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August 04, 2008


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That's understandable that cash makes people disembarrass. But how to act if somebody has no money? The one way only is to get the personal loans or financial loan.

Oh this was funny! My 17-mo-old is *so* THERE! I think he always has that look.

I get the look twice as much because I've got 16 month old twins. Both of them will literally look at me and SMILE and then do exactly what I told them not to. I just can't believe they smile at me before they do it. Then I get the overexaggerated crying face when they get fussed on for doing what I just told them not to do. Don't you love that face? It takes everything I have not to laugh at them when they start that. Can't help it sometimes.

(Believe it or not, I am actually going to do it all again. I found out yesterday that I'm preggers again. I'll be due the same month that my boys turn two. Keep me in your prayers...hehe.)

My 8-month-old *totally* has The Look. He's starting early.

Came by way of Blog the Recession . . .

I had no idea a nearly 1 year old could have that LOOK, but now I'm thinking he can.

haha! I'm expecting and I can't wait for that ;)

I've got a TWEEN-ager and I'm getting the look on the regular now...2 or 1,000 times a day.

Oh, you mean the look that goes with the "Tell me why I'm protecting you from yourself, again?" feeling. Like a wink and a smile, those two!

Oh yeah, the look that says "I'm gonna do my damndest to make you rue the day I was born."

And then they'll have a moodswing and give you the " I'm the cutest damn thing you've ever seen and you could never stay mad at me" look.

My daughter gives me that look right before she hits me. Luckily she's only 20 months or I'd totally take her... (Just kidding, here, people.)

OK, once again I'll be the wet blanket... did he actually get to the hot water tap? And if so, is he OK?

love it!!!!


That look is precious, I get it from each one of my children, but the one who is best at it right now is the 10 month old who has just started walking, I say no, and she looks back with that gleam in her eye that ensures that I know she's mine and willing to push those limits.

"I am SO going to throw this sharp block right at your eye, mommy" I think that's the same look.

I know how you feel! I'm pretty sure my little one (who's only a month older than Drew) had that look on the ultrasound...In fact, I'm pretty sure he wrapped his cord around himself on purpose. You know, living dangerously.

He's his father's son.

"You got the look. Oh, yeah. You got the look...." um, "Oh yeah!"

I am so familiar with that look! Usually comes during a speech about the phrase "too much video game time". WTF, mom?

LOL! Hilarious, my daughter is just starting to use that look! Not looking forward to the many I will get later on when she's older.

Bahahahaha! I was just about to reach for a tissue when I got to the end..Classic.

PS. Sorry about calling you Michelle in my Blog the Recession post..What an idiot. I know your real name is Gladys.

And THAT is why we don't teach babies to swear. Because that is exactly what they'd be saying...

I remember the look. I still get it thrown my way, but now am fortunate to get it with words such as, "You can't tell me what to do! You're not the boss of me!"
Sigh. The joys of a 7 year old.

That's the look I get when Boy Child has pushed the dining room chair all the way across the room to the stove where I am cooking and give me the "Whatcha gonna do if I touch it? Huh? Think you can stop me?"

I know that look.

Sometimes you just have to let them get burned. It sucks, I know. But they don't get it any other way.

I love that look, though. Even if it's scary. And then later, when you realize you've fallen in love with them. Not just the idea of your baby, but the actual personality of him.

Awww... it almost makes me want another. Not quite though, I think 3's enough

Oh my yes. My little One is 14 months old, and for right now I get the look when A) she stares straight into my eyes as she drops things out of the high chair B) she's slamming cupboard doors she's not even supposed to be opening and C) she's trying to pull the radiator vent out of the floor.

Ahhh, the look. It's quite the phenomenon to this first time mom. I know I'll look back and think that it's hilarious, but right now? Not so much!

Too funny! My little darling has several of those looks while continuing to draw on herself, the wall, my purse. She doesn't give a shit now--- I can only imagine the look when she brings the boy home who we all have brought home.... lord help me...

Whenever I'd have another baby (I have three), I'd see that look all the time.

As soon as I would settle and latch the baby, I'd get the look. The wrecking crew would take off running for valuable things and water faucets (sometimes, both).

Man I just started to get all nostalgic for a newborn baby and then read to the end and yeah...I know that look. Last night I told Gabriel no splashing and he said, "You mean like this?" and SPLASHED WATER ON MY FACE, and then started laughing maniacally. Little toad.

Oh yes... I know "that" look oh so well.

I know that look. My son has it right before he throws food or when he runs away from me when I'm trying to get him to come inside.

What amazes me is how early they learn the look! COME ON! You are 16 months old! You cannot give me that look already!!! And yet, I get the look more times than I can count already.

Love this post!

My favorite post EVER! You perfectly captured the moment!

Oh, how well I know that look - and have even resorted to telling them "You are very smart. But I'm still smarter."

Wait 'til you see the blank stare/incredulity/doubt look.

Good times.

Ha! I totally know! And it just gets better...when they get older, they add to that look by shaking their heads in disdain and rolling their eyes at you.

I know that look all to well, usually related with kitchen though in out house.

yeah...the baby is working on mastering his as we speak...the three year old? lost cause!

Both my boys have mastered that look. You can take out the faucet and insert whatever else it is they have their mind made up to do at that moment. Of course to be fair, I think I've even given Hubby that look myself a couple times.

Ha, ha!! I think every mother knows that look!! I got one yesterday. My favorite is that "whatever" look when you are talking to them. That's the best.

Ha Ha! My kids have had that look! I know what you are talking about...makes me hate giving my kids baths sometimes...

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