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June 04, 2008


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*lol* so cute :)

The little blue ponies look a little bit like knives esp the upper one, guess she was looking forward to the visit as much as you! :) Also, tried the hair and body wash, and once it's rinsed off the body, the smell isn't even close to overwhelming...this from a pregnant lady!

ARTISTE!!! Pure art-tiste!

I love the blue happy face! BTW, when flying with the kids, I keep m&ms hidden in the backpack for emergencies!

OMG! I commend you. Flying with 2 kids under 4 and pregnant. Sheez mama... you deserve a freaking chartered flight! I've got 3 boys, 4 and under and pregnant... and my husband wanted to fly from Boston to Pittsburgh thinking it would be easy. Typical man. Transporting children is not easy. I'll be thinking of you... wishing I could knock a few back.. but I have 2 weeks to go!
And by the way... my son is 3.8 too... that drawing from your daughter is incredible! I'm telling you... you've got a little artistic one on your hands! Say hello to RISD! :)

Love Q's drawing. She is really good! My 4 yo is just drawing heads mostly. But she did compose a circus drawing, with a 'hula hoop' lady and trapeze lady (upside down). I was so impressed.

Table dancer... LOL!

Oh my gosh, you totally have my sympathy on that flight! I don't have children yet, but I do have nephews and I cannot even imagine attempting that! (kind of reminds me of that episode of John & Kate plus 8 where they fly to Colorado and all choas ensues).

That child is gonna be a killer artist! What with the positioning and the expression on the dancer's face, I thought it was actually going to sing and dance for us.

Wow -- very impressive drawing. My daughter is 3.8 years old, and she's still scribbling everywhere.

You're a braver person than me. Traveling with young children should not be done without a 1:1 or greater ratio of adults to children.

Even given that ideal situation, long-distance travel with young children should be avoided at all costs. Sounds like a boring old cliche until you try it yourself...

Jeesh woman you must have an iron will to do what you're about to do!

Good luck!

(And I love the table dancer!)

I took my 5 month old (at the time) on a flight from LAX to Atlanta doing the whole lap sitting thing. Bad idea. As we taxied to the runway for our five hour flight, he pooped. And I mean nasty, shitty, up his back poop.

And I wanted to die because it was over an hour an a half before we got from the gate to the right altitude to let me get out of my seat and change him in the lavatory.

And the lavatory? A whole other story...

I would rather stick a fork in my eye than get a plane with my three kids right now. Hopefully the plane will be filled with mom's who've been there.

And wow! Your daughter has some serious artistic chops.

I've done the antic 1-year-old (with diarrhea, thx) + big sister trip, but not while pregnant. Godspeed, sister.

I love that drawing. The favorite part is the ponytail flying up in the air. She's awesome.

Aw, I love her drawing! Best of luck on the flight!

Two kids on a plane while pregnant? Thanks, but no thanks. Is it technically abandonment if you leave a kid at baggage claim? Surely not, right?

Although I don't think you should toss back as many drinks as I'm sure you'll need, I drank like a rock star (okay, maybe a lame rock star) before finding out that I was pregnant and my daughter is now almost 6 and fabulous.

BTW- i am new to your blog (by means of itunes) and I have to say that your Old Spice post was truly brilliant!.

Is that you in the background, frowning and sad that your daughter has become a stripper?

How long is the flight?

I've been wanting to finance the following small experiment for my web site (I'd do it myself, but my kids are too old now):

Mom gets on plane with toddlers. Mom apologizes to seatmates in advance for 1) having, and 2) traveling with small children. Mom distributes Starbucks gift cards to everyone within earshot.

Mom keeps an anecdotal "flight journal" of how people's attitudes differ when they've been bribed.

It's probably too late for this trip. Maybe next time...


Your daughter is a much better artist than I am. No joke.

You brave woman! I'm a pilot wife, too (my DH flies the 757 for CAL) and I have YET to take my 2 yr old on a plane ride. People want to know why we're not always just flying off to exoctic locales "just because we can". Her nickname is the Hurricane. 'nuff said. My 4 yr old has only ben on one flight :X What a good little pilot's wife I am. ;)

Is the person in the background wearing a worried expression?

You're going to have like one of those 4 year old kids displaying masterpieces at the Whitney, while 60 Minutes analyzes how totally impossible it is that she created the work herself.

Maybe she can get Drew to sit still and sketch him?

Holy cow... that drawing is amazing. It has perspective and shit I could never hope to accomplish.

Ask the doc for some horse tranquilizers. Of course then you'd have the dead weight of two kids and all their shit to carry off the plane... while pregnant.

By your third child, you should definitely not worry about having a much needed cocktail from time to time. I can't even imagine how hard that plane ride was. That drawing is awesome. I love the body positioning, too. And the hat?

I just might have to throw a few back for you. Think of it as good blogging fodder.

Great drawning.I'm so very glad I won't be on the plane with you.I once suffered a 6 hour flight with a Mom and her "children", lets just say I try to drive if at all possible these days.Good luck!!

Looking after one kid is already hard especially when you're traveling alone. But add one more--I don't know if I can handle it yet.

I don't really know about drinking while pregnant. But I did drink a glass of wine on our wedding day (and I am 4-months pregnant at that time).

Anyway, I think your son will make a great artist! He's pretty good at drawing at his age. :)

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