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October 31, 2008


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Write more, thats all I have too say. Literally, it seems aas though you relied on the video to make your point. You clearly know what youure talking about, why waste your intelligence on just posting videos tto your site when you couldd be giving us soomething enlightening to read?

Hmm is anyone els experiencing problems with the pictures onn this blog loading? I'm trying to figure out if its a problem on my end or if it's the blog. Any responses would be greatly appreciated.

CLASSIC. You win for that one...

Whoa. $10.99?! Definitely blame the hackers :)

Hahahaha, that's hilarious! I've totally busted my husband by checking the cable bill. Not that I actually care!

Now you know to watch your porn on the internet. :)

I just wet my pants. Another little ditty they do not tell you about pregnancy until it is too late!

Just goes to show you that a new mom of three has more brain cells than coherent males...

A wife would never have bought that line...lol!

Lurker here...
I was laughing so hard, I snorted. And I don't normally do that. Oh, my.


So I'm assuming he doesn't read the blog, or you just ruined a perfectly beautiful couple of lies.

And for the record, I think men everywhere would appreciate it if you pushed the notion of skin benefits without sarcasm. I mean, hey, women pay people to smear mud all over their faces, right?

Porn is best when it's horrible and you are ashamed of it.

do you ever go to the cheetah? because you sort of know my wife, and i like to plan ahead if i need to avoid an activity or a person.

Oh, and what literotica.com is for...that and it's free!

Better on your face, ahem, than in your throat according to a study at Johns Hopkins. I kid you not, in your throat is now being linked to throat cancer, due to the transmission of HPV. http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2007/05/070509210142.htm

Now a happy housewife as a darned good reason not to swallow. Poor hubbies....

(dashing off to the doc to get her throat tested for HPV)

You make me laugh, hence why I'm a new subscriber to MU.

I know it will seem like blatant networking but I have some soft Halloween porn up today...

Happy treatin'!

Yeah re: YouPorn. Big fan. AND its free. And portable.

I'm going to have a tough time doing laps now, thinking about all those little swimmers...

LOL...yeah, the Internets is much cheaper. That's what I've heard at least...

I think that was some amazing thinking on your feet, particularly this close to just having delivered a third baby.

shit. they keep that stuff on there forever? oops.

LOL. I called my husband to tell him I ordered some porn. Too bad he wasn't there to enjoy it with me.

Love how you handled the hubs.


You're welcome.

LOL, that is too good. I haven't had to do that because I refuse to pay that much for a movie when yes the internet is right there. However, my husband and I did decide to purchase some cheap manager specials dvds from the local porn store and figured for $5 it was a deal. Yeah, watching some guy with one nut that danced around his you know what was too distracting to get turned on by. We couldn't stop laughing.

LOL! That's hilarious...seriously...I would have lied too, however I've never ordered porn on my own.

i did the same thing with DirectTV, but I couldnt think of a good lie. I'll keep yours in mind for future reference!

I take it your hubs doesn't read your blog?

HAHAHAHAHA! That made me laugh!

Love the Top Gun sex scene! ESPECIALLY b/c there's no "spray".

The titles are way funnier than the movies. My husband and I are both flight attendants. On our hotel overnights we'll call our other flight attendant friends on their overnights and we'll compare which hotel has the better porn titles. We've gotta do SOMETHING to make our layovers interesting, right?

We're coming to geeeeet you.

And your caaaaaable bill.


that is so funny!

There's a book on giving head? Does it cover both sides of the track, so to speak? If so, I have a certain someone who has a birthday coming up and my gift conundrum has just been solved.

Stupid cable box.

This is so funny... nice cover! :)

hacker... good, i never would've thought that one up. we have the PPV option on our t.v. and my dad is always flipping through and reading the porn titles. i'm just waiting to see one on our bill.

If that had happened in my house, my husband would've been all, "you ordered porn?! YES!" complete w/excited hand gestures.

I have two words for you ladies. You Porn. It is like you tube but for porn. Completely free and you can search for what you like. I stumbled upon it when I was pregnant, horny and my hubby was a way on business. Nice cover up by the way. My hubby came across a amazon order of mine for a book on how to give great head and would not let me live it down. Yet he is reaping the benefits of said book.

You totally made my morning! What is it about the stuff in the face? Do they teach that to the boys in sex ed, or something?

Yet another reason I love our Movie Network here in Canada...they don't show up on the bill!

I am totally sitting here blushing. Such a pollyanna. Great cover.

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