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November 08, 2008


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Nothing can compete with the way mothers love and care for their child.

ignore advice to get sling. I'm reading posts backwards and now see that you are using one.

wear the baby! As she is #3, surely you already have some sort of baby wrap or sling? If not, get one, right away.
(I'd send you one of my spares, but, the postage from the UK would rival the actual cost of you buying one!)

Today I went to Babies R Us for formula because I had coupons, Ann Taylor Loft for shoes, Lane Bryant for Spanx, and the bank to make a deposit while wearing an orange t-shirt with a brown dog, a pair of stretchy black pants, white socks, hot pink Crocs, and a maroon hoodie that belongs to my husband. I also have a huge zit on my chin, my hair was dirty, and my glasses had baby prints on them.

I just got told that the time off that I've taken, is not going to be paid. Of course they could have told me before I was seven weeks into it.

Makes me want to sing that Alanis Morrisette Song....Isn't it Ironic. :-)

Yup, I finally got my baby to sleep in her crib on her own only now I can't sleep without her next to me!

I can't top the irony of insomnia setting in once a baybee starts sleeping more than 2 hours at a time. I have 2 girls, 2 days short of being 2 days apart. I went 4 years without sleeping more than 6 hours at a time.
No, wait, I do have one! My girls(8 & 10) spend most Friday and Saturday nights with my parents. I can sleep as late as I want on Saturdays, so I wake up at 6:30, as I do during the week.

All I wanted was for my youngest to sleep through the night. Finally at 2 years old. We're pretty much there. Somehow I'm still waking up at 3am for the day.

Assvice for the day: Try drinking a Guinness. I have wheat/gluten issues and it doesn't bother me. My husband did some research and I can't remember how he came up with it but whatever. Yay for beer! Of course I'm pregnant so I can't even have that right now.

I ran away from home as a kid and now, my mom lives with us. I am the queen of irony:-)

That's why we stay in the military so that Uncle Sam can send us to small towns in the middle of nowhere without stores or any type of entertainment..though it doesn't deal with the alcohol problem....

Had a flu shot yesterday only to vomit on the way home from the doctor. What? The flu shot can't prevent the flu if you already have it??

My husband came home early from work... so that I could get a pap smear done.

Holy crap. I FEEL your PAIN. Mine are 17 months apart and somttimes?? I feel like I wish a truck would hit me because the pain from that would be less. The other day I actually carried 4 grocery bags (full of anything raging from canned goods to cereal), a diaper bag, a gallon of milk, my purse (which is now full of things that SHOULD be IN the diaper bag), my now newly one year old and held my two year old's hand. How is this possible?? I have no freaking clue. But it happened. This is a time when I needed a video camera because I am sure I looked like an out of contol bag lady who has lost her mind and refuses to take medication.

I don't have an irony to share just a suggestion. Have you tried using a Moby wrap or a Baby Hawk carrier? You can go hands free while carrying your baby and you shouldn't be sore because of the way the the carriers work. HTH!

I hear ya on the body aches, hamstrings deal. Ugh. My back was WORSE after I had my daughter due to the big old floppy belly and lack of support. (Literally) so this time I am buying a postpartum girdle. and....trying to get a massage. Try and have the hub deal with the kids for an hour whilst you massage. You need it girl.

I have a 3 year old and a 3 month old. (With a miscarriage in between.) That's a little more than three years without a drink. I just discovered that the Thai in me has decided to reveal an allergy to alcohol... (I just thought I was a lightweight back in my college days.) It's affectionately referred to as the "Asian flush". Lovely.

Well, at least there's a light at the end of your tunnel...

And btw, I love John Cusack in that movie.

I was drinking Liberty Ale out of a brewery in San Francisco while watching Prop 8 pass in California.

all i wanted in the world was for my last baby to take to breastfeeding. now i wish he didn't cause it's keeping me from ovulating and all i want in the world is to be pregnant again...

My two pregnancies have made me lost all desire for alcohol since consumption of even a beer or a glass of wine makes me want to go to sleep immediately. I am big fun, incarnate.

Jasper's fifteen months old and wants my constant attention. And boobs. I thought once he started walking, he'd mellow out on wanting me to hold him 24-7. Nope. And still not sleeping through the night. I am surprised I can come up with full sentences, to be honest.

And shopping... what's that? Isn't it something that happens late at night on your computer, with a credit card?!

I totally can relate. My kids dotn have any allergies but i have not had a drink in about a year. And i have not been shopping a nice store in about the same amount of time because you can shop with kids lol.

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