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October 10, 2008


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Such a cutie! Congrats!!

I love me some chubby cheeks! Congrats, she's precious! Welcome to the world, Margot.

Mazel Mazel, good things!


congrats! she's adorable, love the name, and the birth date is so cool!

Congratulations!!!! She looks perfect and beautiful and healthy! You go, Kristen.

from one born with a bday of 5/6/78 to one with a 10/9/08 i say congrats!!!

Congratulations! She's beautiful!

She's just lovely. So beautiful.

(And she had to come in just a hair shy of 8 lbs to add one more number to the pattern of her birthday, didn't she?)

Now go get some rest, if that's even possible anymore.

She's lovely -- congratulations!

Congratulations! Look at those chubby cheeks! She is absolutely beautiful!


So. Cute.


Congrats, a beautiful addition to your family! And the name is great too :)

She's gorgeous!! Congratulations Kristen! I LOVE the name Margot Laine, too. Just beautiful.

Congratulation!! I love the name. Very classy but versatile: she can be a lawyer or a designer or whatever with that name

Ahhhhhhh....congratulations. I have really enjoyed sharing your pregnancy journey with you via blog and podcast. Congratulations to you all!

Congrats! I love those cheeks.

Congratulations! She's beautiful.

Little Margot, I hope you brought your running shoes, you're gonna need them to keep up with your family!

congrats! she's beautiful.

Congrats! I love her name.

I mainly just lurk, but I had to come say congratulations! She's gorgeous :-)

How wonderful. congrats to you and your family! Kiss those chubby cheeks for me!

Ohhhhh, congratulations. Welcome to the Baby Bunching club!! She's a cutie. I like the pic with everyone. :-)

oh my but she is lovely and that last picture? OOF! All the sibs together, that is just awesome. Happy healing and sniff that sweet lil' head. I noticed just the other day Bo's new car smell is wearing off!

Congratulations! Margot is gorgeousness. Her round cheeks, and her soft, dark hair, and...and...she is perfect.

congratulations! she's glorious.

congratulations to you and your beautiful family. Don't let the first few weeks of calm with #3 fool you like I did - once Margot Laine wakes up you are going to have your hands full!

just lovely. congratulations.

Love the name so much! Congratulations!

Awwwww! Congratulations to all of you.

Kristen, she's beautiful. Love the name. Congratulations! I'm so glad she's here safely.

I love her beautiful name. Many warm congratulations to you and your darling family.

Welcome to the world Margot! How beautiful! Congrats to all of you!

Mazel tov!

merry christmas!

oh, i mean, congratulations! i got my excited shout-outs mixed up. :)

Congrats! Your kids are gorgeous.

Congrats! Glad the babe arrived safe and sound. Enjoy the baby moon... and keep blogging about the new babe. Love the name too... had me wondering what her name would be.

Congrats! She's beautiful. Love the pictures.

She's absolutely beautiful! Margot is such a pretty name too. Congrats on baby and it looks like the big sister and big brother may have fun with this one! Now I can't wait to hear more 'Dairy Queen' stories :)

Oh congrats!!! LOVE love love the name!

She's just beautiful with such pretty hair and a lovely name. Margot is one of my favorite friend's names.

Congratulations! She's beautiful!

Congrats! She's beautiful, just like her mom :)

Congratulations! And welcome to the world Margot Laine!

Yay! She is adorable. I love her name.

Congratulations! I love her name!

Love those chops! She's gorgeous, with a gorgeous name to boot. Congratulations and get some rest girl!!

She is gorgeous! Hope one day she learns of all the mamas out here and how we waited for her arrival. Fabulous name, fabulous face, fabulous siblings!

Congratulations! She's so beautiful.

So lovely! Now don't forget to get some rest... all of you!

i usually dont comment, but congrats! she is a beautiful addition to your family...

she's beautiful...all three of your kids are beautiful. I love her name and Margot has a wonderful birthday :)

Spectacular looking family. And the name rocks. Rest up mama and take advantage of the nurses while you have them.

Congratulations! They are all adorable!

oh, she's beautiful! and what a beautiful name. and a beautiful gaggle of children you have . . . now GET OFF THE INTERNETS and GET SOME REST!!! =) i say that with love.

so excited for you! Congratulations. Another great name--I think you are 3 for 3.

hope you are recovering well. good luck to your nipples. :-)

She is so sweet. Love the name, Congrats!

Oh those wonderful cheeks, I just want to gobble them all up! Congrats Mama, you did good!!

Welcome, little Margot.

Absolutely gorgeous. All of them.

Bossy is back to say ADORABLE. Bossy can't tear herself away from the photos.

Congratulations, dearie. Dearies, plural!

Love the name! And the pictures. Welcome to the world, little one.

Absolutely beautiful. The baby, her name, all three of them in the picture together. Your family is lovely. Congrats!!

Finally eh? Congrats and is she adorable or what?!

I just love her name. Seriously. Love it.

Not to mention her chubba-wubba cheeks.



Free babysitting.

Just putting that out there on the table.


She's so beautiful!!! I want ti kiss those chubby cheeks!!

Take care and get as much rest as you can. If I lived nearby, I'd take your other 2 off your hands for an afternoon so you and Margot could get some quality time together.


Congratulations! What joy! Welcome Margot!

Beautiful! I'm so happy for you. Hope you and the family are doing well. :)

Just beautiful. Congratulations.

Congratulations! She is absolutely beautiful.

Congrats, Mama.

Beautiful little lady :) Congrats xx

She's beautiful- congrats!

Love the name! What a beautiful girl- best of luck to you. How did you come up with the beautiful name?

Congrats to you guys! She's beautiful! The kids don't look like they know what to think. Here's lots of hope for smooth sailing the next few days as you guys settle into home as a family of 5.

What a gorgeous little thing! Welcome, baby Margot.

Aww, Hi Margot. Congratulations!

Congrats on your baby girl! She is adorable.

She is gorgeous. Welcome to the world, Margot!


Congratulations! She is lovely!

She is gorgeous....congrats!


She is absolute perfection. Congrats to you & yours. And I'm betting she's tastier than a gift shop lollipop, and will stick around a lot longer lol

Oh my gosh!!! Congratulations!! She is an angel!!

Awwh, she's super cute and I LOVE the name! congratulations!

She's beautiful and her name is lovley.

yay for babies!
she's perfect. congrats.

Congratulations! She is beautiful. Love the great number birthday 10-9-08, too.

congrats, she is absolutely ADORABLE!! I love the cheeks!

She's beautiful Kristen. COngrats. Love the picture of the three of them.

Love the name as well. Welcome to the world Margot!

Oh my gosh she is soooo freaking cute. I know they change so much in the first few weeks, hell, days - but she favors her sister and I'm not just saying that b/c of the dark hair. Good job, mama. She looks like a keeper.

She's perfect! Congratulations, Kristen. xoxoxoxoxxo

Welcome to it, Margot!

She is just beautiful! Please don't post any more photos--you're gonna make me want to have another!

Gorgeous! Those cheeks are giving me baby fever!!! Much love to you and yours!

How adorable! You could just eat her up! *sigh* not helping my will to say "no" for another baby! Congrats to your family!

Love the photo of all three kids!

I had to quit at two. Can't play zone defense at all.

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