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September 29, 2008


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You'll have direct access to your building's courtyard or garden, and if you're in a duplex with a front porch, it'll often unofficially be considered the downstairs tenant's domain. They will keep the listings coming if you keep asking, and its' worth doing as a free service, but don't depend on them entirely. Though it's often a joint decision made by the student, their parents, and sometimes the school, it affects the student's college experience in many different ways.

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There are good sales and bad sales, don't paint them all with the same brush. Some consignment sale owners are less picky than others. I made $2200 from sales at two consignment sales in August.

My favorite sale has been going on for ten years. They have learned much and are wonderful people to work with. It would be absolutely wonderful if all these sales said "no children" as they are the ones who are usually running wild, opening packages, and leaving a ride on toy over in a corner when they get through with it and we all know the chances of it selling over in the corner are slim.

I volunteer a lot. I spend many of my shifts picking up, straightening up and putting things back because children have strewn them everywhere. And you wonder why some packaging is ratty or missing parts or why there's a mess?

so if you want the good deals with out the hassle, there's a nice little baby/kids consignment shop in midtown (near Atlantic Station). No clothes, but lots of toys and "baby gear" We found some good stuff there last weekend...and no one fought with us/pushed or shoved/was rude. (www.crib-it.com)

So, this is kinda like the famous Filene's Running of the Brides thing, right? We don't have Filene's Basements here in the Wild Wild West, but, tales of the bridezillas are legendary.

And your story simply reinforces my theory on "The Village."

Beeyaotch. (The grump who got all over Quinlan.)

THANK YOU. I skipped a local annual consignment sale that is All The Rage when pregnant nine months ago, but I agreed to go with my now-pregnant friend a couple of weeks ago. I had no idea what a stampede it would be -- no parking, a line that wrapped around the building twice, and 20 minutes worth of shouted instructions before admission was granted, all for some overpriced Costco crap. Seriously? I think I met some of the brave/crazy souls that line up outside Target at 4 a.m. the day after Thanksgiving.

Fuck that bitch! Wow I'm in a mood tonight.

Seriously. I went to the one on Friday and I told my baby that the people who priced the ratty, over-used clothes had lost their mind. How much gas did I waste driving there???

Were you at the consignment sale on Friday at the church near Emory? Fights nearly broke out over items. My goodness.

I went to a consignment sale once, when I was pregnant with Mira, and couldn't leave fast enough. The place was filled with junk, including lots of broken toys and stained clothing, and the line to pay was wrapped around the room. This was one that everyone talked about, too.

I stick to resale stores, where there isn't the "one day only!" mentality, so there are less crazy people.

I'm with you--why should I pay for the option to buy stuff?

I can't do that scene, no no no.

I don't understand people getting so worked up over used crap. It's like old ladies fighting over glassware at a yardsale. lol!

You continue to crack me up daily!!!

Am I a bad person for buying something from Gymboree? It wasn't even on sale....it was too damn cute... shhhh don't tell the Green Recycle Faries--- if they hear of it, they will spit homemade organic goat yogurt at me....

Last time I went bargin shopping I saw a child enter a reserved section so I ripped off the little girls arms, bedazzled them, and sold them for fortune!

The woman that yelled at Quinlan just doesn't have any business sense!


Not at all Kristen. In fact, I often crack up hysterically myself when telling this story. Glad it made you laugh!

What is wrong with this world?

Aw Cecilia. Is it wrong that I laughed hysterically at your comment?

The consignment sale thing is fascinating to me. There's plenty of just plain old junk sales out there but then there are the more exclusive ones focused on label name and nothing else. Since I'm not exactly part of the Oilily set there's no real use to me going in for clothes, but if there's a specific item or item type (like when we were collecting wooden puzzles) some of the nicer consignment sales were definitely worth attending. No one should be harassing 4 year olds protecting used junk though, how rude and inappropriate!

When I was nine my mother made me wear a t-shirt that she probably paid no more than 25 cents for at a local rummage sale. The shirt read: "I Sang at Jason's Bar Mitzvah." I was mortified at the thought that I'd be playing at the park one day, and "Jason" would appear and say "Hey! You didn't sing at my Bar Mitzvah." I don't know what she was thinking!
The prices asked at some of these sales really baffles me. Bet that shirt would go for $25 easy today.

I don't really know what it is nowadays. You used to be able to go to a consignment sale or thrift shop or even yard sale and buy a full outfit for a quarter. But today people are actually trying to make money at these things. I saw a t-shirt at a thrift store for $15. It was even a cool t-shirt, like an old vintage Journey t-shirt or Van Halen. It was Murray's Tree Service. $15! Craziness..... I don't know, maybe Murray's Tree Service is the name of some cool band that I'm just not hip enough to know.

I love consignment shops! I sell as much as I can to Once Upon a Child. I picked up most of my sons preschool clothes there as well. But I am picky as to what used stuff I do buy.

I heard an ad on the radio the other day for a local consignment shop that I considered a plain old ordinary thrift shop. Clearly, I was mistaken. According to the radio add,it is now a "Eco-Friendly,Recycling Shop". mmm hmmm. I think I'll stick with my roadside free piles,Freecycle and the little thrift shop down the street run by some charity...

The reserved section? Were you at a concert or something? I just don't think I could handle that kind of pressure. I was on a website once and people were arguing about a Gymboree outfit. A stained Gymboree outfit; over who said they wanted it first. Sorry, it's just not worth my time to argue about a worn out outfit. I will say, I'm a bit spoiled though, because there is an outlet mall here where I can get all the name brand stuff for cheaper. I like cheaper and new over used and cheap any day.

I once got harassed by a mom for buying my kids new clothes. I always wondered where she thinks the clothes she buys at consignment stores come from. The Gymboree fairy?

And hey, not a fun option, trust me, but lets just say Alex decided he was done and wanted out, after my doc did a cervical massage...which I think is code for, pull baby out by his ears.

oh barf. people are stupid.



I just don't get the whole consignment/rummage/garage sale thing. Some people get joy from finding the diamond in the rough. I prefer not to dig through someone else's garbage for hours to find it.

Our local sale is great. Consigners receive 70% (not 50% like most places). And consigners and volunteers get in before the public.

I am just thankful that I can get rid of our outgrown things, make some money back, and not have to have a garage sale.

I hate how people want to wheel and deal at garage sales because they are insulting. I seriously had someone offer me 50 cents for something that was marked $10 and had another person try to talk me down from a $1 pair of shoes because they were already worn. Hello, of course they have already been worn.

I just refuse to buy new $20 snow boots at Target that only get worn five times before they are outgrown. So things like this I always buy at the consignment sale.

We took part in a neighborhood garage sale a few years ago, and we priced an old grill at 10 cents because we just wanted to get rid of it. I kid you not, this one woman actually tried to barter us down to 5 cents.

I've seen the flyers for these events, but have never gone to one. Your piece has confirmed my suspicions.

I purchase bags of used baby clothes from Craigslist for under $20. I buy the clothes listed by size so I know roughly what I have for the next season. Some of the clothes often have tags and I have been really lucky on quality. Tip: search by location for the more expensive areas, the clothes are nicer and cleaner. Also, the sellers seem to be happy to not have to leave their house to clean out a closet.

I guess I've been lucky. There's a local bi-annual consignment sale that is free and has decent stuff. The last day is a 50% off day, so that is when I go. It is a life-saver here in the Northeast where you have to buy winter clothes (boots, coats, snowsuits) for constantly growing little ones. I can get a whole set of winter stuff for less than I'd pay for just a coat new, and I don't mind my kid wearing something that some other kid probably only wore a handful of times.

Now is as good as time as any to come out of the consignment closet... I frequently shop at Plato's Closet. Feel free to scorn me.
I found a fabulous Billabong tank top recently and it was totally worth the $10 and throwdown I got into with another mother to get it.

I'm a strong believer in hand me downs. Thank God I keep having boys! I don't really like consignment sales and I've only bought clothes from ebay maybe once or twice. You really can't beat Wal-mart b/c we all know how fast little boys go through or tear up new clothes!

I think I could have written this post! I went to one of those huge sales and wandered aimlessly by racks and racks of crap completely over and underwhelmed at the same time. Overwhelmed by the chaos and the women with mounds of stuff piled to the ceiling. Underwhelmed by the racks and racks of junk.

Why is it always the nutters that take the "it takes a village" slogan to heart? And call me a snob but I've seen what my own kids have done to their clothes & toys so I'd rather pass on other people's used stuff.

I haven't been to a consignment sale, but I agree with April that half off day at Salvation Army is pretty awesome.
Although, the word has spread in my community about half off day and now the place is mobbed at 10:00AM on a Wednesday.
It's still worth going though. I just stopped by today (not half off day, but still good deals to be had) and got a set of polar fleece winter hat and gloves with the tags still on for $2 for my little guy.

Wow- I just witnessed this last month for the first time. At ours strollers are not allowed and it gets really ugly. The line to pay lasted an hour plus. It was brutal. I'm not sure I'll do it again. Despite that "new Mom" incentive to go in and browse early...

I am so glad to hear someone else voice my opinion about used kids clothes - I'm okay with family, but strangers? Meh, there's a lot of FLUIDS coming in and out of a baby, you know? I'm a little squicky like that.

The boys clothes are never worth going for. I went twice, once before Henry was born, and once when he was a tiny baby. At the sales here they don't let kids in, my husband drove around in the car to keep the baby asleep while I dug around. I think I bought one little smocked bubble and that was it. Good/cute boys clothes are so hard to come by in actual stores, consignments sales are slim pickings and almost never to my taste.

SO TRUE. That Glen Sale was absolutely crazy. And that was on the second day. Can't even begin to imagine what it looked like when the doors were opened to that crazy mob of people on Friday morning.

I am guilty of dropping my stuff off at the sale never to return to dig through other peoples crap. I will just collect my check in the end and continue to buy my kids new stuff with the money. Minus a Halloween costume or two, I have yet to find anything worth buying that I couldn't go to the store and spend a couple extra bucks to get brand new.

Woops. Did you go to the Glen Sale. Bad idea, friend. Should have warned you.

People are so weird. Never been to a consignment sale, but I do love a good garage sale.

My favorite place, though, is the Salvation Army by the really wealthy area of town. Once a week all the clothes are 50% off and most of the baby items are barely used and many still have tags.

I've been known to purchase an entire season's wardrobe for my son for $20. They don't advertise the 50% off deal, so it's not a zoo, either :-)

I agree - deals on used stuff that aren't even such great deals are not worth the insanity.

I did used to go to one consignment shop in the Philadelphia area when I lived there. It had pretty nice stuff and was never too crazy, since it was a steady business, open most days - the Greene Street Consignment shop. I kinda miss it!

I was just working on a post about my latest consignment sale nightmare. I'm so not cut out for them.

Maybe it is a sign of the times, and people are getting desperate. Or maybe it is that you can get some sucker to pay for it on eBay.

There are things the kid maybe wore once, or never wore, and while I'd like to get my money back on those, I won't even consider selling the worn out onesies. Oh well, taking notes for when I do my first garage sale. When we decide if we're having another one.

We have a similar concept called NCT (National Childbirth Trust) sales, here in the UK. I run them (with the help of others of course) in our local area. Some of the people who come to buy are nuts. Many of the people who sell their 'new' (hah!) stuff are equally nuts. Unfortunately I have to work very closely with both types.

Myself, I do get some nice new things - mainly toys (because I run it I get a preview, which is helpful as I'd never go to a sale otherwise) - but most of the stuff is junk. The baby equipment isn't too bad but the clothes - man, the clothes! I am not sure that 'nearly new' means 'spit-up stains with eau de poop' quite qualifies. Paying £5 for a dress which has been pooped on vs going to the Gap Outlet and paying £4 for a brand new one in the sale? Tough decision... ;)

Seriously. My dad works at Kohl's, so my mom uses his discounts to buy (most of the) clothes for my son -- and sometimes toys as well. She can do as well or better with that discount, sales, and/or clearances than any consignment shop we've been to. Only reason we go is to try to sell.

You are so right about the worn out Gymboree outfits. I just went to a consignment sale and found so many faded Gymboree outfits for $20. Seriously? For $20, I'm pretty sure I could get something brand new off Gymboree's clearance rack. Sometimes their "outfits" don't even match - you hold it up and say, "Well, their both Gymboree, but I don't think yellow ducky pants go with a red Santa sweater."

too funny! not to mention the holier-than-thou attitude of the moms who are selling their crap in these sales. like we are blessed to have gained entry into their special clubhouse!

It has gotten so insane, and it's not even consignment sales anymore. Here it's yard sales too. Sorry, but I'm not paying $5 for a worn and spit up stained outfit when I can go get a new one for $7. People seem to think they have gold.

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