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July 07, 2008


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To me, nine years ago seems like yesterday, a blink of an eye. Then I look at my daughter, the one with her nose in a book, or asking if she can make coffee (!), or singing a Hannah Montana song. I don't long for diaper days and sleepless nights; I just long to cherish the moments as they pass. Happy b-day to your little one.

I think the coolest stage is.... whatever they are in the moment! I always say this is the best at each stage! But I love to watch her turn into a more fully her person every day. One of the blessings of having a 'developmentally delayed' child is that you can actually SEE them grow!

I do indeed miss my tiny infant baby but I do NOT miss the crying, the 3 am feedings or getting puked on. I only miss the snuggling and the smell after a bath. I think God only gives us those great moments so we will keep the little monsters around. If it was all bad kids wouldn't live past 3 months! Plus, my walking talking baby boy is a whole lot more fun! Happy Birthday Quinlan!

aww, nice post:)

(I am more likely to tell my pre-child friends to sleep now while they still can! uit all that marathon running and sleep in for petessake!)

you rock, Kristen! Thanks for helping me remember the good stuff!

Shoot. Sorry for the double post...I'm tech challenged.

Nice post. My daughter's 4 also, and while I enjoyed some moments of the baby years, I'm truly cherishing these times, when she's old enough to walk up and say "Smell my Finger." (Word of Advice: If 4 year old ever says smell my finger, just...don't.)

Nice post. My daughter's 4 also, and while I enjoyed some moments of the baby years, I'm truly cherishing these times, when she's old enough to walk up and say "Smell my Finger." (Word of Advice: If 4 year old ever says smell my finger, just...don't.)

What a beautiful post. My daughter is four, too, and I know exactly what you mean.

In some ways, I feel like the anti-mom, because instead of pining for the baby days, I can't wait until she's old enough to show Steel Magnolias.

I really truly think there's a BIG diff between loving infanthood and babydom and not loving the colic, baby who won't never ever or sleep ever ever phase.

Happy birthday my darling niece!

Happy birthday Quinlan!!
Great blog entry Kristen!

some people just really, genuinely love the newborn phase, I do, I love it so very much. because I think we're done making babies, I've schemed up a plan to take in pregnant teenage foster kids one day so that I can hold their colicky babies for them, because I really can sit with a crying baby and enjoy it, there's something I get out of just giving comfort to an infant without recieving anything of any kind back. I might be a nutcase at times for other reasons, but I think love for the wee infant thing is just a personal preference thing and not a symptom of anything wrong with that person, I'm having a hell of a time with the preschool age though, but some people love 3-4's the best, which I think is kinda nutty. Anyhoo, happy b-day to your little girl :)

Awesome post!

What I miss from when my kids were small was the portability of them. They were willing to go anywhere with me. Now if the place doesn't have toys, forget it.

Happy B-day Quinlan!

A big Happy Birthday to your sweet little girl!
My oldest turns 12 tomorrow, and my younger guy is 7 in two weeks. Oh, how the years go by so quickly now. I totally feel you on wanting to freeze time now & then!

Well, honestly, I am "that mom." I loved my babies' infanthood. (is that a word? hmmm...) Without a doubt, I'd go back. In a heartbeat. I ADORE the ages they're at, right now, don't get me wrong. But I can distinctly remember rocking each child and crying... just knowing how brief this period was. Granted, I never had collicky children. And my third child slept through the night at 5 days (ducking the keyboards being thrown at me) but my second was a right old bear that never slept alone and never for more than 2 hours at a time. He was freaking happy when awake, but he was AWAKE at all hours.

I will continue to be wistful of the early years for all new moms, whether they appreciate it or not. For it IS brief. And they WILL miss it, someday...

Happy Birthday, Quinlan! Hope you had a great day!

Oh, what an awesome post.

Happy Birthday, Quinlan. What a great post.

What I hate is when they tell you that you'll long for these days when you see what they're like at xx stage. Yeah, whatever.

Four is fun though. Happy Birthday Quinlan. Mommy and Daddy got you a baby sister for your birthday. She'll be delivered in a few months.

How True!!! Putting into perspective like that makes me keep focused on what is important - these little people that WE created!!! =)

Happy Birthday Q!

Yup. What you said.

Happy Birthday, Q.

I absolutely loved my girls at four. Enjoy! But, honestly, I wouldn't go back to those younger years. I'm really enjoying "middle age" parenting of my kids--9, 12, and 14. And, you know what? That's okay. :)

I agree--I love my kids to bits, but would never want to relive those incredibly difficult & exhausting early days of new motherhood. No thanks!

OMG I so totally agree with that whole post. I love my twins to pieces but I would not redo those sleepless nights with one boy balanced on my chest and the other tucked in my armpit for nobody's money. I'm so glad they're almost out of that stage...

I can say almost because they're 15 months old and one boys is cutting molars while the other boy is cutting eye teeth...can we say delirously tired anyone???

Happy Birthday Quinlan!

Great post, too. I simply do not miss those early weeks and months of constantly holding my fussy baby. She is much more fun now, and I can't wait until 4! I hope you have a fun year with Quinlan!

What a great post. Four years, wow! It seems like such a small amount of time when you look at it in the scheme of college or high school.

Sometimes I think it's a cruel joke that the first few months of having a baby were so soul-crushingly difficult. I found it flat-out impossible to enjoy practically anything about that time (PPD anyone?) and when I look back on those times, I almost feel robbed of something. When I hear other mothers say that they were actually able to enjoy it I have to decide if they're lying or their memory has simply been kind to them.

love this post.

and you are exactly right.

happy bday q :)

So beautiful. Happy birthday to your big girl - and congratulations to you, mama.

Happy Birthday Quinlan!

My least favorite question is "how is your baby sleeping?" Asked of me the first time (and dozens of times since) when my daughter was no more than a few weeks old. Because not only is the answer obvious by my disheveled appearance and the dark circles under my eyes but it invariably leads to the comment you described which makes me want to kick their teeth in.

I generally bitch about my lack of sleep then preemptively say "oh well, it's a short period of time in the grand scheme of things, right?" That generally shuts up any criticism.

Happy Birthday Q!

I generally bitch about my lack of sleep then preemptively say "oh well, it's a short time in the grand scheme of things, right?" That shuts up any criticism of my whining.

Happy Birthday Q!

Lynna -

It's not so much the sentiment that's taking badly when you talk about missing holding your baby.

But when people say how you'll miss waking up every 2 hours or trying to comfort a colicky baby, I'm pretty sure it's the worst thing that someone can say to you when you're just struggling to make it through to the next day.

We can all look back in wonderment at how we survived, but in the midst of it, it's always hard to hear.

I understand your side, but on my side, the aging mother of a 25yo and a 28yo, standing in line with a new mom holding a teeny one, my heart warms with memories and I always just feel the need to share the knowledge of how fleeting each stage will be. Sorry it is taken badly.

What beautiful thoughts! And so wise. I've always learned more from my kids than they ever learned from me. That's part of the gift and privilege of it all, I think. Happy birthday to a wonderful little girl!

Love it. Happy Birthday Q. Just knowing you through blogging makes me sure you'd make a great friend for my four-year-old daughter.

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday dear Quinlan,
Happy Birthday to you!

That was a lovely post and so true. I hope your daughter has a terrific birthday!

Both of my kids were very difficult babies. Every once in awhile I will start feeling all nostalgic and think maybe I would like one more...then one of my kids will freak the hell out and I come to my senses. :)

That was a really beautiful birthday tribute for your daughter. Happy Birthday, Quinlan!

Thank you! My 2nd and last child was colicky, still at 20 months has reflux, has never slept well, and is just a general pain in the ass. Do I love him? Absolutely! With everything a mother has. Do I want to redo these baby years? Not for all the money in the world.

I hate people who tell me to "enjoy her" anytime I start to complain about my daughter. You're so right--only a nut case wants to cherish colic, temper tantrums, or whining.

Very sweet and truly 100% uncensored.. loved it :D
(U have be addicted to ur blog already!)

Lovely, just lovely.

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