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June 28, 2008


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So my hubs just informed me about an hour ago, after my son's second nap (who's 17 months old), that he was still dry.

I just bought a potty yesterday, so I think it's a sign!!

Go for it!

It may be hard for us because he still needs the rest of his hyposadias repair done. I know that will put a dent in things in August.

I say definitely try the potty training route. I have also learned though to follow your gut. So, if you do think something is wrong, go to the doctors. Just be careful if he comes with you because if this is his way of training himself, you wouldn't want him to be discouraged that you are taking him to the doctor. Maybe you could go by yourself if you want some reassurance? Sometimes, that's all we need as parents...a little reassurance.

My first thought was try potty training my daughter started being dry through the night at 17 months and she was completely potty trained at 19 months she's five now and never has had any problems and potty training was easy.

Before I begin, I should warn you that potty training is my weird Mommy obsession. Imagine if your kids wore cloth diapers that YOU had to wash out...now, would you try potty training at the smallest sign of readiness? Sure you would! All of this touchy-feely, wait til they ask to sit on the toilet stuff is crap, in my opinion. And all of these wonderful "conveniences" created by diaper companies (pull-ups, nighttime diapers, feel wet, see wet) are just there to make us feel better while we are too lazy to really get down and dirty with some pee pee. But again, this is just my weird Mommy opinion. (And God knows we ALLL have opinions!)

I agree - try potty training! My Gracie is 16 months old, and I started training her a month ago because I noticed the same thing as you have with Drew. She started wanting to go on the potty like me, so I bought a seat and away she went!

I think your only concern would be if he were also drinking A LOT. I have heard that signs of diabetes in small children is that they don't pee as much, and at the same time they drink constantly. And, in this instance, A LOT means A LOT - as in to the extreme - one glass of water after another.

My mom swears I was potty trained by 16 months, so I know it is possible. I agree that he is exercising new control, and you could use it to your advantage. Might be nice in say, oh, 16 weeks or so.

Like others said, and you seem to have suspected, it is definitely time for potty training, and consider yourself lucky that this one sounds like an easy one. It's in the bag already.

Reading all these comments has made me feel a lot better about the fact that my four-year-old son sometimes waits until ten in the morning to pee after going all night dry (he has never once wet his bed since potty training). I am always asking him in the morning, "Do you have to go pee yet? No? How about now?"

Because the very FIRST thing I have to do in the morning is pee. So I am always flummoxed by the fact that he waits so long!

I'm with Mrs. Chicken: go for it with the potty! Most cultures train earlier than we do, so kids are often capable... what have you got to lose? (Also, I can't wait to read about the potty hilarity that is bound to follow. I'm selfish like that.) Good luck!

I'm thinking it's that rare, brief window of potty readiness that comes BEFORE the really negative 2's. I think I saw it on a baby back in '92.

I doubt it's just losing fluids due to sweat, because his pee would be more concentrated and smelly.

He's probably figured out how to hold it, and is exercising his newfound control over his bladder. One of my friends had potty trained her son by 2 years old - he started wanting to use the potty at 18 months old. So it's not unheard of.

Or maybe he knows that you'll have less time to change his diaper soon, so he'd better get ready to go longer between changes.

My son was like that too. We used to call him "The Urinator". He would save it all up and then pee like a horse when you were holding him. No diaper could contain it.

I'll second an earlier suggestion that he might be losing more fluids through sweating. I just read that in a book last night, that babies and toddlers do pee (relatively) less in hotter climates.

My son started potty training at 16 months old... his idea. He wanted to get on the toilet right after his older sister... From then on, he'd hold his pee for hours... yes, there were a few accidents... but other than that, he was potty trained (day time) at 2 years old.

He's now 3 and still wears pull ups at night, for those Oopsies.

He might just very well be ready to start using the potty! But if you feel worried come Monday, follow your instincts and contact your doctor.

Good luck!

I started training my daughter at 18 months. I expected it to take another 18 months to finish, but I figured I'd start getting her familiar with the potty. I swear, within two weeks, she was dry even at night. I don't think, to this day, she has peed the bed, and the only accidents she had are when she was wearing hard to remove clothes and didn't gauge her timing right.

Maybe just put him on the potty first thing in the morning or when you get home from an outing, and let him get off whenever he wants so there's no pressure, because he is pretty young.

I got lucky but I know most don't. (And I got mine-my youngest was 4 1/2 before her potty lightbulb went on!) Hopefully you'll be one of the lucky ones this round!

I think he is protesting the fact that you didn't consult your husband about the kitchen set. A sort of pee strike, if you will.

I agree with everyone else, I don't think it's anything to worry about. All 3 of my boys did the same thing and I finally figured out they were lulling me into a false sense of security thinking potty-traing would be a breeze... now my 3 year old brings me poop in handfulls and says, "Mommy, look what came outta my butt!"

My son was the same way. It is really nothing to worry about. In all likelihood, he will go through spurts (sorry) of staying dry and then being wet a lot. I think it has to do with increased capacity and increased awareness. You can chill about this one, and find something else for your preggo brain to obsess over. (If you are like me, anyway!)

I was just reading about this last night. Both T. Berry Brazleton and Dr. Spock say that 18 months is the age when they start having bladder control.

Bladder control. Hmmm. Forgot what that was like...

My youngest is 3 and although she's going to the potty during the day, on and off, she seems to have gotten control of her bladder at night without even trying. So during the day, she drinks diluted juice like it's going out of style and has very wet diapers/potty trips. But at night, dry. And it's been this way for a long time. I think all kids are different. Don't sweat it and just go with the flow. Did I just make a pun there?

I used to call my daughter The Camel, because she could wait forever to pee. (Wish the #2 potty training had gone so well.)

Even now (she's 7), she will get up in the morning and wait hours on some days before she goes.

Unless he's feeling uncomfortable, I would think there's no need to worry, but a office-hours call to the doctor or some thorough Googling might put your mind at ease.

I'd agree with everyone else above, though my son isn't trained yet and he's almost two.

If it makes you feel better, traditionally Chinese kids start training young, and as 1/4 Chinese he'd be connecting with his roots? :D

I've trained hundreds of kids in my long career as a teacher and I often see kids this age going through this. I think they just start to gain more control over their bladder. It doesn't usually mean they're ready for toilet training but maybe it will be easier with your son when the time comes since he has good control now. Or not. You never can tell with kids!

My son is almost 12 months old and we've had a few dry nights. It freaks me out too though he shows no signs of dehydration and eats and drinks like a champ. I'm interested to read what people think.

Of course, it could be that my son inherited his mommy's "teacher bladder".

Sounds like he's exercising more control over his bladder. Not that I have any first-hand knowledge in the area, mind. It just seems like that's what's happening. If he's eating, drinking, pooping and peeing (just less frequently and at certain times), he sounds fine.


It's pretty hot outside - maybe he's sweating out more fluids than you're used to, and that accounts for the difference? I'd be worried if he weren't peeing at all, but I don't think this is worrysome.

If you think he's ready, it would be Smart Smart Smart to potty train him before the new baby comes, because buying two sizes of diapers gets really frigging expensive.

Amy @ http://prettybabies.blogspot.com

My son is totally like that and has been since about 20 months. He would have a dry diaper every morning. It was weird. We thought about toilet training, but he wasn't ready.
Anyway, the thing is he is still like that. (he's 4 now - and toilet trained) He will wake up in the morning and have breakfast, watch tv etc and not pee until about 9/9:30. He's like a camel.
I never thought to ask the doctor. He's not dehydrated. It's just how his system works.
But when he pees he PEES.

My second son, Xavier quit peeing at night or when he napped at 12 months. Woo Hoo! Except, he didn't potty train during the day until three-and-a-half. yeah.

Makes sense to me. I just wish he's teach Big Red to do the same. That kid's a pissing fool.

My daughter potty trained herself at 2 but just holding her pee until she needed to go. I mean she can hold her pee forever it seems like. She goes before bed then often doesn't go again until she's a pre-school the next day. I try to make her but she screams she doesn't have to. So I guess they're just super holders.

I remember when Dawson was just under two, he wasn't peeing as often as he used to. I asked a pediatrician and she told me that as boys get older their bladders are able to hold more liquid. Which duh, I would guess that to be true...but she never gave me a specific medical reason to worry.

Sounds to me like he's ready to train. Hey, you never know, right?

Sounds like he's holding it. Maybe try him on the little potty?

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