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November 12, 2008


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That's a great idea, actually... I should totally do that.

um, hi, that is freakin gorgeous! Great idea.
Margot is so cute!!

Why of course! I post all the pictures friends send me. I love the picture Christmas cards. My one friend does one each yr- I have all 4yrs of them since I've known her.

Oh heck yeah I would!! :)

I'd put her on my fridge! I just LOVE those magnetic announcements...what a great invention!

Margot's such a soulful looking baby, those eyes have an older look to 'em.

She's a cutie!

I want the magnet!

I have a cousin who sticks all of the baby announcements and christmas card pictures in an album. She brought it out one time and there were 15 years of kids in there. It was amazing to see how much they all had grown. So I started doing that a few years ago. No big scrapbooking project, just sticking them in an album after I take them down from the refrigerator. I think the kids might enjoy it someday.

I am always short on magnets. This is a total win-win.

I did similar magnets for the baby shower save-the-dates for a party I threw a bit earlier this year. They were perfect for people to put on their fridge - and not allow them to get shuffled into a pile of crap never to be seen again - or just not to be found until *after* the RSVP date. Everything should be on a magnet!!

Yes. Yes I do.

And I will HAVE her.


As my fridge is covered with pictures of other people's children already, I think that's an awesome idea. I too can't bring myself to throw away any birth announcements, they wind up in my file of 'sentimental papers'.

All you people with your fancy fridges.

great idea! our fridge is covered with birth announcements and party invitations. sure wish they did double duty to hold up my lists :-)

What a great idea!

I totally want her on my fridge. Please send me one asap.

Very cool idea:-)

If people send them to me I most certainly hang them. But I cutie like her would get front door priority, not the side stuff.

Good thinking Mama. We did this with our wedding Save-The-Dates, and 3 years later people STILL have them on their fridge. She'll probably be living on your friends' refrigerators until the magnet disintegrates.

Adorable, but unfortunatly that wouldn't work on us. Our fridge is stainless steel and magnets don't stick to it. :-( (I was totally bummed when I discovered this)

REGARDLESS, your daughter is ADORABLE!!

Brilliant move!!

I most definatly want that cute chubby cheeked baby on my fridge...my toddlers would love playing with her!

Ok I wouldn't hang it, but I have an excuse.

The picture is cute, but our fridge isn't magnetic.

I would! Because I refuse to buy refrigerator magnets, given that they're so readily available in the wild.

Staring at a cute baby when I go to open my fridge is way better than staring at something like the phone number to a car wash I will never visit.

Great idea! And great picture. I would totally slap that on my fridge the second I got it.

She's adorable.

That's what I did with our recent change of address cards. The magnet is ingenious.

Beautiful! The magnet is nice tto. ;)

Her little worried expression just slays me.

Just beautiful.

I actually save those birth announcements. I don't know why. I guess it seems wrong to throw them away!

Oh my gosh! I WANT one on MY fridge!!

Dude i just want her.
Because my hubby is done....and I am NOT!!

That is brilliant and beautiful. What a doll.
Great idea, but I still won't have another kid :-)

And here I am short on magnets...


I would, she's beautiful. Like a little chubby cheeked angel.

You win. Alex is what, three weeks older than Margot? I have yet to send out anything. I'm thinking a Christmas card with all three kids will work. Like, happy holidays...oh and I had another kid.

Holy Crap she's a cutie pie. I would totally keep that! :)

Yes. Because she's adorable.

But it is also just a great idea. If I ever have another ...

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