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October 13, 2008


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You were pregnant? Just kidding! Congratulations!!! I'm just now catching up on your blog and am thrilled to see photos of your sweet family. So awesome!!


Margot is beautiful!
But, curse you for making me want another baby. Damn! Damn! Damn! No! No! No!

What a beautiful baby and family you have! I love the name Margot.

How lovely -- your beautiful Margot and your story. (Margot Lane sounds like the name of a silent film star, I think.) Brings back so many wonderful memories from my two births. Wishing you rest and care.

Congratulations!! I can't wait to meet her!

Now that's one of the best birth stories I've ever heard... She is absolutely beautiful! Congrats!


Congrats Kristen!! Margot Laine- what a beautiful name!

Beautiful photo! And gorgeous, gorgeous baby!

I'm sorry the labor was long and painful. Back spasms during labor suck big donkey balls.

She is so beautiful! That photo of your children all together? Is making me all misty-eyed. Congrats to you all!

BEAUTIFUL birth story! As uncomfortable and long it might have been, she's beautiful!

Oh.my.gosh. ADORABLE! congratulations!!!

Congratulations, Kristen and family...Margot is BEAUTIFUL - and I love her name.

So I read this post and I'm all weepy and all, "WHY did I get an IUD?" and then I read your next post and I'm all, "Oh yeah, that's why I got an IUD!"

This proves you are a Great Blogger: able to provoke a range of emotions in just two posts and five minutes' time.


So..your midwife had to HOLD your cervix? Eek.

A million congratulations to you and your family!

Congrats again! I can't get over the birth order. Girl, boy, girl. With Drew in the middle, it almost assures that each of your babies will be well adjusted. No one will be left out. I can't explain it, but I rarely hear of this birth order. Okay, I will stop rambling.

Yay! Congratulations sweetheart! xo

Congrats to you all...she is beautiful!

Oh, gorgeous photo. And thanks for posting your story - I love to read them, since I won't experience them ever again, and for that, I am so glad.

Congratulations again, Kristen. Margot is beautiful.

Fuck. You made me cry. I know I'm suppose to be all "I LOVE YOUR BABY!" but I'm a big mess over here. Please stop making me cry.

PS. I really do love your baby.

Why no epidural? I dont want to remember my labor being in tears...I remember it watching GalaxyQuest and then the Doc saying 'Ok, time to push'. Me no likey pain....

Congratulations!! Such a gorgeous photo too!!

aw congratulations! what a great pic of your kids :)

Many wonderful congratulations!!!

Congratulations - Margot is beautiful and I loved reading the birth story! At the encouragement of a fellow blogger I posted mine a while ago and in doing so, bought back so many memories and feelings!
Hope it's all going well

Oh man, you made me tear up a little.


ohmigosh, adorable baby! adoring siblings (that won't last)

and here I am, in the midst of wishing it wasn't so unreasonable to want to be mom, again, again. (#3 is 16 months old and my oldest is getting married in the spring!! Yet, I look at new babies and pine for them. What am I thinking?!

(and yes, Margot Laine is a good name: my oldest is Margaret Elaine)

congratulations to you and your precious family Kristen

The most striking thing for me was that you had the presence of mind to get off the couch before your water broke.

You definitely deserve some kind of medal or financial compensation, because you know you guys never would have been able to clean that out.

This medal/award would of course come in addition to the standard award for enduring all this. And no, I don't mean "a beautiful baby, blah-blah-blah". I mean like a car or jewelry or something.

Girl, I've had a posterior cervix with all three of mine, so I know your pain. You are amazing! Congrats on the gorgeous Margot. :)

`Arianne (ToThink on Twitter)

OH SO BEAUTIFUL! Baby FEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i'm cryin' . . .

(they are all beautiful!)

All of your children are very beautiful!!!


Congratulations. What a beautiful baby.

and I have immense respect for you--I had my first baby two weeks ago, and I couldn't do it without an epidural. The pain was unendurable. (Ended up having a C-section anyway as I wasn't progressing and the baby's head wasn't moving into place.)

Oh, yes, that is one beautiful girl child right there! Who needs sleep, who needs food, who needs a shower or clothes that haven't been worn for 3 days straight when you have Her? Only some lame-butt ;)
At least you aren't know known in a tiny hospital as the crazy woman having daughter #2 who scowled like a demon from Hades at the nurse who responded to my request/demand for my stadol (sp?) by saying "aw, you don't want that druggy stuff." Um, did too, like I did 2 years previously. After this 22 year old b**ch azz was replaced by an older nurse who had children, I and Mrs. Stadol happily enjoyed one another's company until it was time for Mr. Epidural (it takes a Mr. to stab a woman in the back in that manner).
I was rewarded with Blessing Squared, so making up for 18 stitches and a flaming UTI.
I will NEVER fully disclose the details of my daughters' births to them (especially to #1, because no one needs to hear about an epidural that fails before an emergency c-section)because I want to be a grandmother some day.

What a beautiful baby!!
Congratulations to you and your family.

I am so deeply happy for you all. Two to three was the hardest and best thing I have ever done. Wishing you the same and more...less of the hard, more of the best.


She's perfect. I miss birthing stories. I wish I had five instead of two.....wish you well.

Here I go again...
The looks on the kids' faces are KILLING ME.

Can't. wait. to see you all.

I had that posterior position with my son (#1) and it was AWFUL so I feel for you. Great story. Thanks for sharing it. I'm so glad things went well for you. Oh....we featured you over at http://www.babybunching.com this week in our Baby Bunching Bests!!!

You're a much better blogger than I am! I still haven't posted my birth story.

Those back pains are a b*tch, I had those with my first.

Thank you for sharing that with us.

Trying to hold back tears! That was very special to read. It's all worth it for that precious little miracle of life.

And yet, to me this was a very poetic post. Yay for you and your family. She's beautiful and again, I adore the name. And hey, I even know how to say it.

ps. your screaming at the end had no curses in it, so you win.

That was a great story and that pictures is so adorable.

Beautiful story, beautiful baby, beautiful children, beautiful name. I had my Mae at Piedmont - you weren't there, by chance? Margot is a sweet angel!

thanks for sharing your story. she's breathtaking.

Congratulations! What an amazing and no doubt unforgettable experience. Sunny looks terrific.

That was 2 more poetic moments in one birth that I had in my two combined! Congrats to you and the whole family!

Congratulations!! Finally you're all together. :)

Margot Laine is a beautiful name. I love the classiness of it.
Hope you're getting some rest Mama!

She already looks so aware of her surroundings! Suspicious, even...

Congratulations. God bless you and your family. Beautiful children!

Congratulations! Thank you for sharing your wonderful birth story!

So beautiful. She is gorgeous. You are making me want to head down the road leading to number 2...

Congratulations to you & your family! Kids look very happy & excited.

Your story makes me consider having a third. Of course, that means my wife. Great pic and story. Enjoy.

Oh she looks like she was so totally worth it all!! Congratulations on your family being together and all lovey dovey stuff that goes along with it (Can't you tell I am jealous that you have already given birth?)

Here is something for you: http://mommysescape.blogspot.com/2008/10/another-bloggy-award.html

Nice story. So happy that everything went well and you have a healthy girl.

Ahh the wonders of bringing life into the world. I dont think any birth would be complete with out the rambling screams of a exhausted woman telling another person to reach inside of her crotch and pull a fully developed human being out lol. I am so glad all is well with you and your family. I hope you are able to get some rest and thanks for sharing with us!

Do you indeed recommend the use of a doula? This is a conversation my husband and I are in angst about...

I already said congrats, but let me say it again. She's a lucky girl to be born into your sweet family.

Thanks so much for sharing, Kristen. The picure of your children is beautiful - the look of love is in their eyes!

Good work, Kristen. Hope you are getting some time with everyone behaving & not being all whiny for a while. 1 push? While that thorn sounds pretty god awful, 1 push ain't shabby.

Which Coldplay? I can't do "Fix You". It makes me weepy, too.


Great birth story!

That was beautiful - thank you for sharing your story. I'm happy that you are both doing well!

You lied again - it's that photo that's the poetry of the moment.

She is absolutely beautiful! Fantastic birth story!

Beautiful birth story, Congrats.

Amazing. I'm glad all is well. Your babies are just beautiful hon.

great post. i'm totally crying.

What a beautiful narration of your daughter's arrival. Congratulations again!! She's gorgeous!!

Ohhhh...congratulations...I cried. I'm at 34 weeks and am anxious to hold a sweet baby.
She is beautiful.

ADORABLE!!!! Congrats!

Love the exact words in the exact order. I remember dropping an f-bomb or twelve. Along with many a 'please'.

Beautiful picture. Big brother Drew - can you stand it?

An amazing story, Kristen. Many congratulations to your beautiful baby.

(Although both my labors ended in c-sections, even with midwifery care, I remember distinctly that first labor, back and abdominal contractions, and that rectal pressure you so aptly described. Torture, pure and simple. If an ass could explode, mine was perpetually on the verge.)

Congrats. You have a beautiful family.

Wow- how exciting! Thanks for the pic- beautiful! COngrats!

What a beautiful portrait... congratulations on a job well done. Thanks for a wonderful blog, you are gifted.

Congratulations! What a beautiful baby!


I think calling it an 'odd moment' is perfect. It IS odd to have a person appear from inside us and, in an instant, they are the biggest presence imaginable. You did it momma. Congrats.

Beautiful children. Congratulations!~

Beautiful picture of the 3 kids. And when they complain that nothing is their own, and they have to share EVERYTHING, they all each have their own birth story whether they want to hear it or not.

That really got to me, we women are amazing. The picture of your 3 is just lovely. Hope your feeling happy and well.

I'm glad it went well and you're all together now.

Lovely picture of the three together.

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