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October 08, 2008


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I just stumbled onto your blog and am intrigued - you have a nice writing style so I'll be back. I'll be checking back more and look forward to hearing about your progress. Good luck!

Count your lucky stars that you *may* get to watch the final debate with a glass of wine. There's no hope for me. I plan on popping two tylenol and riding that high for a few hours ;)

Hope the baby comes soon and is an easy delivery!

Pregnancy is hell-no two ways about it. I was a lucky one. My water broke before the first contraction ever took place. Happened twice (two boys)! Imagine that? Hang in there. I love your blog,love your humor and intellectual insight. I've been visiting-but wanted to comment this time. Good luck.

Sorry to see you're still knocked up. You're a lucky one though, to lose your plug and then soon after have a baby. You'll be MIA for a few days and then we'll all get to see the baby pics! I know that with both of my pregnancies I lost that plug around 36 weeks then again at 38 weeks and then again at 41 weeks, and finally induced at 42 weeks....both times. Ugh! Didn't know they could grow back, guess you learn something new everyday after all :)

Hang in there!! I am sending you all my frustration that was generated last night in hopes it will help move things along:-)

How long did it take for your other two babies to come out after the mucus plug made its appearance? Curious...

I'm crossing my fingers that you somehow find a way to get that baby out of there via teleportation.

And then share it with my wife, cause that's her least favorite part, too, for some reason.

Whenever your (hilarious) husband is on break from oddly-timed deck-building, see if maybe he can rig up some kind of pneumatic-powered device to accomplish this.

Jumping jacks? The anticipation is maddening, isn't it? I can almost hear the birth story now. "It was a dark and stormy night...."

Hope your baby comes soon! I'm due in 10 days and I'm already eager for it to be over so I can meet the little one. :-)

My second child was 12 days late. I cried for 12, maybe 14 days. She was 9lbs and 2oz. 1st homebirth. I know what you're going through!! Hang in there!!

Having sex brought on labor with all 4 of our kids. Are you in the mood? LOL!! Don't answer that! I already know, but hey if you get desperate, it works!! Best wishes, good luck and hugs!!

I don't know how you are surviving!!!! I applaud you and will stop complaining about how ready I am to give birth already!

Hang in there- how much longer can it be? It's a bittersweet thing to look forward to isn't it.

Here's to a relatively speedy labor after the loss of that plug. Crossing my fingers for you!

Generally speaking, when my mucus plug has left the building, the baby comes shortly thereafter.

Just going with precedence in this case.

Hate to burst your bubble, but plugs can be fickle.

Do lunges! My plug came out over the course of a week but dropping down to the floor for some Legos with the toddler burst my waters. Really gross but kinda cool. -Never- expected a splash, thought that was urban legend, but it did.


As far as the debate goes, it wasn't 1/2 as awesome but I made it through. *sigh* yes, going american idol style sure would be more fun wouldn't it?

I went into full blown freight train active labor about 20 seconds after I lost that slippery little sucker. Here's hoping your labor isn't far behind.

You downplay it, Kristen. Those final days when you're overdue?


Enjoyed your post, hope baby comes soon and I think number three will come easier, or at least hope for you!

You may have heard me say this before, but the road is paved and the highway is widened. Getting #3 out may be a snap now that you've had two others go before this one.

Looking forward to the post that says "BABY IS HERE!"

I was 6 months pregnant with my second child when I suddenly remembered The Only Way Out. And just how narrow That Way was.

We really need to figure out a way to get babies out easier. Like a teleporter or something. A magic button? Ok, never mind.

Yea a mucus plug. That's a start right? Hopefully today is the day.

Listen My Friend, That One will be out soon and then you can drink right along with us.

This post gets my award for best title ever. LOVE IT.

Ooh, mucous plugs! The certain harbinger of all three of my births--including the one that was six weeks early, although I chose to be clueless about its significance at the time.

Baby in the next 48 hrs? Here's hoping!

At one point while McCain was speaking, I turned to my husband and said, "That makes six 'my friends' so far." He asked, "You're counting?" and I nodded. The number of imaginary shots that could have been reality is STAGGERING.

That debate was a yawn fest. Too bad you couldn't play the drinking game, it would have made it a lot more entertaining. I couldn't either or I would have been asleep on the couch after one beer. Lame.

Twittering labor is brilliant! My tweets would have definitely been "Aaaaaaaaaaaw" as I found that TOTALLY unacceptable (except for the baby part).

Not shocked at all the debate didn't induce labor, *my friend*. Coma maybe but not labor.

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