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September 18, 2008


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My mother was the same way. We could play with whatever we wanted (I have one brother, so there were toys of both gender around).

My daughter doesn't know the difference either, though it was hard to quell my own tendency to try to steer her elsewhere (where did that come from?). But, I overcame, and people can think what they want of the Thomas tattoos on her legs, just below the pink tutu.

I always thought I would have boys, but it turned out 2 girls was the plan. Luckily, we have neighbors who are raising the boy I might have had. He wears frilly cuffed socks with shorts and a dumptruck tee. His nails get painted when his sister's do, if he wants. And he loves to dress up as a fairy when it's time to play. I do believe the world will be a better place for his generation, partially because he already knows the sweet torture of fancy shoes. Could world peace be far behind?

It gets worse as they get older. I've actually had someone tell me that I was turning my son gay because his toenails were painted blue and pink and red. He liked them alternating colors. If only I could have held the rude man down and painted his nails - see how he likes being turned gay!

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