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October 07, 2008


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The poor is hated by his neighbour, but the rich hath many friends. – Italian Proverb

I kind of want to kick your ass for thinking your thigh is big there, because I thought that was YOUR ARM. That is my frame of reference.

(And OH MY GOSH your baby is cute and I love her name! Congratulations!)

Yahoo! That dress is daredevil approved!

Your thigh is skinny. If you weren't pregnant, I'd be such a bitch to you right now.

OK, how brave are you to put your pregnant thigh in pictures?! On the internet?!(It is NOT huge, trust me.) Just so you know - mine were bigger. And yeeouch on the bites.

If I'd had those bugs on my legs during my pregnancy I would've been declared insane because I couldn't REACH my thighs around my ginormous belly.

I'm sending water breaking vibes to ya!

Its time for you to break out the massage oils and get kinky...with your feet. Get him to rub the no-no spots so you can get that baby evicted. And maybe even a few of the other oh-no spots while you're at it...hehe.

aw her mermaid outfit is so cute!

I've never seen 'Operation: sling infant through the roof' before. I'd like to give it a whirl (me, not my infant...well maybe sometimes my infant). By the by, haven't you tried the old 'induce me doc, the baby is too big ' trick yet?

With our last baby one thing we tried with frightening success was using a breast pump. Stinking misquetos, but thanks for the thigh shot.

Yeah, my totally NON-preggo thigh looks way bigger than that.

Good luck with the baby get out, mine were on time or early and those late days were still rough! You are doing the trifecta, yes? (Walking, foot massage, sex?)

that is your thigh? totally thought it was your arm...

Those bug bites were on your thigh? OMG- my barely preggo thigh is twice that size, at least! Boy, do I have some work to do after baby #2 is here... Good luck with Project Get This Baby Out. That's a hard project...

I feel your pain--I was 2 weeks late with each of my kids. It sucked ASS! I'm thinking the bungee thing might just have worked...

Well at least you got to be the "cool" mom one last time before the new baby arrives.

Oh, man...as one who went 18 days over with each of my kids, I have complete empathy with you. And what's with the bitey insects? I'm being devoured by some unseen bitey things, too!

I hope the baby comes soon... the waiting game sucks.

sorry about the bugs!!! but she does look adorable!

I can't imagine that NOT putting you into labor.

what mall was that? I have not explored all the cool malls out here yet...

You ARE the coolest Mom!

Hey, where are all the SPECTATORS??

That kid is amazing.

Plus, 'ilikeherbangs.'

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