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November 06, 2008


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sleep is for the weak!

I AM SOOOO WEAK...my little is now 4 1/2 months old and still up 3x a night! i think i may be considered legally INSANE by now!

Oh man I've been needing this for about 6 months now. My 11-month-old son only recently started going to sleep without being nursed all the way there -- for naps, bedtime, and when he wakes up an average of 2-3 times per night. And I started trying to wean more than 2 months ago. Not getting anywhere with that, either, but one thing at a time, right?

Oh, totally registered. My baby will NOT sleep in her crib or her bassinet or anyplace that's not my arms or right next to me. It's driving me batty!

Good luck with that. My kid didn't sleep through the night until just before she was one. I feel your pain, sistah!

Very timely. My 4 year old has taken to getting up super early in the morning and often wakes his younger brother in the process. I am pregnant so I am constantly exhausted and tired of dealing with cranky children.

we had a big problem with that with our first kid (of three), like to say we did EVERYTHING wrong that COULD be done wrong. she slept with us, we entertained her, we laid on her floor, you name it, we did it. poor numbers 2 and 3 got NONE of THAT, poor boys. what worked for us was a set pattern that didn't change at bedtime: brush teeth, read a book, rock for a bit and then into the bed. we started that when each boy was still in a crib and it worked right off the bat like a charm. unfortunately, now that they're teenagers, forget about it. it's a challenge most school nights to get them to bed and it's effing IMPOSSIBLE to get them OUT of bed on the weekend.

OMG, i'm so there. my 7mo needs a fucking song and dance every night and has taken to getting up at 4am. which is, you know, AWESOME.

I may not have well-behaved kids 90% of the day, but there are two things I've been able to drill into them...veggies won't kill you and sleep does a body good. Don't ask me how...I have no earthly idea. Every night, we put the three boys in bed, say our prayers, sing "Jesus Loves Me", "You Are My Sunshine" and the theme song to "Bob the Builder" and then they go to sleep without a problem...sure they wake up in the morning, raid the kitchen of junk food before I can get out of bed and my youngest usually takes off his diaper and smears its contents somewhere fun for me to find, but at least I get a good night before the battle begins again every morning...

How did you get your daughter to sleep on her own? We're trying right now w/my son b/c my daughter is due in just over 2 months and so far things are okay but I still have to sit next to the bed (at least for nighttime). Congrats on your new baby BTW (sorry so late)!

That's for the webcast. Hopefully it'll help with my oldest. She has never slept well since she was a baby. She's almost 3 now and we've moved her from the room she shared with her sister, that seemed to help. We moved her to the play room which had the TV for them, but she soon stopped sleeping there, and is not sleeping fairly well in the living room on the couch watching whatever DVD she had on to fall asleep. She doesn't nap.

But then there is the youngest, she has slept well very well all her short little life. She naps everyday with out fail, and she goes to bed at a regular time almost every night, and sleeps the whole night most of the time.

I am very thankful that my first was the bad one, makes the second one seem like heaven.

When I told my doctor about the sleep issue she told me to let her cry herself to sleep. She didn't seem to get it. May this webcast will help me too.

After I read several research papers that showed great success with using melatonin for kids with disabilities (particularly visual disturbances) in aiding better sleep habits, I got the ok from my doctor to try it with my non-disabled-except-when-it-came-to-sleep
daughter, who is now 3.

It's like a miracle, it works so well. She even asks for it, now, which shows me that the whole process of being unable to fall asleep in a reasonable amount of time was as frustrating for her as it was for us.

She comes from a long line of bad sleepers... I reportedly didn't sleep well until high school. My husband can function on very little sleep, and got about 20 hours of sleep a week in college. Her paternal grandfather is notorious in the family for getting to bed at 3 am and getting up at 6 am, and being fine all day.

I'd be interested in hearing what your expert has to say about melatonin use in children.

Looking forward to the program,

Dude...my daughter is 5 and still doesn't sleep well at night. WE finally gave up and put a tv (the horror) in her room and when she wakes a night and can't sleep she just pops in a video. WE figure that as long as she stays in her room....peace for us!!!!!

My question is how do I get myself to sleep after 34 weeks of pregnancy? It's not like I'm not dog-ass tired all day. But hot damn, as soon as I lie down in relative peace and quiet, my eyes refuse to close and my mind refuses to quiet.

Forget my sleep! How did you get your child to sleep alone?

I'll have to check it out... we haven't had *too* many issues yet (knock wood) but I am one to stockpile advice for Later Use.

Just in case.

Sound interesting, i wil have to check it out. Thanks!!!

I am gonna have to catch that one. There is no kind of a sleep schedule thing here with the boy. Two nights ago he slept 8 hours straight. Last night he woke up like every hour. This, is just kinda how it goes. One night good, three bad, one okay. Yeah I'm at a loss.

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