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November 23, 2008


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just for the record, I DO totally love my bullet blender thing. Makes great baby food, smoothies and milkshakes. :)

You mean J. Peterman?

I second the Tivo/DVR suggestion. Set a couple series recordings, and you'll be chock full of 2 a.m. options. My current selection is Celebrity Rehab.

Although, I just can't turn the channel if the ShamWow guy is on.

Mine is Who's Line is It anyway? With Drew Carey as the host. It's actually pretty dam funny.

I totally preach from the pulpit of the Bullet.

Mominatrix should love the double innuendo of the "magic" bullet.

Anyway the buullet blender comes in totally handy for baby food and omlets.

I love jepardy and wheel of fortune!!!! Oh and the price is right, all the old granny game shows :)

I know I'm not the only one to say this, but I just wanted to throw my support behind a DVR vs. game shows and such.

Not that they aren't better than infomercials and such, but The Daily Show, Prison Break, and so on and so forth? Can't compete with that.

When we were kids, we liked Wheel of Fortune. That's when you still went shopping for your prizes and before Pat Sijack.

We used to love Family Feud back in the day, when Richard Dawson was kissing everyone.

Whammy was always (and still is on occasion) my fave. I like the old version though not the newer one as much!

For current game shows, Jeopardy is still the best. I hate and despise Millionaire. For old school though, Pyramid and Match Game are truly awesome. I believe the celebrities were required to be drunk and/or high on Match Game. Awesome!

Due to middle of the night feedings, I, too, decided that I needed a bullet blender and my husband decided he was going to become a ninja warrior. Ninja warrior is a show playing on G4 tv, a station that you only know about if you're up in the middle of the night consoling a newborn. And, I'm embarrassed to admit that we even have Tivo!

I have nothing to add here other than "Go Bucks!"

I have one word for you,
We bought ours not too long after the birth of our first. Husband was all excited and I was kind of like "meh, just another piece of technology" until that first 2am feeding came 'round and I could actually watch something I *wanted* to watch.

Get yourself a DVR, you won't regret it.

What do you mean that OTHER Michigan University? It's THE Michigan University! You went to the OTHER one. ;)

Seriously, I didn't realize they were in my backyard. That's awesome!

Wait, who was it after Richard Dawson on Family Feud, big guy, hang on... Louie Anderson, from 1999 - 2002, that's who I was thinking of. I saw an episode Family Feud where Richard Dawson was *clearly* drunk. It was hilarious.

OO my roomie is a game show addict.. she can't be stopped.

I have one word for you...TIVO. It's a mommy's must have.

& now I read that you are a former Spartan?? Whoa! Me too!

I much prefer making things that aren't into gameshows. I.e., infomercials. Trying to name movies of 'stars' hosting them, ex-spouses, character names.

But if I had to pick, Jeopardy. Just the condescending nerdiness of it all....it actually reminds me of Ann Arbor. (Oooh!)

That Michigan university...you mean the one that suffered their worst loss to OSU in forty years yesterday? WHOO!

Oh, were we talking about game shows? Pardon me.

Ugh, I hate infomercials. TV shows on DVD were totally what got me through those late nights.

CNN Headlines has showbiz news, HGTV is dealing with property virgins and AMC is showing all the movies you always said you wished you had seen. I think I made Aaron Brown a 'star'(Neilson rater here) when I was dealing with young children in the middle of the night and he consequently made a move from ABC news to CNN. Thinking of you and wishing you the best

Trista --

NO WAY. Off to see if we get Oxygen. My luck, we won't.

Did you know that the oxygen channel (I think) has a sex shop on at 3 am? Totally found it while up with my sick child. It sucked me in too....like I bad car accident, couldn't look away!

i have too many to count...press your luck,(no whammies)$100000 pyramid, saved by the bell, roseanne, etc..

Oh, I completely agree about the bad TV in the middle of the night. I really hope that Obama tackles this issue during his first term.

I think I've watched every single rerun of Law and Order Criminal Intent ever made during the middle of the night while up with my newborn.

Hey, that bullet blender is great for making baby food. Seriously. It works really well.

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