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September 20, 2008


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oh, just wait until she's 7. i get the eye roll pretty much every time i say ANYTHING.

if i did the 1-2-3 method for eye rolling, my daughters, both of them, even the 3-year-old, would be living in their rooms permanently.


oh man she sounds like my sister....who's 20, haha. you might be just a little screwed.

That sounds about right:-(

When Shawn was 2 and daycare was doing a series on "feelings" she responded to my discipline with "Mommy, you make me ANGGGEEEE" and smashed her fist into her other hand. I am still smiling thinking about it.

Good news is my youngest is 10, we are Catholic and I'm sure I'll have a line on some good CONVENT SCHOOLS for you to send "miss thang" to...since my 10 year old is going on 20. I'm entertained because it's happening to you but I feel it sister. LOVE the clothes too. What a doll, what a pistol!

Suddenly I don't feel so bad that my 4 year old seems to keep everything inside her head.


You ARE screwed.

are you sure that wasn't MY conversation with MY kid?

seriously, I think I had that conversation this morning.


My mom used the "that's one" with me . . . always worked though. Sounds like your little one has more fire in her.

Maybe she'll be this precocious in the reading, bed-making and eating even the strangest foods parts of growing up? We can dream.

You are gonna freaking LOVE 14! Lillith has started to call me "Hon" or "Sweetie". Which is better then when she cusses at me.

I feel your pain! our four year old gave us our first 'whatever' almost a year a go!

Mine is also 4 and when I got my first "Hell-oooo" with an eye roll I thought: Did I just throw my voice or did she actually just say that to me? I have two girls and I am so screwed.

You don't even WANT TO KNOW what she's saying to you INSIDE her head.


Until it's my turn, that is.

mmm hmmm.....I know. I've been having the same exchange with one of my 11 year olds since...well...since she was about 4. It hasn't gotten any better. Comforting to know,isn't it?

Oh boy! yeah, you're in for a handlful - just wait till she's six!! Even mine with all her "issues" is a bit of a mouth.

Also, thanks for the comment! I have always wanted alot of children, I never thought I would have this much though! LOL You can imagine the stories I can tell but after a while, they just blend into a blur - the hard part is keeping their names straight, especially the boys - they are all about the ame height and look alike! Enjoy your shower and have a great one!

I feel your pain...

The eye rolling, deep sighs, and "You're so mean!" Good times.

At least she isn't swinging her shoulders and saying "yes, mo - ther" like my daughter did at that age. She picked it up from her sitter's teenage daughters. I immediately took her out of that daycare, as I thought I was totally hosed too.

I've been having a TOUGH time this past year with our three-year-old triplets and have been holding on to promises I heard last year about the GLORIOUS age of four.

Now that our trio are about to turn the "Golden Age of Four", and they are kicking my ass harder than it's EVER been kicked, that same person who told me how GREAT four was, is now telling me, "Oh no. The greatness really starts at FIVE. You just wait. Get through four and five will be a breeze."

I see a lot of similarities with learning how to swim. You feel like you are about to drown but if you can just make it to the instructor who keeps chanting "You're ALMOST here!" while they are slowly backing away (encouraging you to go just a little further), maybe you'll survive.

Back then, I just wished my teacher would reach out and save me. Now, I just wish someone would throw me a team of nannies and some ear plugs.

honestly I would take it in more of a Playful Parenting by Lawrence J. Cohen sort of way. just make it fun, not too serious. not too much attention on it. blow it off like it's silly. if she knows it's going to piss you off I swear she'll do it more. gl!

You're in so much trouble. Give us a few more years and we'll have to start a support group.

Ugh. Mine's the same way, it's killer.

Yep. You sure are.

Tessa newest favorite thing to say is, "You never let me do *anything*!"

It only gets worse when they turn 5! How is it that girls are born knowing how to roll their eyes?

My 4 yr old says "You're not being understanding of me" while she stomps her foot and runs to her room, LMAO!

OK, does that book work for you? Maybe I'm not doing it right...when I say "that's one" to my almost 3yo, he says "two-three". Should I be proud he can count, or put him in time-out for sass, or just agree that it IS two-three, and send him to his room? I'm so confused with this book.

Oh something I have to look forward to! All that sass!

That is classic. *I* haven't even gotten that line yet from Tacy.

I know I shouldn't be laughing right now. But I am. But only because I have an almost four year old with the same attitude. "Dude, I've told you four times. Go potty!" "I'M ABOUT TO...GAH!"

Kids are so charming!

Does that counting thing really work? My son is one and I know it is too early for that but I have hope that there is a magic word, candle, prayer that will help to keep him in check. I haven't found it yet.

Oh yeah, you are.

I used to babysit a little girl who at age 3 got up from the lunch table, stomped down the hallway, and slammed her door with a final, "Fine!"

I fell over laughing.

LOL you're hosed! I have three girls, 17, 11 and 9. I speak from experience.

thank goodness boys are different - they are more like destroying the restaurant/being entertained than having conversation. Although our youngest is a girl, we figure we'll be beat down by then anyway!

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