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November 11, 2008


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Ugh. We had it at our house this last weekend. My sympathies.

OMG, and men are the WORST when they are sick. Full grown babies.

Sending non-bilious thoughts of encouragement!

Same boat over here - some type of bug going around (I think) today the baby managed to puke inside my sleeve (awesome) the feeling of the barf going down my arm ....

I guess we're ALL in this together!!

This is the first day, since last Monday that someone in my house isn't barfing or pooping their pants! 4 out of 6 in my family got it, the baby was first...

It should be illegal for people under 5 to have "Montazuma's Revenge" (as we lovingly refer to it in our house)

Well, atleast I didn't get it, cuz when Momma goes down, everyone goes down!!

here too- snotty noses and ear infections, fevers and puke

We, however, started our day out fine with the Atlanta Veteran's Day Parade downtown. The puke and fever came later.

I'm doing the same exact thing. Ugghhh!

Thanks. :-) Vomit sucks!

Yeah I need to make a run for broth, pedialyte, and LYSOL.

I hope it bypasses here. Glad I already wiped down the bathroom with Clorox wipes.

Hope everyone gets better soon and doesn't pass it along to you.

That made the rounds in our house last week. Landed the toddler in the ER in fact. Mommy however, carried a can of Lysol everywhere (I think I even Lysoled the husband) she went and washed her hands 879 times a day and did NOT get sick. Good luck to you.

Ah puke... a mother's ambrosia.

Wait, I think I have that backwards LOL


There must be something in the air - I've just blogged about the same subject. Feel some comfort that someone on the other side of the world is also clearing up puke.


Don't ya love it when the whole family is sick? That's my personal favorite ;) Both of our kids are sick now, so I should be coming down with it in a day or two. Stock up on your Puffs Plus!!

My husband IS a veteran and our whole house is honoring him with snot. The kids gave him cold cooties as a present of their appreciation.

I am so sorry. I live in mortal fear of the dreaded stomach virus. I've only had it once, but I'm pretty sure I wanted to die at some point during the vomiting. Let me know if I can help. Grocery runs for liquids, etc!

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