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September 21, 2008


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Aww, man! I missed this! :-( I have a crazy-great mismatched fashion photo of kiddo.

Love it. My kids love dress up all the time! Our little 1 year old is just starting too!


I just posted my daughters BEST mismatched outfit, am I too late?

I'm new to the whole Polly Pocket thing - hopefully we'll start off on the right foot.


Your daughter is adorable!

I love the Handy Mandy ensemble as well. My contributions to the flickr pool were similar, but worse. And I'd love to not have to hide the Polly Pocket toys anymore. Those clothes are impossible!

The Handy Manny in a tutu is just great!

I posted one of my rugrat in his version of the perfect outfit-pj's and crazy fuzzy socks (that belong to me),

Can I tell you how excited I am for pop and swap? I change those damn Polly Pocket clothes about a gazillion times a day!! Do you know if the Disney Princesses will be doing the same thing? We are princess crazy over here!!

Kristen, that Handy Mandy outfit should be preserved forever - she's so amazingly cute in that picture!

Since Cordy has yet to ever pick her own clothes out, I'll have to dig through pics to find examples of when daddy dressed her.

I posted a pic of my Niki in her thrown-together cat halloween "costume". Thank goodness for make up and creativity!

I like how clean your wood floors are. Notwithstanding, Q has done a wonderful job with her outfits. She's got a flair for this.

Oooh - Question.

What about us Westies? (Coast)

12:01 your time, our time, ????

OK, the tambourine hat photo? Even better than you described.

I can't believe my children haven't yet put a tambourine on their heads. Or their baby brother's head. That is the perfect accessory.

I do not allow my child to dress himself. I am WAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY too anal retentive to handle mismatched outfits. I am practically getting hives just thinking about it.

Oh, the tambourine tied on with a scarf (I think) is perfect. I see a future in interpretive dance.

Love the TINK outfit! How precious :-D

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