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November 05, 2008


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That's the kind of image that i really thing is super image like. If more images very real like this were out there we'd be super full of graet images in the world.

Ugh, I had to cut out most carbs with my gestational diabetes and swore to love and worship them until I died once I gave birth, but now it looks like diabetes might be hanging around and I have to really monitor my love affair with all things carbohydrate. I feel your pain.

Screw ice cream and bread. Beer & Chocolate are non-negotiable to a mother of three.

my second baby did at least one massive barf per day and what "fixed" it was just me feeding her less at each nursing session. i had crazy oversupply with my first and they say it gets worse with each one... since you said you had oversupply, too, i thought i'd mention it. (i'd try anything if it could keep me from having to refrain from cheese!) good luck!

My eldest daugter did the vomiting thing, I mean a lot. Turns out she had reflux and she required medicine. She went on Zantac and was a happy baby after that.

My second baby showed all the signs of reflux without the puking. Turns out she had silent reflux, where they swallow the puke back down. Her case was much worse and Zantac didn't work. They had me do an elimination diet, and put her on Prevacid. The elimination diet worked well in helping get rid of all that extra baby weight. It was terrible having to give up all my favorite foods, but you do it, because you love your kid that much you'd do anything for them. The diet didn't help her, the medicine did.

If the diet doesn't fix your problems with her, I'd look into the reflux thing, and maybe try some medicine for her.

i went through the evil elimination diet as well. my bugaboo is about to be one and we are still off of shellfish, fish, nuts, peanuts, eggs & peppers although the only confirmed allergy now is egg and spinach. the EpiPen prescription when she was 7 months old made my blood run cold.

i know its really, really hard. i remember being so hungry and the weight falling off of me and my milk dropping because of it but since my daughters were real allergies her symptoms cleared up with 12 hours of going on the evil elimination diet. i think people go through it unneccesarily because they dont know why their baby is spitting up, crying, pooping like crazy, etc and three pediatrician friends told me they just tell mom's to do it as a placebo.

i hope its not really allergies and things clear up because that rice ice cream crap is foul!

This is too hard for Bossy. No wonder she stopped after two children, over a decade ago.

As someone who has a child who was off the big eight for almost a year, I feel for you.

FWIW, there is a gluten free beer. It's...interesting is probably the best word.

Maybe drink your beer and eat the cake after she goes to sleep at night? Okay, I'm kidding but I feel for you. Both my girls were and still are really lactose intolerant. The boy; have seen some signs but am ignoring them for the moment.

I hope it's a fluke and she gives it up...but I'm happy for you that she's a mellow and sleeping baby. If my girls were as easy babies as my son is, I'd probably have 18 kids by now. ;)

I have a third opposite and TG the boy can tolerate chocolate and caffeine unlike his sisters.

I'm eating more vegetables now and trying to maintain a body PH level which is more alkaline instead of acidic. Seems to be working for me so far.

My heart goes out to you. I had to give up a lot of my favorite foods for my second, and I really understand how with all the other sacrifices you are making with a newborn and small children in the house, food's the thing that will break you. All I can say is, hang in there, this too shall pass, and take comfort in knowing that we all support you.

I know where you're coming from. I keep saying that part of why I want to get pregnant, have the baby and get this over with is so I can go on the quarterly birth control pill and eat all the chocolate, bread, cheese and wine I want without thinking about the fertility issues I'm causing myself. Hang in there!

Hang in there Lady!

You poor thing - I totally feel your pain! About eight months ago I got sick and was put on an elimination diet. I've slowly reintroduced various foods back into my diet but I still don't go near dairy or breads and I feel better than I have in years. I've lost weight and am eating healthy and feel great so maybe there's something to staying away from certain foods (as long as you're getting the right nutrition of course). I can't speak to the health of your babies but I agree, each person is different and I feel for you having to add that onto your already full plate!

i can sympathize with your overwhelmed feelings. It is so hard being a sahm and havingto change everything about your life when it seems immpossible to satisfy everyone all the time. Good luck hun and i hope you can get your beer and chocolate cake eventually!

I'm sending you lots of sympathy (from someone who's been dairy/soy/wheat/oat/egg/citrus-free for the past 7 months, and who is counting the minutes until my pretty little parasite turns one so I can eat again). Elimination diets suck and I pray that M's issues are confined to dairy.

Maybe it is as simple as reflux. Our baby had terrible reflux and after much fretting on my part, we finally started the baby zantac. It was miraculous. She still had an occassional projectile vomit session, but she could eat without crying. Somewhere around 5 months, she was completely weaned off of the medicine and doing great.

I had a champion puker in my son... forget burp cloths - I used hand towels in an attempt to contain it. After trying what felt like everything under the sun, he finally started taking baby Xantac and I cannot even begin to tell you what an enormous difference it made. I am not in favor of "drugging" kids of any age but this was a lifesaver and he was only on it for a few months, just until his little digestive system calmed down and he could handle the dairy again.

I guess I should consider myself lucky for never having to adjust my diet for a nursing baby. Yikes. That would not be easy for me.

wow, what a bummer. looks like there are a lot of resources for gluten/wheat/dairy free food though. hopefully they won't put you in the poor house!

Gluten-free, dairy-free chocolate cake? I've got a great recipe and Whole Foods sells 'em in their bakery.

Gluten-free beer? Made from sorghum and there are a whole list of them. I think some of them are pretty good -- they aren't Guiness but they aren't Bud, either (except for Redbridge which is made by Bud).

Whole Foods also has some tasty breads in their GF bakery section.

I'm happy to give you many, many, many links for gluten and dairy free foods and blogs.

I'm in the same boat. My kids are allergic to dairy (used to be to wheat as well) and a handful of other things.

It sucks but consider it a favor. Dairy is terrible. White flour is crap. If you can really trick yourself out to believe that these things are gross and you don't miss them it can be a good move for a more healthy diet.

So, so true!
With my first child (who I wasn't able to breast-feed) I tried something like 5 different types of formula only to resort to the $22 per can kind - the only thing that would keep her from puking every time she ate -
Hope it gets somewhat easier!

Spit up does sound much nicer, doesn't it Erin? I've cut that, OJ, and Strawberries out too -- and tomatoes.

Here's hoping...

For me it is chocolate that causes the projectile spit up (can it be considered spit up in vast quantity?). I cried Halloween night when my husband packed up a 5 lb bag of mini chocolate bars to eat in the evenings for a snack and I couldn't even have one. As much as I love being able to breastfeed, I have to admit I selfishly wish for a break most evenings to have something chocolate.

It's amazing how different each child is, and how you have to learn how to be a parent all over again. Sorry about the ice cream; I can't imagine how hard that would be.

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