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November 09, 2008


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She's so cute!

OMG! She has the Quinlan Eyebrow Knit!!

I seeeee it!


And omg, what a sweet baby!

Margot is just gorgeous!

Holy crap that kid looks like you. Awesome.

she is adorable!!!!!

God are those onesies cute. Baby's cuter though.

Oh look - her first cameo appearance.


She's beautiful!

How cute!!

oo i love the cameo and the girl? Perfection!

The cameo is cool. The expression is priceless. Super cute.

TYM -- yes, particularly in some shots she looks JUST like her as a baby.

April -- is that why I was craving Peppermint Patties? (heh)

Just beautiful:-)

I love that onsie. She looks likes shes ready for a tea party.

By the way, Does anybody else see the resemblence to Quinlan??

That is just way too cute for words. Absolutly adorable!

what a cutie! can't believe it's already been a month. random aside - had a dream last night where you were in the grocery store line in front of me buying york peppermint patties.

Adorable! Love the cameo.

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