blog!

I hope 2009 is a great, happy, no-new-baby year for you. Oh, and from twitter I would just like you to know that I too am spending today chucking granny panties and guachos.

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I'd settle a Week and a Half of the Dad, just once.

This is my first visit to your blog, and it won't be the last. I made my post here: http://livinginthehouseoftestosterone.blogspot.com/2009/01/last-of-my-unkeepable-resolutions-for.html

Here's my list for 2009...I've stuck to it so far...9 down, 356 to go...

Did I forget to include my link in my last comment? Silly me!


It's on!

I am so happy I found your blog! I posted today about how I plan to make 2009 my best year yet, and I also added you to my side bar.

Year of the mom: I hadn't heard of it but now that I know it exists, I will say that I pledge to take more risks and do things with and without my daughter that I was afraid to do alone. I'm a single mom and I'm tired of waiting until someone comes along before I can begin to live my life again. I'm over it. My goal would be to plan a trip to Europe by the end of the year, single or not.

Great idea...I LOVE it. I acutally just made my bucket list yesterday...I am planning on making the year of the mom be my plan for the next 100 years:) Ok, maybe not that long lol. I love this idea though. I will post in the next few days!

Happy 2009 y'all! I too had an echogenic foci w/my (first) child too! It sucked and I worried like crazy and I just made myself insane until we knew that things looked okay. I told the hubby that either way we were having our son and he agreed and thank God he's a happy, healthy, energetic, OMG won't stop talking 2yr old:) BUT he's my 2yr old!

Happy 2009 K! There's been a lot of cucca (sp?) but a lot of good too.

I hope we cross paths this year -- I'll buy you a cocktail if you aren't preggers. Heh.

Happy New Year! The Year of the Mom sounds perfect to me.

oops... I didn't see my last comment (I got confused because the name is at the bottom of the post) and I can't figure out how to delete it, SORRY!

I did it! And I enjoy reading your blog!

Happy new year!!


Haven't done it yet, but just saved the link as a draft. I've got to think about this one! Great idea.

I love year of the mom! (although really, isn't every year? This year seemed to be for you for sure.)

I will admit that I'm afraid to put the button up though. Knowing you it really says "year of powerful anal penetration" and you're just fucking with us all.

OK, I have actually posted something. It would be sooo nice to have any kind of computer knowledge. Please, like you have time to do this, could you let me know how to even post the thing on my computer, and if I ever figure out how to send a link, I'll do it.

Wowie! What a year. Here's hoping 2009 is great for you and your family. :D

Happy New Year! We miss you around these parts!



um, wait a second. i like my gaucho pants! are you saying i leave my house looking less than presentable? i'm hurt. deeply wounded.

i'm going to curl up in the corner and cry. in my gaucho pants no less.

Nice list for 2009. I just hope to get more sleep!

I love this idea. I found your blog towards the end of 2008, but I have really enjoyed it. I continue to be impressed with what you put up with, and your ability to juggle so many things. Because of you, I say "thank you" everyday for the fact that I have decent, completely nonannoying in-laws. I often wonder if your mother-in-law reads your blog!

I hope 2009 is a great, happy, no-new-baby year for you. Oh, and from twitter I would just like you to know that I too am spending today chucking granny panties and guachos.

I'm in!


Are we allowed to participate in this is we're pregnant with our first right now, not technically a mom until summer 2009?

Also, congratulations for making it through 2008; it sounds like a very busy year for you!

Happy New Year! great post by the by


that's my year of the mom post. i might not qualify to win - i don't live in the states. but i will be in the states for a month or more this summer...

happy new year to you!!!

So here is to us Moms in 2009! You had a busy year and i hope you kick off this new year in a great mood!

Wow!! I've fallen in love with your blog! I'm not a mom yet but now see wha I have to look forward to... Thanks! haha.

Love your writing. Oh, and I added the thingy to my page. Just sent you an email too.

There I was thinking that every year is the year of themom.

What a year! So happy for our new healthy babies - and ready to hope for more sleep in 2009.

Happy New Year!

Just wanted to say I found your blog last night, and I've learned that you love your statcounter. I wanted to apologize for leaving this browser open all night and going through all three years of your archives. I don't know if that'll make you go crazy, but I thought it was interesting and funny! Good luck in 2009!!

Great idea. I'll probably post something in a day or two. Making my priority list right now while drinking on New Years Eve is probably not the best way to do it. Then again, I bet I'd probably come up with some great ideas.

I hope 2009 is your best year yet!

i'd like to copy the code but can you give a suggestion as to where to put it in my html? (pardon my newbiness)

btw, thanks for creating the year of the mom. i'm shooting for the millenium of the mom, still, lol ~

you rock. :-) you're the first blog i look for every morning. thanks. thanks for making 2008 a little better for me. my post is up... emailing you now.

all the best in 2009.

So, you've made it official? I love it! And I'm in. The badge is already up in my sidebar. I'll work on my post after I get caught up on the work I didn't do (and totally forgot about, frankly) when Spike was in the hospital last week.

Sounds like 2008 was quite a year for you! I love 2009 being the Year of the The Mom.

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