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July 17, 2008


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Ha! I saw you there. And you WERE looking life a fox.

(And also not big. Just a normal pregnant chick. Except, foxier.)

some rubbin' up on, cool, have fun!

Find your sweater and have a great time! I think that I'll check out this site first thing every morning just for the pick me up from a seemingly down to earth group of people.

I'm 38 weeks preggo and tonight my son told me I'm HUGE. He's 3 1/2 and very honest.

He also calls his penis his tinkler and he tells me I have a tinkler (referring to my belly button). Gotta love kids but not hair stylists!

Pretty funny and kinda scary. You really want Karl rubbin' up on you?

"Get some rub on?' I might watch out for NYC watch dog as well.....LOL! It is great to hear you are a hotty, even if what they want to do to your hottness isn't pretty.

Have a great time and enjoy the Lo Mein!

At first I was going to say hot is hot and just appreciate that they think you are.

But now? Yeah, go get your sweater. You might want to get two.

Did you notice you were the only one he said was hot, though? Hehe.

I have to say I particularly (sp?) enjoyed #1. Maybe that's what it is...


are you here already!?!??!?!

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