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July 19, 2008


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I have started reading the posts to my daughter, too. She loves hearing about her babyhood adventures. I'm so glad to have words to go with the photos.

That's the beauty of this Mommy blog thing. It's a forced journal of my children's childhood, something I would love to have of my own early years. I'm just worried my children will hate me when they get older for the more embarrassing posts.

Off to check out the porn...

This is why I blog. I forget so easily - I want to be able to remember for my baby all the wonderful experiences we are having.

congratulations! i love your idea and i can't wait to read the book.


I just wanted to say it was so nice to meet you briefly (you hopped by my table during the "Breakfast - now SWITCH"). You're lovely!

That's a nice reminder to us--to capture the moment to share with our kids someday.

I only started blogging a few months ago, and I'm kicking my arse because I didn't start sooner. There are things you forget as your kids get older, funny stories about the things they've done, phases they've gone through, that I wish I had started before now. I'm telling their story, something for their kids to read when my kids are older and have families of their own.
Plus, I figure when I'm old and can't wipe my own ass,and they wanna throw my wrinkled butt in a nursing home, I can show my kids everything I've written and say, "Look at what I went through when you were young, and this is the thanks I get!"
It's the gift that keeps on giving.

Great post! Kids also like to hear your story--the one of you as a little girl.

Thank you for the link to Blurb. I can't imagine that I have enough book-worthy posts in my blog or my archives but there are some precious photos with some pithy commentary that might make some interesting reading one day.

Your post is a good reminder to keep writing about the kids on my mommyblog; I've strayed a little from the main topic lately and I need to get back to why I started blogging in the first place. Thanks for the gentle nudge.

My daughter has blogged daily about my grandaughter's life for her 27 months. She has also done a picture/day. I look at them and marvel. What a gift she is giving to Katie. A daily look at what her life was like when she was a wee one. I apppaud all you moms who blog about your kids so the kids can read a true picture of their early lives... even the hard times.

I can definitely imagine you having to edit posts to be able to read them to a four-year-old-- I've done the same thing to spare my son's feelings when he insisted on knowing what it was I was writing about him.

It'd be cool to be able to read him similar stories out of a book someday, but I'm not holding my breath.

Great post!

I've noticed that Noah wants me to read as I type. Especially when he knows it's about him. He'll come stand over my shoulder and look for his name mixed into all the other words he can't read yet. You're definitely right. Their own story is the most important of all.


What a nice idea. Between what I write about them and what Daddy writes they would have an entire novel!

Have a great Saturday!

I know my girls love reading their scrapbooks (lots of photos with lots of journaling) Thanks for spurring the idea of printing what we blog. Have fun in SF!

That is such a fantastic idea!

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