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October 27, 2008


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Okay, so your POST wasn't bad, but OMG the comments?!?! People that saved the stump or their placentas???

THAT is gross.

So my doggie ate my 2nd born's cord, and honestly, I can't tell the difference between the smell of bf poop and sour cream!

I always thought breastmilk poop smelled like buttered popcorn. Now I can't smell buttered popcorn without thinking poop.

I saved my daughter's umbilical cord stump. I'm not sure why. Maybe to gross my husband out. I know I'll find it one and day and be like, "Hmm, what's this? ohhhhhhhhhhh ewwwww!"

My mom saved our baby teeth and I always thought that was creepy, in a serial killer kind of way, but I'm just like her and I bet I'll do that too.

Oh, I'm with you on this, all the way and back again. Why would a God who loves us create such an unholy thing, and allow us to feel guilty for understandably finding our own children filthy and untouchable for weeks after birth?

Or maybe this is just more punishment for that whole apple-tree thing. Man, can that guy hold a grudge!

Feeling your pain. Henry's hung on for 28 days or some such disgusting about of time. *shudder*

Agreed, totally gross. My mom jokingly offered to put it in Gigi's baby album when it fell off (I made my mom clean it up) but I said NO. Everything else? I can handle (so far).

wow. just one more thing to look forward to... ick. thanks for the gross-out :) I'm pretty sure I'll be thinking of this post in a few months after Baby arrives and I have to face "THE STUMP"

Apparently umbilical stumps can protect your family from the flu. Didn't you know that? ;)

Can we all just laugh at the irony of the CDC spamming me on this post?


Carry on.

I enjoy reading your blog and thought you might be interested in an upcoming invitation-only webinar for bloggers being held by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It will focus on ways you and your family can protect yourself against the flu, and will be held on December 2 from 2-3 p.m. EST. Please save the date and watch for your official invitation e-mail from hseitz at cdc dot gov.

A- My parents dog ate mine, right out of the baby book. It must be some kinda doggie delicacy.
B- I saved my kids, in a sealed envelope, mostly because I didn't want the trauma of the dog eating it out of the trash. Plus it was like, the last thing that connected me to them. Seemed weird to throw away. Not that I wanted to look at the beef-jerky looking things ever again.

It's STILL there? Yuuuuck.

There are people who save it, which kinda makes me want to vomit. Just the thought of it gives me chills. I am always so glad when it's off and done with. She'll be there soon.

BTW...you need a grossout disclaimer at the top of those posts because...*shiver*.

I think I need a shower myself now.

OMG. Between laughing my ass off at all the commenters, I seriously about got sick reading some of those. That was the only plus to having twins at 30 weeks. The hospital had to dispose of those bad boys. ICK!!

And, OMG...don't-eat-that-cake kind of smell...I actually got in trouble at work for laughing so loud.


I'm going to have my own snot-yak-poo festival just reading your comments.


breastmilk smells like cake icing...but a nasty don't-eat-that-cake kind.

LOL, I remember sitting on the couch with my husband one night wondering if the cat had pooped in a corner somewhere. Then I looked at my hand. It was all covered in baby poo - you know, the "non stinky" breast milk poo. I still don't know where all that poop came from.

I just discovered your site. Nicely done! Definitely one for my blogroll.

Ugh. Gross..Totally agree..On with the yak fests..

(somewhat sheepishly)I thought the umbilical cord was cool and we kept 'em with both kids...but then I have both placentas in my freezer too. We keep meaning to plant them under a tree, but, you know, six years and three years later and I guess time's gotten away from us. (yes, I can hear you all saying ewwwwwww)

Oooh, the stump is gross. I was so happy when my baby's fell off!

Yes, I found the stump in her blanket sleeper--ewww!

uhg, just reading the words 'umbilical stump' (and now typing them again) make my stomach turn...

i too <3 andrew zimmern.

and, yes, all poop stinks. even breastmilk poop.

ugh! gross! my latest's stump fell off and her belly proceeded to ooze a white milky substance until I took her to the pediatrician and they had to seal it off with something or another....I told them, I can handle ANYTHING but the umbilical cord thing! So funny that you posted about it, thanks for putting it into words!

OMG i so know how you feel. My sons hung on for a week by a string of dead rotting scabbed skin. It makes me sick to even think about it now. I hope it falls off soon!!!

*shiver* i'm with you on that one! (the way it gets all black and wet and nasty, then black and dry-crusty nasty . . . god i gotta stop.)

My daughter's nasty umbilical stump fell on the floor and before I could do anything about it my dog came over and ATE IT!! Blech.

Eww. Aren't they nasty? And then when they start to come off a little and you kind of pull it back and see the VEINS still blue and slimy? Ugh. I almost made myself throw up.

Why do people keep them? I'm not even comfortable not vacuuming several times a day when someone has a peeling sunburn. Let alone keeping and entire vascular system part!

SERIOUSLY. I am already nauseous today and then I read these comments and THREW UP A LITTLE IN MY MOUTH.

That is up there as one of the grossest things! I couldn't wait until they were gone. Yucko:-(

Yes, so gross I have to agree. The smell is just so powerful I can vividly remember it , eeu (this is the Italian three letter word/sound for gross :)

My uncle (by marriage.. had to add that) actually ATE his daughters stub. He's a Native from Oaxaca, a small town in Mexico where they consider it a tradition to consume the Umilical cord to symbolize the unity between father and daughter. I'd trade for the dog story any day.... Ew.

My son's umbilical stump fell off without our noticing it, and we never found it. So it's still in our house... somewhere. (*shudder*)

HAHA. Snot ropes.


Shit on your arm!? Can you believe people actually keep those things - those people scare me.

I'm with you. It's pretty nasty. It has a kind of decomposing flesh aura to it.

The umbilical stump never bothered me 1/2 as much as the super long, green, crusty, never ending snot ropes that I've pulled from my kid's noses during a bad cold. THOSE gross me out the most. Yet as a Mom I'm still forced to pick them or stare at them cause the girls were too little to do it themselves. *shiver*

Being a Mom is friggen NASTY sometimes!


Awesome...umbilical stump is so cool. Hey, for those of you that have never had the chance to cut the umbilical cord, it's just like calamari (except I wouldn't dip it in marinara, that's just gross)

Ha ha ha ha... that is soooo true!!!

I must be gross. My kids umbilical stumps never grossed me out. I kept them both along with my son's plastic bell from his circumcision. But green, wet snot makes me gag alittle bit.

haha! That was hilarious!

I'm with you. And latest kid's took SIX WEEKS to fall off.

Ugh I saw that Man vs Wild. My son had it on and I agree that dude biting the head off the snake was way too much for me too. Not much gets to me but that did for sure.

i'm sitting here with stomach knots..ugh. angela wins.

Jenni's comment made me laugh out loud! I pictured the dog jumping on it. Atleast your kids stumps fall off in 2 weeks, it took my kids 3 to 4 weeks! They are gross.

That thing creeps me out too!

Angela -- Just so long as you didn't sift through the poop to find it -- you know, baby keepsake book and all.


umbilical stump is absolutely foul.

with my latest, i avoided it as much as possible. but one day i pick up freshly bathed baby and give him a snuggle before setting him down and OMG where did it go!!!??

in my new mommy cleavage thanks to a now low cut ill fitting nursing top. i had to fish it out. sooo gross. i showered for 20 minutes and still had the shivers.

Angela - I just threw up in my mouth! Thank you for making my diet goals much easier to achieve - I don't think I'm gonna eat for a week. Yeurgh!

OK. Angela's comment made me throw up in my mouth a little.

Buddy' stump kinda sorta ripped off during a hand off when he was in only a diaper (he was going back under the UV). It bled. He screamed. Not fun.

But it's all good now.

I'm with you, I think it's the fact that we're forced to look at it 2 weeks before it falls off. Can't be cleaned up with bleach water.

and the smell, oh god those belly button stumps reek. as my peditrician said, "It is rotting flesh..."


Amen! What was really disgusting was that when it finally did fall off, it landed on the floor and my dog pounced on it and ATE it.

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