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October 23, 2008


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That's the kind of image that i really thing is super image like. If more images very real like this were out there we'd be super full of graet images in the world.

Now i understand as well... ha!

You know what I want on top of my car? A scrolling marquee sign with voice recognition software.

Since I'm already all Twittered up, I bet I could deal with people VERY succinctly with a little practice.

Oh, I so feel your pain. I swear that every drive-thru I have been through since the baby was born has decided that now, while my baby hates being stopped and in her carseat, is a great time to BE SO SLOW.

My "baby" is about to turn 6, and yet I still prefer the drugstores with a drive thru, just in case.

I just... you know, I think I just want to have the drive thru available, having lived through so many screaming, sobbing, moaning trips to the drugstore 5 years ago.

As I'm screaming down the road with my crying and otherwise obnoxious offspring in the car, I hope that if I'm pulled over the police officer will take pity on me and let me off with warning! "Baby on Board" does not do justice to the sheer hell and desperation of poopy diaper stink and screaming wee ones. Get out of the road, dudes, and let me through!

Hi Kristen! I've tagged you on my blog :o).
Come check it out: http://julianandco.blogspot.com/2008/10/tag-im-it.html

I just want a sign that says to "Get the Fuck Out of My Way."
When I had two under two, I used to marvel at how few places had drive-thrus. Basically, if it didn't have a drive thru, I didn't patronize that establishment. I think I actually cried tears of joy when I found out I could order online from my local grocery store and pick it up at the front door. Only had to get out of the car long enough to open the door.


I had plenty of road rage before children (beltway driving will do that to you), but three screeching banshees inside definitely ups the ante.

The troll comments are hilarious - very Darwinian. If there are people in the world who choose not to procreate, I'm glad it's the ones who couldn't get through tenth grade English.

It is absolutely reason enough for your road rage-- rage away, sign or no.

Everyone who's been through it will see the look in your eye and know it immediately, and everyone who hasn't can get a glimpse of what they're headed for.

This makes me laugh ... my oldest daughter (13) and I decided that we should have a special 'siren' which is a microphone to the backseat with the screaming baby and this should work much like emergency vehicles with red lights and people moving. This idea was devised because my son (now one) hates riding int he car and screams a lot!!!! So we will sign you up for a baby siren!!!!

OMG...this made me laugh--my third baby is now almost two but I remember SCREAMING at someone who cut me off in the Whole Foods parking lot when I had all three kids in the car (two weeks post partum) and all three of them were crying at once. This was a LOW parenting moment--one that could only come from the heart pounding stress of trying to negotiate a busy parking lot with three screaming kids on 1.5 hours of sleep. Phew...
Also--glad to know I'm not alone for silently raging against those single drivers who are too lazy to get out of their cars--I would if I had the choice! Trust me--trying to take three kids into a Starbucks for your morning coffee is like taking a bull in a china shop. Drive-thrus should be for those IN NEED ONLY!

Baby Momma On Board sign might be the best solution.

Ha you guys are hilarious.

Susie -- seriously. I totally get mommy road rage.

BTW. I have actually thrown a dirty diaper at someone on the interstate for cutting me off while I had the twins in my TrailBlazer one time. It stuck to their window. Needless to say they got the hell away from me...hehe. I am just that damn mean of a driver when my babies are in the car.

You could put pull the fuck up across the top of your windshield backwards so that they can read it in their rearview. And then on the back window put post-partum mother of three-I will throw a dirty diaper at you if you mess with me across the back window...

Most definitely... Signs are good! Although I can't help but wonder if they would have made any difference in these situations >_<




well done. i have a 5 week old girl and three boys. driving ANYWHERE sucks. i think a "screaming baby plus brawling toddler, pre-schooler, and primary schooler, in addition to a sleep deprived beeeotch mom" will be my sign.

What muskrat said...I'm too wiped to come up with my own comment but I sympathize.

It would also work as a perfectly good warning for the ass-kicking they deserve.

I completely support road rage:-)

OMG i want one...that to me would excuse all rage and accidental yelling at passing cars. I would see the sign and say oh ok i am so sorry i understand now. When you find these or make them i so want one!

your suggested sign might send a message, it's true.

but adding a gunrack to your trailblazer, coupled with your suggested sign, sends an even better message.

As a mother of a teenager (15) and a toddler (16 mos.) who has an hour commute every day with said toddler, I could not agree more. Some days I want to take the damn sign and chuck at the dickwad who just cut me off.

I'm thinking I'm going to dispense with the whole "Baby" sign thing and just be perfectly candid: "Bitch on Board."

Things to be thankful for - At least you don't live here in Boston with us 'Massholes'!

How about: "Don't Fuck with the Future Inside This Vehicle. You'll Lose!" ?

"Post-Pardom Wrath Inside!"?

"After 3 childbirths I can surely take your ass!"?

How about a "haven't slept in four years" LOL. I'm a really really really mean driver when I'm pregnant. Hormones are NOT my friend.

Umm.. I so want to buy Kelly's sign.

Don't Mess With Me - I Have Recently Given Birth

As a mom with 4 kids (the last ones were twins) I KNOW what it is like to feel like peeling out of the drive thru - right over the other cars mind you - when they take too long and you need to nurse your babies, have a poopy bum or two, and a 5 year old whipping things are your 6 year old's head.

Weren't drive thrus invented for those who did not have the time or the ability to get out of thier car, walk inside and order a coffee?

I hear ya!

Maybe they should make a preferential lane for mothers, and preferential lines, cash registers etc...
If it weren't dangerous I would almost be tempted to stop my car in the middle of traffic and feed the baby right there -
Nipple gone mad...

Not that it would make the assholes of the world any more tolerable, really.

But you'd be more camftable.

I think it needs to be more obvious:

"Screaming Infant on Board:
Don't Fuck with Me!"

You are so right!!! Today Hubby went to a drive through in the new bus that we bought and the person behind him was ramming his hood so close to my Huby that he was about to get out of the van and massacre him.

Those of who have never parented (or even are not currently parenting) are too obtuse for those politely worded signs.
I have no ideas. How about some brainstorming in the comments?

Oh the people in drive thrus kill me. I'm thinking post par tum mother of three is a great sign, personally. But also how about, "crazed, tired and hungry mama of three: do not mess with me" signs?

Too much?

Holy Crap! I could not agree more...We need new signs don't we?

That sign would be great and far more effective. Maybe a few bottle rockets at random intervals would help too.

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