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November 16, 2008


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Awww, that's cute! You look happy. :)

At least you have a big ol' smile on your face.
I got a 'get well mom' card with a grumpy mom picture once...yeah, yeah I can take a hint kid. lol

thats some funny shit!

I found you from Candica and Co.

Omg. This has me rolling and I didn't think it could get better than the motrin boob job video. Thanks!

LOL. I'm going to ASSUME that's some sort of crown on your head and not an actual depiction of your hair.

At least you're smiling, babe!

Didn't Q put some dollar signs in the upper right quadrant? You are also a money tree or ATM too.

The picture is priceless though! Love it.

Always funny to see ourselves from a child's perspective1

Too funny!!!!

You are so beautiful! I was hoping for a real picture but this one is so precious!


Great drawing! Wow, your hair is spiky, cool style. ;)

That's sweet....my oldest girls will often draw me with my glasses (I wear them most of the time) and then tell me that I look better with them on because otherwise those dark things under my eyes make me look kind of ugly...:)

I have a similar portrait hanging on the living room wall. Not only did she draw it for me, she proudly hung it with scotch tape! Goes well with our decor.....

Your newborn has mad sketching skillz yo.

Aw!! That is to cute.

I LOVE this kind of art! You are obviously very beautiful to her.

Aww... hang in there. You still look like a pretty mom with a smile on her face. :-)

LOL that is a good one! Such talent in that drawing!

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