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July 12, 2008


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Is that a pile of shit on your head?!?!

And....your thong's on backwards.
What do they call those?

damn! What DO you wear to the beach? lol

I think your thongs on backwards.

Those are some perky boobs. Gotta give the kid credit - she knows how to draw you to get an extra cookie for dessert.

I especially like the bow.

Or is that poop?

I think that's more like a g-whiz-how'd-that-get-in-there-string...lol. And definately the Brazilian wax for that one. I think that on your head is a big brown bow right? Please say you haven't been a baret victim??? *ICK*

That is just awesome!

Wait - is that a THONG?


And the fact that your daughter can draw a reasonable facsimile - even better.


Love it!

What exactly is that on your head?

I'm impressed by how HIGH and ROUND your boobs are! lol

Never occurred to me to wear the thong backwards. Or maybe I have been wearing them backwards all these years. Damn.

That picture is hilarious!

That is fantastic! lol!

My son always draws stick people and I am always naked. At least Quinlan has you wearing something. ;D

You are looking H-O-T!!! You rock that body, mama!

Quilan (I'm assuming this was Quilan's work) should work on her nudes next, though. Isn't that the epitome of art? Being able to draw the human form completely naked?

Is that a thong?!

Oh my! That is hilarious!


That gave me a nice chuckle!

Delurking now to say:


Now that's why you have kids. Because if anyone else drew that, they'd just get slapped.

What's all that on your head, then? Wait, don't tell me. It's a poop-hat?

Love it!!

you're HOT.

Nice droopers, btw.

Nice droopers, btw.

That camel toe is really a bitch.

Baaah hahahahahahaaaaaaa!

The front thong. She's on the CUTTING EDGE of design.

You are going to need a Brazilian to wear that design.

I hate to admit how accurate she really is, FOM. But I already have in a post somewhere. LOL.

Yeah, but your boobs are lopsided. But your wax job is fabulous!

That'd be framed and hung in my bedroom for inspiration.

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