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November 14, 2008


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ohh myy my boy is 1 and a half years old. he still never let go my boobs even for a sec. i am tried and sick of him he even never lets me have sex with my husband :( my boy is always in middle of the bed.i tried everything but nothing worked could someone give my any advice? please and thanks.

Mine is the same way. She will rarely take a soother, but always will take the boobs. She will only fall asleep with a boob in her mouth. Should be interesting since dad is watching her until the wee hours of the morning tonight... we'll see if he can get her to sleep without the magical boob.

Wow as I read this with my 5 week old peeking one eye open to make sure I'm not removing my boobie buffet from her motionless mouth....I understand your boobs need for a break as mine are screaming right along with yours hoping the carseat thing works for more than 2 minutes lol!! I feel your pai lol!!

I remember having to surrender my breasts to my infants and the occasional resentment that I felt. Now, looking back at it, I relish those memories. Like others said -- it doesn't last forever, it just feels like it does. These are experiences only a nursing mother can relate to. Thanks for sharing.

I was feeling sorry for myself when I posted this morning, but after reading amalah (sleep deprivation express) and now your boob addict, I'm all done.

Thanks for the perspective and good luck!

No advice, just commiseration. When I was nursing my twins there were times when I felt like "if you don't get off of me this SECOND I will have to toss you out the window."

So much for that whole breastfeeding and bonding thing.

I have no advice, but if you find something that works, please post it. And if you figure out how to type quickly with one hand, let me know that too.

For the first 6 months of Chicken's life (and I think Giggles too) they needed to have a boob in the mouth. I just got used to doing things one handed, and boy was I good at it.

good luck.

Have your boobs call my boobs - they can go get lattes together. They totally understand each other.

Have you tried nursing her laying on your side in the middle of your bed, then when she falls asleep, easing the boob out of her mouth? This has worked well for me to get the newborn to nap... Good luck!!

As another mom of three I can relate to the nearly four running years of non-hot boob sharing. We, however, have visited Doctor Snip-Snip, so I find myself keenly aware that each session is one step closer to never nursing again.

Cue tears, whimpering and 'are we really done?"

Sigh, I exhaust myself. Good luck.

Oh yes. This was Girl Child. No pacifier. No way, no how.

The only alternative was SubHub's finger, which lasted for about 2 minutes. Long enough for me to go to the bathroom REALLY FAST.

Hang in there, Kristen!

Yup, our thirteen-month-old is still breast feeding. She's not using them as pacifiers, but still needs them at night going to sleep.

@tasha...That is a GREAT idea, and one I never thought of. Wish I could go back in time. My sanity would have thanked you!!
And, I really haven't got any great advice. With hubby in Iraq and two in school, there were actually times that I got so desperate for a boob break, I dipped the paci in sugar water. (Don't stone me, please...I was delirious!)

I feel your pain. I have a boob-a-holic 11 month old. We're trying to wean just one feeding in the middle of the day so it's easier for me to go back to work, but he's not buying it. He wasn't crazy about the paci at first, but he did take it eventually with persistance on our part (by around 3 mos. I think). We had to try several different brands/shapes to find something he liked. Good luck!

Help would be nice. I'm still going through that. I have a 7 1/2 month old who still needs to have the nipple in her mouth every hour and a half at night. I miss sleeping....

A friend directed me to you after I wrote about the exact same thing. Good to know I was not the only one who spent last night attached to the baby! :) Glad to have found your blog. Look forward to reading more.

I should probably add that we then did have a conversation about appropriate touching, and how that was not it!

No advice. Just my sympathies. My now 4-year old did the same thing until she was 16 months. I don't think her fascination with boobs ever ended. This morning she came in while I was getting dressed, grabbed my boobs and said "Mommy, I love your breasts. Do you love your breasts?"

Can't offer any advice, as my 20 month old is STILL like this. It's worse now that he can talk.

"I wanna nuhnuh!"
25 minutes later...

"mommy needs to use the potty."
"NO!" followed by violent head shaking with nipple in mouth.
Repeat until daddy comes home and forcibly removes the baby.

Sometimes I think I should just get him a girlfriend. Is 1 too young to start dating?

Have you met my friend Tricia- doing the same thing!http://unringingthebell.typepad.com/my_weblog/

Ah, memories. She is actually still a boob baby (toddler) and mean mean Mommy is trying to wean her at the moment. She's not too happy with me.

No advice... but I know where you're coming from! I too had a paci-hating, boob-loving baby. I just let him sleep with us and gave up trying to give my tata's a break!

sorry hun, no advice here. just remember it doesn't 'actually' last forever, it just FEELS like it does.

Linus NEVER took a pacifier. He was attached to me for 45-60 minutes every hour and a half. I nearly died. The only thing I did was pump a bottle so I got a least one break, but pumping takes attached to boob time too.

I guess that's why when he was finally able to get his thumb in his mouth I REJOICED. Even if he's still sucking his thumb at age 5, I promise to never frown upon it. It was a boob blessing.

My solution is a weird one. Keep a pacifier in with your unoccupied boob and when you are ready to make the switch the warmth and smell and sometimes taste will be there. MAYBE that will help, it worked for me, plus I always knew where a paci was.

wish i could help. my youngest was attached to the boob pretty much constantly for the first few months. drove me batty, but i didn't know what else to do. oddly, he started loving the pacifier at 6mo. since then life's been MUCH easier. i remember panicking and making Hubs take the baby out for a few hours so he wouldn't even be in the same building as my boobs.

My boobs are always telling me how great I am for not letting kids anywhere near them. I agree.

my son took a while to get the hang of the pacifier thing...it took some persistence on our part, but now he will take that in place of the boob (as long as it's not feeding time). we also found that offering our pinky finger to suck on worked. even when he wouldn't take the paci, he'd suck on our fingers and calm down...i think because it smells and tastes like the boob. maybe try giving her the finger instead? (i don't mean that like it sounds...)

Growth spurt?

Sorry no words of advice. I only have one baby that is currently sucking the life. Loved this post it made me laugh out loud.

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