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July 14, 2008


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I am having one of those weeks! Thank you for the analogy, I wish that I read it first thing this morning. It is a good reminder of why we are parents...I was crying when I found this site today...Thank you for all of your posts. I was begining to think that I was the only one who felt frustrated at times. It is good to know that I am a good mommy and still a human who has feelings.

A perspective like this helps my wife and I laugh about the really challenging times raising our son. We found a video recently that we took to document the reflux he was having as an infant. A terrible experience no doubt but sure makes us appreciate the good times. There is some validation as a parent from successfully emerging from these bumps in the road. I also never noticed until parenthood how nasty smells bring back such vivid memoriesīŠ

I loved this post...so well written and so so true!

Thanks for this beautiful metaphor. Why does it make us feel better to know that others' are experiencing the same kind of pain? I wouldn't wish it on anyone, but it really does help me feel less alone and hopeless to know that others feel it, too...and help me remember that there will be more sunny downhill days ahead.

I love you when you get like all deep and metaphorical.

I haven't been on a bike in four years. Sometimes I miss it but I think I will wait until my little one is old enough to ride along.

Very nicely summed up. Three is just not the age I would've hoped/prayed/surrendered my firstborn to experience.

It's more like the age I'm tempted to surrender her to the Gods of the Buy N' Sell.


*sigh* I remember those days. Beautiful analogy.

Given how much I love biking - and how I ended up riding home in a hail storm one day, racing against the dark clouds ahead of me before they finally unleashed on me - this post has got to be one of my favorites. Such a perfect analogy.

I had to share that with a couple friends and family, it was so thoughtful and well spoken. Thank you!

Absolutely. Beautiful.

I just recently wrote about a downhill rush, so that I could remember it more vividly during harder days.

So true...what comes too easy, we esteem lightly. The victories we remember are the ones that depleted all our strength and took everything to persevere.

I totally agree. The victories we always remember and treasure are the ones we won in double overtime that completely depleted every strength we had. The easy ones we forget.

I'm a daily lurker but this move me to tears after the day I have had with my son. But the sweet is so unbelievably sweet that it's the only thing that gets me through the days where we are both sitting on the floor crying.

Lord you've captured the whole thing. Except in Bossy's case she would add: sometimes it's still necessary to attach the Training Wheels.

I love this post. Thank you.

I hadn't thought of it that way before, but it's true. You trudge through the hard times in order to get to the good times.

Some times though, the hill is just so freaking high. And I wonder how in the hell I'm going to make it to the top. And my only team mate just looks at me like I'm pathetic because I'm not as strong as him.

And then I reach out to my communinet and I find you. Thanks for being a great team mate to all of us. I hope we all give you the same encouragement you give us.


gave me chills. i can't wait to get a bicycle of my own someday. i just hope i ride as well as you.

(in more ways than one, ha! oh, i'm so dirty. that was probably inappropriate for such a sweet post, but i just couldn't help it.)

That was awesome! I love the way you describe the water in his face because we all know water in your face can not only blind you but take your breath away too. Life with children is like that too. It can blind you and take your breath away but most of the time it is from the beauty of it all.

Beautiful analogy. I live for those moments of smooth road in the sunshine.

That's how I feel - seems that my days are pretty dark lately but it will get better - great analogy

Well said! Thanks for sharing such a beautiful analogy for motherhood.

what a beautiful metaphor for the trevails of life.


You nailed it, sweetie. Must go get my helmet on now. :) I sense a bumpy ride today.

You have such a great way with words. Beautiful post.

It's raining here in Jersey and your post makes me happy, for it!

what another great post. Here's to hoping to a few sunny days in a row

Beautiful... just beautiful.
Thanks for the reminder

Also a sentiment that applies to life in general!

Awesome thought to keep in mind when the going gets tough. Thanks

good analogy! Hopefully today won't be a rainy day here...probably just a chance of gusty winds!

That was eloquent. Darn you, it was so well said that I hate even trying to comment with my inadequate grasp of metaphor.

Okay so I'm having one of those days now, apparently I can't even spell Mamalaina today.

Love this post. It's so true, some days it can be really hard and scary and then all of a sudden something changes and the sun breaks through the clouds even just for a split second and reminds us why we do this. Thanks for the great post.

What a great analogy. Thanks so much for sharing!

beautiful and true.

True. Though it can be hard going remembering what the downhill run is like sometimes.

So true.

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