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November 20, 2008


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"In order that people may be happy in their work, these things are needed: they must be fit for it; they must not do much of it; and they must have a sense of success in it."

----------- by John Ruskin, British writer

Love is stronger than death.

Love is stronger than death.

"Or the time I saw the mom change the toddler's diaper on the airplane tray table."

Ha ha, I have TOTALLY done that. Maybe you saw me! At least we put a changing pad down first. Do tell, where else do you change a baby's diaper on a packed plane? There are no changing stations in the bathrooms. Would my fellow passengers rather I left the baby soiled for the entire flight?

Sometimes you can't win.

THANK YOU!! I hate to smell shit when I'm out at the mall, Little Gym, ChicFilA, etc. Bitch, change that kid's diaper!! I remember being in line to see Santa one year behind a little shit pantser, and thinking that- but it happens all the time. That is part of the reason I can't bear the thought of putting my baby in day care- I change her almost immediately when she poops, and I can't fathom someone letting her sit in that for any period of time. What is wrong with people?!

Ugh, I cant stand my toddler's poopy smell because she eats LOADS of spinach and it smells so metallic and combined with ammonia of the piss? GET OUT! I change her as fast as I can unless I just cant at the moment, but it either leaves red marks from sitting on the hard marbles, or she gets rashy. I cant do that to her...and to others. If someone remarks on it before I smell it, I'm on it.

At least PRETEND that you're trying to remedy the situation. Don't worry, one day when that woman is older chances are she'll also be left to stew in her own poo. Karma baby ,karma.

That's ridiculous. I'm absolutely horrified if my kid manages to stink up a room and I would be off to change that nastiness first thing. That poor kid! That could NOT have been comfortable to sit in.

I'd be so embarrassed if my kid pooped. It's diaper change stat! Poor huz. Does he have a plan next time?

I cannot tell you how many times of witnessed something like this...It's awful. I just want to yell at the moms that do this. Yuck!

That's just awful. Not only the smell, but the poor kid's rear.

Believe that chick needs a lesson in etiquette, beeyotch.

That is just plan wrong. What a selfish person that she can not take 5 min out of her workout to change a effin diaper. Wow some people.

Yuck! In private if someone like backpacking Dad wants to be an activist :) that's cool but in public it's totally uncool. It's hard enough smelling your own kids poop but having to smell another's- ugh!

I can only assume he first tried passive-aggressively coughing and gagging loudly.

Beyond that, I don't have too many other suggestions beyond violence and such.

I'm with Backpacking Dad. Saves big bucks on dipes if you only go through one a day, plus fewer of them go in the landfill.

My youngest Grandchild (Madison 2 years old) will come and plug her nose when she has done a poop in her diaper.Funny she learned it from me plugging my nose and gagging when I have to change it...


Do diapers filled with poo smell bad? Or does poo in a diaper bother the kid?

I don't know, see because I'm trying to see if I can get away with one diaper change per day, whether going out in public or not.

People just need to get over the olfactory pollution diapers give off and the discomfort of the kids and accept that they will conform to the world I am creating through my activism.

Down with Diaper Changes!!


I can't believe she'd say, oh it's probably my kid and not do something about it. Oh wait I can, because people are so freaking lazy these days.

I have a phenomenal nose (and ears too, but shitty eyes) and I can't handle my kid being stinky for more than a few minutes. Really, I have to make myself wait to change him, because he takes a while to finish. I'd never force everyone else to smell it.

Oh inconsiderate! I mean, it is hard enough to workout without having someone else wrecking it:-(

I'm not going to do a poop pun, 'cause I DO give a crap - D'OH! I DID ONE. NO, I DID NUMBER TWO! D'OH!

Sigh. Yeah, the worst thing is the blatant lack of care for the child.

Unreal. I probably would have had to say something. Just to let her know that I was leaving because I couldn't stand the stench anymore. Yikes.

that is awful...poor kid!

Super gross. Nothing like working out to the smell of kid poop. Although I do give the mom props for thinking of the baby gate.

don't know if I've mention this, but I work @ Gymboree as a teacher. I've seen it all, including the Mom who thought she could flush the diaper down the toilet.

Thanks for plugging the toilet for the next YEAR.

Or the time I saw the mom change the toddler's diaper on the airplane tray table.



That's fucked up. She'd also probably the mom who is always perfectly coiffed and made-up while her kid's hair isn't even brushed.

Man, really it bugs me when parents care more about their own shit (literally and figuratively speaking) than their kids'.

Ugh, that is gross---poor kid, having to sit in his own waste. I also get nutty when I see a kid running around in a SOPPING wet diaper. Man, that gives me the heeby jeebies.

I think this calls for a blizzard of fake homeowners' association signs all over the mini-gym spelling out the official policy on fecal matter.

They should begin, "It has come to our attention..."

That should do it.

Wow - that's just pretty low. Especially in a gym environment. I once was running on a treadmill on a yacht (tough life, I know - I planned incentive trips for corporate clients). Anyway, this guy came in REEKING of cologne. In a space that was probably 10 feet squared. I gagged in my mouth & couldn'nt stand it.

Then- he started taking pictures of himself running. Seriously. I had to leave - his ego was taking all the air out of the room.

oh that's terrible. i have a friend who doesn't change her son's diaper until he basically MAKES her. it drives me nuts and HELLO why they hell do you think he always has diaper rash???


My huz is the opposite... he can't smell anything, and it PISSES ME OFF. Every single time I get around the babies after he's been with them, I smell crap. I say "somebody's stinky" and he says "no they're not" and proceeds to argue with me until I demand that he check the diaper, and sure enough, somebody shit their pants! It's not like he's one of those dads who won't change a diaper either... he's Mr. Mom, but NOT when it comes to smelling anything. Perhaps this mom is just like my husband... can't smell shit (literally.)

I probably would have said something pointed like, "I have an extra diaper you're welcome to have."

Absolutely unforgiveable and selfish on her part. She's probably the Mom who wonders why her kid always has diaper rash.

Poor kid! I ope that they did not get a bad diaper rash. Some people just have no clue.

wow...that's a whole new level of not giving a shit....(pun also intended)

As my husband would say...MOY!

(mother of the year...sarcastic obviously)

Thats just disgusting. Someone should make her sit in her own shit for a few hours. She would probably like it though, Seeing as she likes to smell it and all. Poor baby.

I don't care how "distant" the poop smell might be, if I'm working out (and these days, that's a big IF), any poop stench is going to be considered strong. How lame.

I'm not sure if it's more inconsiderate of the other gym-users or of her own child, making him/her stay in it.

That is terrible. I would have said something. I don't give a shit anymore (pun intended.)

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