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November 24, 2008


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Buildings are expensive and not everybody is able to buy it. Nevertheless, mortgage loans was invented to aid different people in such situations.

Welcome to my world.

Btw, love the fridge farm. That gives me a whole 5 minutes in the kitchen each day. Sing it with me: "You put a horse in front, you put a pig behind. Put them together and what do you find? A horse-pig!? That's silly!"

hahaha, is that paper towel?

This is my living room everyday. The paper products just vary: kleenexes, toilet paper and paper towels. You're not alone. We're all losing our minds.

I was thinking, hey, she got her kids to 'swiffer' creatively?? Everyone got through the day in (mostly) one piece? KC for the WIN!

It took me a bit to realize that there was supposed to be something wrong with this picture.

What's wrong? This picture wasn't taken in MY house, so it must mean my kids spent the day at someone else's house without my knowledge.

Heh. (Nice floors.)

I think you need to have a contest using this FAIL picture as the first entry, to see some of the other kitchens, homes. Everyone has a messy kitchen unless they are Oprah rich and can afford a maid. I will take a pic of my kitchen and send it to you:)

ummm, that's my kitchen every day.

Parenting FAIL? No.

15 min. of Sanity WIN? Yes.

This isn't a fail, this is a creative minds at work!
At least that is what I try to tell myself when the boy gets into the bathroom & teepees the entire room as quickly as his chubby little legs will allow.

LOL - not = FAIL! Because if it is like my house you will get another chance today!! Just a mini vacation!

A magical day to you!

Hee! That happens regularly in my bathroom with TP.

At least there is nothing sticky on the floor. At least, that I can see.

LOL...I have an 'oh, you think THAT's bad' story, too...I took a chef knife away from my 2yo an hour ago.

And before anyone calls the authorities, I have the knives put waaaaay up. The little stinker dragged a chair into the kitchen and got up onto the counter to get it from above the stove.

I think my great-grandmother had things right when she tied her kids by the ankle to the tree out back, LOL!

Oh PLEEZE...........my horrific 2 yr old, (who didn't nap or sleep through the night till she was 8),once took off her own dirty diaper and "finger painted". Crib, walls, herself and the window.............I left the house screaming!!!
My wonderful Husband washed her off, dragged the Crib outside and then tackled the room!

I still have nightmares ......and she is 24 yrs old!!!!

That's excellent.

Once, when I was 2, I took a small pot of turquoise paint and threw it on the wall of our apartment. For fun. My mom came out of the shower, saw it, slapped me, and proceeded to scrape it off with a screwdriver.

I'm assuming you didn't slap your babies, haha.

Hahahaha...not fail! Just funny...

My five year old once shaved her left side of her head with her dads clippers. She did this when she was 2..

The clippers were upstairs, in our bedroom, under the sink, in cabinet...IN A BAG.

I was downstairs watching TV..didn't even realize she was gone.

Now that's failing!

Well, at least you know that if there is a spill you've got it covered! On a positive note the rest of the kitchen floor looks great! Hubby would be proud ;)

okay so maybe I'm a good housekeeper after all.
And FOM. How do you think I keep it so clean.
You should see my windows LOL

I've got to agree that you got nothin' with a few paper goods strewn about...this is my house and worse every single day...so are you saying I'm failing??

I thought so.

that's totally art! i can't believe you're insinuating this is an indication of messy--or bad--parenting.

With my twins, it was a bag of potting soil in the closet of the room where they were SUPPOSED to be napping. Did I mention we were at my mother's?

Egad, what a mess. They sure were having fun, though!

There must be something wrong with me b/c all I see are gorgeous shiny floors---you could throw some organic/child-friendly cleaner on there and tell the kids to wipe it all up with the towels! Win-win!

You are a good mom, you didn't fail! It could be worse - I once walked downstairs to my 2 & 3 year old on top of my dining room table with an entire open bag of powdered sugar! Talk about thinking of failing as a mom, lol! But after crying then yelling then feeding the newborn I just well, I just took a picture and realize it was my life - but just for the time being!

I have to agree, total pass. What a clean kitchen other than the paper towels, and that's an easy clean up. My kitchen was that clean when we moved in - maybe.

Does it help you to feel better if I tell you my Saturday consisted of boogers on the walls and 3 bottles of Drano? And that was with both of us at home.

Hey! I think you photographed my house!

Only mine was a light sprinkling of tissues (shredded and whole) across the entire lounge/dining rooms.

I wish my kitchen was as clean as that... :P


I don't understand.

Are those paper-towel-outlines of the bodies of a couple of babysitters your kids got to before you could intervene?

FAIL?? No Way!!

Look at how clean your kitchen is, save for a roll of paper towels strategically placed by a child. I see no smudges on the fridge, not a single dirty dish in the sink, not a thing out of place on your counter tops, and not a single dust bunny cowering in the corners.

My kitchen only dreams of being this clean... and I have no children to "blame" for the mess!

P.S. I love your blog!

Hilarious! Which kid?

Hey, I think that's a perfectly good PASS. It wasn't black permanent marker and must have entertained for a solid 5 minutes. In my book, that's a PASS.

Uhm. We have been known to buy Kleenex with the sole purpose of giving them to our son to take out the box and throw around.....

We must be really bad parents. I thought we were just being creative and thrifty.

Right now, in the kids' bathroom, there are clumps of wet toilet paper stuck to the walls, where my 7 year old threw them. Bathtime was never so fun when I was a kid, let me tell ya.

Here's to tomorrow...

I love that you put this up. Just remember tomorrow is another day. A do-over if you will. :)

I will say, toilet paper is much harder to clean up. This I know from experience.

Yes, but your wood floors are *pristine.*

Looks like fun to me!!

aw, that's nothing. i was expecting so much worse when i saw this title in my reader. you're still doin' fine :-)

I don't see that as a fail! I see it as a creative use of paper towels. I think my husband has done worse than that LOL!

In your defense, that could have been an unruly pet, and not a child...you have a pet, right? Blame the pet! Pets are often uncontrollable...they do not have the human brain that can rationalize away a mishap like this by blaming it on a less intelligent species...

A few paper towels? That's it? That's all ya got? Today I screamed at my daughter and threatened that if she didn't lose the 'tude I'd take away her Nintendo DS. Forever. Banner day at my house.

Yeah, if that was in my house, it would also have been shredded by the dog.

haha aw. I dont even have kids, but still...I know...it happens.

If it makes you feel any better, my dog ate my birth control whilst i was otherwise engaged.

Coulda been worse.

Coulda been the flour out of the cupboard that you forgot to lock down.

I should have been held back a grade for that one.

Thank goodness it wasn't something like flour or sugar all over the place!

We did that to my dad w/flour & a fan...fun times.

Aw sweetie!!! Sorry!

Still makes me giggle. Sorry.

That was my bedroom today except with toilet paper.

grrrr :-)

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