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August 18, 2008


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I must be alone in this one because my 3 year old has turned into an absolute evil child since his brother started kindergarten. As a matter of fact, it isn't even confined to the time when the oldest one is gone.

As a matter of fact, he has been in our bed tonight screeching and howling because the 5 yo is touching him, taking his pillow, laying on him, pulling the cover, and only God knows what else he has yelled about for the last 3 hours.

I had no clue he was going to flip out when his brother started school or he could have gone to boarding school or something, geeez!

I have noticed my 3 year old glowing in my undivided attention while her brother is at all day kindergarten.

For 1 solid hour today she practiced running into my arms and hugging me, poor thing!! She loved having me all to herself!!

OK this was so funny and is so me, except I don't have a third child on the way. But, I had to share it with my husband! My daughter actually sits at the computer with me, or in a chair next to me watching Max and Ruby. And then we play after my computer time. Thank you for that. I love reading your blog!

enjoy every min. of the just with one time. with 2 your work double- with three it quadruples- There should be a 2 week mom's camp written into our contracts. Should be a law.

This year marks all-day kindergarten and three days of preschool for my almost 3-year old. It makes me a bit teary, sure, but I look forward to a decent expanse of time when it's just me.

And also, naptime during pick-up? Ouch! Enjoy your Drew. He sure is a cutie.

I remember when I sent my youngest to kindergarten for the first time. As she got on the bus with her brothers... I sniffed...but just once and then danced around the living room a bit.
3 hours of freedom is awesome:)

Hey, I'm shocked you have only 5 weeks left, that went really fast, not for you though.

Five weeks? You're due the week I am. Lucky us! Boy, I wish I could get in some naps, but I only have a chair, not a couch in my office. Not that it seems to stop me falling asleep upright in my desk chair....

Ah enjoy your special time together :) It's true absence does make the heart grow fonder

Ah, I remember that day well; The day that the nap gets compromised.

I hated that day.


Nap in car = twitter on iphone

Enjoyed your post... When we enrolled my 2nd child in the same school as my oldest there were fights galore and many a parent-teacher meeting... I sympathise...


Enjoyed your post... When we enrolled my 2nd child in the same school as my oldest there were fights galore and many a parent-teacher meeting... I sympathise...


all i can say is thank GOD for naps!

i also wanted to say that i LOVE your blog! and in an effort to get to know my fellow writers a little better, i have tagged you!


Yes! Yes! Yes! When Wynnie was in preschool--and heads back in 2 short weeks after summer break-- Mack HAS A VOICE. The kid can get a word in edgewise. Nobody is yelling "No Macky! That is NOT FOR BABIES!!" He has words. Real words.

He can entertain himself with his trains for hours on end. What a lovely child.


Only 4 more days until I've got both of mine in full-time school. This is the first year and I couldn't be more excited!! Sure it'll help my furniture business but more importantly, I can watch tivo'd episodes of Californication whenever I want during those glorious 6 or so hours per day, every day!!! I couldn't be happier for you, too.

Amen to the love for the nap. It's total momsanity time. Enjoy the 5 weeks of one-on-one time/crappy tv time!

Ohhhhh that makes me feel so much better about sending my little guy to kindergarten next month...although while my 2 year old is barely noticeable during the day my 11 month old still feels the need to be attached to my leg and/or boob at all times so I probably won't feel the freedom as much...

It's only 5 weeks!!??? I'm certain you are thinking more along the lines of OMG 5 weeks or these 5 weeks better go by fast.

Anyway, I wish I'd signed my son up for something away from the house. Catching up on TV, I mean...hanging out with JUST my daughter sounds great.

Although right now? Son is playing quietly in his room by himself. I can hear him talking to himself. That's kind of sweet too.

Oh yeah. My daughter has already started first grade. I'm just waiting for preschool to start again for my son. Then I'll have three afternoons a week with only the baby. And she's my easy child.

It's going to be glorious.

I think I prefer school age parenting to baby/toddler parenting by a mile. In addition to the school day breaks, they're just so much more fun to hang out with.

It's the absence of guilt that I find simply amazing. I love the freedom, and I adore that I can have it without a trace of mommy-guilt!

Just wait for the full days. They're heavenly. And with a younger one 5 years behind who still naps, I even get a nap too on days where I need it. What they fail to tell you though is that summer vacation really ruins the school year high.

Oh...I am so looking forward to my daughter starting preschool in 2 weeks. Only I'm a dork...and nobody told me either-she's only signed up for 2 mornings a week! What was I thinking?

wow, only 5 left, neat. I'm glad to see that you and Drew are getting some quality time.

If only we could demand full day preschool, and make it covered by the state. Wouldn't that rock?

Enjoy your new-found free time. Cordy starts back to preschool next Wednesday, and I'm counting down the hours. Can't. Wait.

Ok, so first off, you wouldn't have wanted to hear that going to school is an amazing thing, two years before she went. It would have only been a tease. Second...um take the long way home? Or wake him up a bit earlier or later to over compensate? No idea on that one really. I still wish I could make mine nap.

And third, I gave you an award today.

Glad to hear you are enjoying some well-deserved respite. I hope you have a fantastic 5 weeks!

well, today was supposed to be the start of that liberation for my hubby but due to the wonderful Tropical Storm Fay - school has been cancelled for today and we are still unsure about tomorrow! I guess the peace and quiet for him to be with Baby Boy will have to wait a few more days (but it seems like he is about to loose the little bit of hair he has left! LOL)

Enjoy that time with your little man, it is so precious!!! And as far as the naps - he'll get into a new routine - most likely he'll stay awake in the car and then fall asleep when you get home (hoping that big sis does not make too much of a commotion which they tend to do! LOL)

You said it, TNG. You said it.


Oh, holy HELL.

Since first grade started, I think I've died and gone to heaven. It's like a gift from God - or the taxpayers, anyway.

Just wait until she's in school full-days. OMG. It's.....it's.....I just don't have words.

And the newbie on the way won't get demanding for awhile. You still have some time.

Be careful about giving up that precious nap. I love me some nap time.

I used to shout and sing to keep my younger child awake in that car ride from preschool pick up.

If I could keep him awake on the way THERE, then we were golden. He could transfer from the car to the house, but not from the car to the school to the car to the house...

I think the school should be forced to change pick up time. Naps are IMPORTANT, people!

Ahhh yes...school. The ultimate babysitter. Guilt free time away. My advice for nap time is leave a litttle earlier and take a good book, puzzle or laptop with wireless.

I remember the long over lunch naps, they were awesome. Maybe you can meet some other parents and get a carpool going on so you can reclaim the nap.

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