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August 10, 2008


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How long will we have to wait to get the emulator with the blessings of Sony. 99, the Playstation 3 is still the most expensive video game system on the market by a wide margin. Sure, they have some enhancements, but the games at heart remain the same.

Encourage your subject to use relaxation techniques to calm themselves. After many years of professional hypnotists struggling to to educate the public about the nature and benefits of hypnosis there is little good to say about this disappointing exploitation of their profession. " For this stage, take the subject through an imagined change corresponding to walking down steps, riding down in an elevator, or rising larger on a cloud, etc.

We have a local family who have six sons. Fellow Hispanics, I might add. However, their family includes sons named Ray, Raymond, and Raymundo. Stupid for George Foreman and equally stupid for everyone else in any form.

Any female name ending unnecessarily in an “i” is silly in my book. Roxi, Trixi, Lexi, Bambi, Lesli, Ashli, Lindzi, Shelbi…you get the picture. And readers: if you’ve named your daughter thusly, go ahead and cry foul. But you’d better install a stripper pole in your basement pretty soon. They say early training makes for job security.

People, stop naming your children for sports stars. I actually met a little 3YO Lebron James DeLaRosa for cripes sakes. How many Hispanic NBA stars do YOU know?

The worst ones I heard were:

My cousin taught a little girl who said "You know, my name isn't just Jane, it's Calamity" So, Calamity Jane Lastname. Nice.

Also, a friend of a friend's granddaughter was just named Thorn Danger Rain Petrofsky-Smith. (Okay, the last name has been changed here, but it's a hyphenated last name, with a really Polish sounding one and a really plain sounding one.)

I'd sure as hell schedule an interview so I could get a good look at Nortorious, that's for damn sure!

My BFF is a nurse on the post partem ward. The winner name she has come home with of a real live named baby was:

Cherish Mia Beaver!!

That poor girl I figure.

We had a Harry Beavers at work. And yes is real name was HARRY. No harold or harrison.

E. All of the above.

LOL. All of the above. That is one crazy name. Did you actually call and talk to her to see what was up with the name? Maybe she hates it as bad as you do?

Maybe mom was a Duran Duran fan that couldn't spell? Heh.

A Korean woman just joined our playgroup, baby boy has an English first name, last name Ho. Older sister was not so lucky, they went traditional. First name Tee, middle name Yung, last name Ho. Put that one all together.

True story from the health-care files:
twins named Lemonjello (le MON-je-lo)and Orangejello (Or-AN-je-lo)
and the winner-
Syphills (Si-FI-lus)

I once heard of a boy named Shithead - pronounced SHI-THOD. What were these parents thinking???

Huz worked with a woman named Areola. WTF were her parents thinking?

We had a running joke about names for our children since out last name is White, Pearl, Snow, etc. They were just jokes, I seriosly don't get people that do that. However it gave us few good laughs...

New a Guy in HS, Michael Hunt. He ALWAYS insisted on being called Michael..............cuz Mike just wouldn't do!!!

What about Tommy Thompson???

Parents are Stupid!

All of the above..then tell her the position has been filled!

Umm...I'm going with A.

Oh and P.S., this is a fantastic title, which works as an Easter Egg and an accurate post description.

I swear to everything good and holy that one of the parents (not a native speaker) at the school where my wife teaches named her daughter "Chlamydia" after seeing it on a poster at the hospital and finding it catchy.

She could not be persuaded against her spontaneous choice. In hearing the story of little Chlammy, I began to see the wisdom of those other countries that have government committees required to approve all baby names.

My husband played football in college. During an away game the school had featured a brother and sister in the program. He played FB and she played softball. Their last name was really different but their first names were crazy...Mary Jane and Cocaine. True story.

Having taught school in Mississippi, the best one I ran across was Spontaneous. She was a precious little girl...I just felt sooo bad for her being named that!

Let's hope Notorius' name doesn't describe her reputation.

A. Definitely A.

I once did data entry for a local Girl Scouts troup, where I was entering new scout information. I can't tell you how many "Princess"'s I entered. There were several others that I had a giggle over/took some time to really understand and then promptly forgot so as to never be tempted to name my child something so utterly embarrassing/dumb. Also, my sister grew up with a boy who had a fairly common last name for our town. His name was Justin Other X (pronounced Just-another-X). How uplifting to the confidence that one.

When in doubt pick all the above, I'd probably also talk to her for hours to figure out which cabbage patch she came from, and wonder about her family... and drugs.

When I was in high school there was a star basketball player one suburb north. Her name was Female (feh-MAL-ay). Story we heard was similar to Malea and Maleb mentioned earlier, mom thought the doctors had already named the child... Gotta love dumb people.

Maybe her parents "loved her flashy ways" when she was born?

I swear some people name their kids while they're under the influence of drugs during labor. I insisted our kids have names normal enough to find on souvenir items because I had friends that would be so pissed when they couldn't have any of that stuff when we were growing up because their parents were stupid.

Like another commenter up there, I too, went to school with a girl named 'Penny Nichols'
It's just wrong.
After I got done dying with laughter, I'd do some research and hope that was her online screen name and then run far away.
I don't know that I would want someone with that screen name babysitting my kids, they too could become 'nortorious'
*that just hurts to type*

Okay, is that her name or her online alias. I'm hoping it's the latter, but then I definitely wouldn't hire her as a sitter!

When I was a kid, I used to complain endlessly that I could never find anything with my name on it: souvenier license plates, keychains, pencils, notepads...I can imagine that Notorious would have the same problem.

I once interviewed someone named Ikentina Turner. She was really proud of it--people always remembered her. Uh yea.

There was a case where a judge actually made parents change the name of their baby.

The original name was Talula Does the Hula.

Read about it here.. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/australasia/parents-must-rename-girl-called-talula-does-the-hula-from-hawaii-876813.html

Gotta love the dirty, dirty. ;)

And my first reaction would probably be #B.

Seriously? Holy shit.

My dad used to do anesthesia for obstetrics when he was a resident. He said he had a mom name her kid something she happened to see on the chart:


What, did she call him "Fart" for short?


Two different friends, two different wacko names for their kids.

Exhibit A - Tirzah Joy (pronounced tears-a-joy)

Exhibit B - Honey Bean

My kids, should fall on their knees and thank me every day for their normal names.

If this is her real name...what will she use for her stage name at the local men's club??

OH no! That is a really bad name. Although, I guess Tori would be a good nickname. Poor Felony, what is she going to be called. Lony? Fel? Ny? ugh.

So does Nortorious have a last name or is she so notorious she doesn't need one? *snort*

My husband went to school with a girl named Penny Nikkol they called her "Six cents"...what is wrong with parents??

I recently came across someone named "Shampoo". Yes, the traditional spelling and pronunciation. WTH is wrong with people?

I would ask if I could call her Nort.

My BIL's sister is a pediatrician resident in Buffalo. A lady thanked her for giving her twins cool names. Sis was confused because she did not recall suggesting any names. The mom said, sure its Malea and Maleb. If you look closely its Male A nad Male B. I could not make up this stuff.

I taught a kindergartener a few years ago named Myrkl. Pronounced Miracle.

There are some parents with some serious issues. And apparently no friends to tell them that they're being idiots.

when looking for a sitter, i had someone email me and the email was ifyoulikepinacoladas......ahhh NO THANKS

I met a baby named *Felony* once. Yes, F-E-L-O-N-Y ("you know, like 'Melanie,'" her gutter-punk dad told me). Nortorious got nothin' on her!

Is she called "Tori" for short? Sweet jesus I hope so.

Oh, my...all I can say is that I'm glad that my two (now 28 and 25) are too old for babysitters. Why would you name your sweet little baby child something like that?

Surely that's not a 'real' name. But then it could be couldn't it
As long as they don't try to live up to it...

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