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June 25, 2008


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That is great that people can get the credit loans and this opens new opportunities.

My youngest cousin didn't utter a word until he was almost 3 years old -yes, we were a bit worried. Turns out he was just lazy; his first word was "stupid" to his older (4year old) brother who was annoying him.

Yes, well, apparently my son was a virtuoso in the finger-dexterity department, at least based on his early nose-picking skills. I guess I didn't realize how blessed we were at the time.

As for sharing? As the mother of a 4 and 1/2 yr old, is that a term I should be familiar with? Because it's not ringing any bells.

The word explosions are so amazing to me.

As for Sharing is Caring... I think we are starting the Sharing Makes Me Scream milestone. Oh joy!

Caring is Sharing? I've never even heard that! I'm the oldest and always had to share. And it just wasn't an option in our house NOT to share!

Sharing can be enforced.

Caring not so much.

I find that's true with many adults and most of our politicians.

My 3 year old talks like a truck driver and yells at me like she's a teenager. Good god!

I'm with Bossy. Taking turns can be effective for as long as the egg timer is set for. But sharing? Not so much.

Oh fabulous!

I guess better that he wants to drink the pool than a martini.

That is probably the funniest thing I've come across yet.

It's not that they give us nonsensical answers, it's that we're asking the wrong questions. Or so the evidence around here leads me to believe.

Sharing is Caring? Bossy is in her fourth decade and doesn't know what in hay you are taking about.

We have a 2 year old whose language is really coming out. She receives the shrapnel from our five year old's mouth and uses it to develop her own mother tongue. Her favourite word is still, "NO!" I hear that about 1000 times a day.

I think only Care Bears have that particular milestone, but my daughter certainly is firmly in the midst of the "don't touch my shit" phase.

Just wait until 3 when four letter words erupt in front of your mormon grandmother, in perfect context no less.

Or is that just my kid?

My 5 year old and my 2 year old yell MINE constantly. It might be the lil one's favorite word of all time. Big one talksa mile a minute and you can't get him to stop. Lil one is a litle unclear, but when she yells MINE, it's clear as day. Oh yeah, and Fruit Loops.

Awe! You've reached the Awareness of Personal Shit milestone.

Sometimes when I'm really upset I grab and yell MINE too. It doesn't work as well when you're 29.

Aw, "boon boon" = cute.
:) Becky


"Sharing is Caring"? Hmmm, let me see...my kids are 16,13,10 and 7 and I have YET to have seen that developmental milestone reached.

Our 3 year old started talking at 7 months. Her first word was "What?" but it didn't sound like a question. We were watching her playing with her toys on the floor then she looked at us and said "What the fuck are you lookin at." THAT'S how "What" sounded. It was omen of things to come (or that are now here).

HA HA! I remember when my stepson reached this point. It was a love/hate relationship with the newfound speaking for us. LOL I love when they are about 3 or 4 and their sentences are all mumbled. That is when the hilarity started for us. :)

Hm...my youngest is at 23 months and 3 weeks, and I'm still waiting for the 15-month language explosion.

Sharing and Caring milestone is month 376,498.

It's right before the Put the Toilet Seat Back Down milestone.

HA! Mine are 2.5 and almost 5 and I still haven't had a sharing is caring month. They play well with their friends but not each other. Heck even our 6.5 year old will hold stuff over his head and not let his little siblings have any. Usually this is only a toy/playing issue. My daughter shares her snacks she gets after sports practices/games with everyone, without being asked!

Yesterday my daughter said "trash" and "shark." She can't pick something useful to say?! It's so bizarre which words they choose to let escape from their brains.

I'm still waiting for HRH to hit the "sharing is caring" one and she's almost 4 1/2. LOL!! Mine are both big talkers, which is great when your 2 yr old can yell at you (very loudly and in public) "Mommy, you MEAN AND UGLY at me!". @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Her sister usually just smiles and nods like "uh huh, told you so", while tooking around at passerbys for sympathy. This generally occurs when they're begging for that crap in the checkout line and I've told them for the eight hundred and forty-seventh time that I will not buy them one of those big hunks of candy shaped like a diamond ring.

My 19 month old doesn't say much, but his older brother plays mother hen a lot. The kid really doesn't have to say much when his brother's around. I'm a mean bitch and make him try to tell me what he wants. My oldest didn't really talk to where anyone could understand him until he was 2. I'm ok with that if my youngest does the same because the older one hasn't shut up in 5 years.

My son at 19 months can only sa y a few words. :) I'm quite satisfied with how it is going until things go crazy when he starts crying lol. I don't know with language explosion yet---but I have to agree, children are unpredictable. Hehehe. :D

When they talk it is soooo much easier than playing 20 questions.

I had a girlfriend whose daughter didn't talk until she was 3 1/2. She had two older sisters who got whatever she pointed at. Talked quite well when she did.

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