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November 01, 2008


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They're so cute. Your oldest daughter looks so much like you!


but now i am jealous. my three wouldnt let me take a photo of all of them together... and still two of them got to enjoy candy.. hmmm..

They look so cute! I love the red hair!

They look adorable! Love the costumes!

They're so cute. And let there's still a bit of "frantic" thrown in. I can recognize it because I see it in my own pictures of my kids.

Margot looks way bigger than my almost 6 month old. WTG on a happy and healthy family. Love the mermaid wig too. And the ballerina tee. I saw a tutu at the dollar store today and almost bought one to sew my own. But I can't sew so your linky to the real folks who can sew is super cute!

Oh, can Halloween be every day? Because I want to see way more pictures like that.

Awesome...I love the ballerina - I had out baby dressed as Piglet (the same costumes all of the kids wear between 2 and 6 months)
Off to eat more of my kids' candy :)
Because, you know, I didn't grow up with Halloween and so I have to catch up every year that comes around...

Happy Halloween. your babies are cute?

Happy Halloween to you and the loveliest little "Halloween Handfuls"

Too cute:-)

I know that Little Mermaid wig! ;)

Looks about right, one squishing the baby, one trying to escape.

They all look adorable. Baby ballerinas...sigh. Too dam cute. She really is beautiful Kristen.

Beautiful! The Halloween fairy took our candy this year. Damn!


Cute kids, hide the candy they got. I think every family had one pirate this year, we did.

Oh April. I TOTALLY DO. And hopped up on Candy? I nightmare.

super cute. i would say "looks like you've got your hands full!" but i fucking hate when people say that to me, so i won't.

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