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September 15, 2008


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Totally different topic - I saw the pix of you at the book signing on Rita's site and you look SO TERRIFIC! How can anyone look so good while pregnant?

can we borrow them, my husband needs a nudge.....

Everyone needs a beer fridge in the garage. I am on my second one, that last one died the week before the New Years Eve celebration.
Hello Home Depot!

Did it make your hair curl when the kid peed on the couch? It would've been so hard for me to keep my cool. But I would have because that's what we Southerners do. Sigh.

1. Can he talk to Nate?
2. You have a beer refrigerator?

The last time we had a crew over like that, they brought a bunch of raw meat to grill instead of beer so count your blessings. BTW, the meat was not for us, they took it all home with them in a giant cooler. I won't go into how bad the kids were but a few months later, we moved and I told my husband not to give them our forwarding address or phone numbers and we haven't seen them since. I may have to write about them just to release the demons from my soul at reliving the memories of that day. It's a southern thing I think, and I'm in the South with ya...therefore screwed.

Oh. Fat Tire. Drool.

I have a hard time finding it here in MI. I miss being able to get it on tap at the local mexican joint. It went great with enchiladas....

The big V is the way to go. We are almost 11 years and going strong! It really isn't too bad my hubby insisted. Plus he can rest on the couch and drink his fat tire beer. (hmmm, must see what all the fuss is about)

Kate! How can you not like Skinny Dip? OMG I love it so much I want one right now, and it's not even noon here.

K, I'm sending you Fat Tire this week. You won't have to put up with popsicles and piss again.

Wow! That's a lot of success for one night.

My husband likes the Fat Tire beer too and when I went to get it for him at the store (hard to find here in CA), I couldn't find it and asked the stock guy if he could help.

"What's it called?"

"Flat Tire."

"Hmm... never heard of it before."

OH YEAH, it's Fat Tire, not FLAT Tire and I couldn't keep the name straight 'cause all I could picture was a bicycle on the label which made me think of a flat tire.

Christ, I suck at this shit.

LOVE Fat Tire! Have you tried 1554? Heavenly, I swear. The Skinny Dip, though, not so much...

Why oh why wouldn't they just call it Spare Tire beer?

@canape -- next time I see you, I'll make sure to slap your ass EC style BABY.


That sounds like a good time. Except for the pee stain. I'm going to recommend no TV for him next time the beer train pulls into the station.

A little beer can smooth out any awkward situation. Glad you guys had a good time, sorry about the pee stains.

I would take the "waist grab tug" any day over the apparently more classy East coast "allowed to slap my ass if he's paying" mentality I've encountered here.

But we know I'm a Mississippi gal deep down.

LOL - that was a riot.. I Hope they are NOT reading this.. they may go back for their beer.

With #4 on the way, I'm totally going to be THOSE people. Although my husband doesn't grab my friends usually, except to keep them from stepping in dog crap in our yard...

Kristen - you should have seen me do that to get my Shipyard Pumpkinhead beer off season after I had my baby - did something totally similar! HA!

It's all worth it if it convinced the hubby to get the big V. LOL I think our own kids did that to my husband this weekend. Must've been something in the air.

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