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October 06, 2008


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When someone writes an article he/she retains the image of a user in his/her brain that how a user can know it. So that's why this piece of writing is amazing. Thanks!

I'm going to pretend you aren't pregnant and are just looking for some extra "junk" to do to keep busy, because, hey, I know you feel like a million bucks.

Actually, I just want to ask you to join our de-lurking day tomorrow, I made some buttons and I even found someone to do the code, it's all on my blog...it would be a cheap post time wise if you would join in.....and I'd love you more than I already love you ...and God knows I love you to death already.....

Those last days before birth are the longest days of all time. Hang in there! I hope it happens for you soon.

Eights are lucky for Chinese? Eight has always been my favorite number. I'd wish for you to have a baby with the 10/8 birthday, but I know you'd rather have a 10/right-this-damn-second baby.

Hope she gets her act together soon.

so sorry to hear you're overdue! hope to see you this weekend but fully expect you to be recovering with a new baby! let's hope so.

Fenugreek, rasberry tea, castor oil... That's what people told me. After all the home remedies and my OB ripping my membranes 3 TIMES, I was finally induced. Good luck to ya!

Yeah with number six on the way, I often wonder 'what the heck am I doing?'

Hang in there!

My birthday next year falls on 09/09/09, which is just too cool. Tomorrow is my mom's birthday and EVERYONE likes my mom. Isn't there a place in Atlanta that serves the Eggplant Parm that sends women into labor?

Hopin' for broken water!

wow yea. I've been there sister. Hope your baby arrives soon! Just a tip for you, because I've totally been there (pregnant with my 4th right now) I think with everything you are going through, you should suggest to your hubby to buy you a nice piece of jewelry. I did this and it made me feel a lot better. I had my hubby buy me a gorgeous diamond necklace at http://www.idonowidont.com. So if you want to be spoiled, tell him to go there and pick you up something nice ladies.

my youngest brother went a week past his due date, i'm pretty sure my mom went stir crazy too. hope the baby comes soon!

I've had fantastic luck with accupressure. There are two pressure points on your feet - find them online and get your husband to rub the hell out of them. Good luck! My third baby practically delivered himself.

Both my girls went way past their due dates, the little stinkers. But now, having had two c-sections, I know that if there were a third time, they'd probably schedule surgery before that due date could ever pass. Oh well...

I can't wait to meet your little one!

If you haven't killed the deck builder yet I hear that sex is a great labor inducer. I'm not sure which is worse, a longer pregnancy or sex while 10 months pregnant.

My daughter routinely turns her nose up at mac and cheese. And recently she has given up pizza. It is unnatural. She is clearly a changeling.

If that's nesting, then I've never nested in my entire life.

I feel for you Kristen, I completely do. I know how sucky that is. I recommend chocolate chip pancakes for you. Am sending tons of labor vibes for you.

All of my children have been stubbon and gone past their due dates. I know so much how you are feeling. Hoping baby comes soon for you! (I'll probably be doing the same things come January when baby 6 is due)

Your daughter not like chocolate chip pancakes is like my daughter not liking grilled cheese sandwiches-how is that possible? :)

I agree, 10/09/08 would be a cool birth date. I'm a geek about number sequences like that. I'll be thinking about you and checking in frequently!

You poor thing, I lurked in this AM, just knowing you wouldn't be posting. Assuming the baby would come this past weekend. Hang in there! Good Luck and Labor Vibes being sent your way!
*Sigh* I wanna baby too... :)

poor Kristen..it IS a long week to go, isen't it? Get extra snuggle time with Drew, he was only your "baby" for a short time, now he's the middle child :) And of course a boy. So he is bound to do jealous wonders when sweet new baby comes!

Hang in there, Kristen. That little girl of yours is just hanging in there for some extra special mom time. Or maybe she just wants an extra special birth date.

I am so not looking forward to that part of pregnancy. Luckily I was enduced with my other three so hopefully I will be w/ this one. My prayers are with ya sista!!!

When I used to teach aquafit, we'd constantly have 38 week+ pregnant women coming into the classes. Their doctors would tell them that it could start labour.

I didn't like their doctors. We had to develop a protocol for "pool water contaminated by amniotic fluid".

It Will All Be Done With Soon. :)

sending the labor vibes that are hitting me early to you - i know I don't need them now so you are welcome to them!!!

oh yeah and as Mindy said, the sex will send things right on their way. Is your hubby back home yet? Artifical devices don't work - you would need the juice, well that is what my vet told us - DON'T ASK!

I hope the baby comes soon. I'm admiring your elite pancakery skills at least.

Yesterday was my due date as well..weird! My baby girl arrived on 9/26 but only after I walked around at a VERY uncomfy 3-4 cm, 80% for 3 weeks. As painful and awful as it sounds, I'm convinced that sex is what finally got me thru to 5 cm. Hang in there, I cant imagine how ready you must be!

wait...I didn't know you're Chinese. lololol

Any date now will be fine. Libra's are awesome.

Yes, I'm starting to learn how annoying it can be once the children start to form opinions about things, and have the ability to communicate them. Cute at first, but then....

Sending labor vibes your way.

I hope the baby comes soon. I remember how those last days of pregnancy were for me and I wasn't dealing with finicky children!

Have fun with the costumes and wreath making it does sound like nesting has commenced.

Hmmmm.... the fenugreek in curry can get contractions going :-) good luck and all that jazz.

I hope the baby comes soon. I remember how those last days of pregnancy were for me and I wasn't dealing with finicky children!

Have fun with the costumes and wreath making it does sound like nesting has commenced.

Dude! How in the world are you making wreaths and costumes at this point? I can't even do that un-pregnant...

Crossing fingers for a quick arrival.

LOL at the sex and alcohol...sounds nice being 9 months preggers and needing a break...hey while you doing those jumping jacks and wlaking find a bit of time to swig done some mineral oil. I have heard that does wonders. On a serious note (if that is possible) i hope this baby joins us soon (for your sake lol).

Don't forget spicy food, sex, and alcohol! Much more fun ways of trying to induce labor than exercise :-)

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