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June 15, 2008


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My 2 year old daughter and I sit next to each other in a rocking chair and read books at night. Last night, she ran over and said "I sit next to mommy's big butt!" Great, isn't it?

My 4yo son recently saw me walk across the room naked after my shower... "Mommy, your butt is wiggly... are all mommy butt's wiggly?"

Note to self: remember to bring bath robe into bathroom.

Honesty is overrated. Teach her to flatter you. I think it will pay off more in the long run. Currently, we've taught Alliclaus to say "cute" after we say "sooo." If I'm obviously in a bad mood, my husband will go, "Ale, mommy is sooo...." It's a emotional lift I should probably be ashamed to enjoy.

Mine is only 23 months, and I already have karmic remorse for the things I said to (and about) my mother at 3 and 4.

Screwed. All of us.

My four year old said she was glad the baby was out so she could sit on my lap again, "cause you don't have a belly anymore, but your butt's still big right?"

Back to pilates for me.

Ah, yes. I can always depend on my SD to be completely honest. On the flip side, if she tells me I look good then I know that I must truly look good because Lord knows she doesn't care to point out when I don't. :)

Honesty is overrated.

My son grabbed my stomach in horror while back and exclaimed WHASSTHAT?!


Show her daddy's underwear!!

My daughter is obsessed with folding the laundry and noticing how huge her dad's underwear is!!

My former boss's daughter once told me. "Hey, why do you have such a huge ass?"

Ouch. And that came from a 7-year-old girl. But I take it as compliment. :D

Kids are nothing if not honest

Cautionary tale: never play variations of "I Spy" with those small honest people when pregnant, or the guesses you get to "I spy something big" are:
"Um, your butt?"

Just wait til you get chin hairs.

I'm 7 1/2 months along, and yesterday my 5 year old son, "Hey mom, when you are skinny again, can we play at the park?" Out of the mouths of babes! My skirts are huge too!

Out of the mouths of babes or kids say the damnest things.

Oh man. I couldn't bring myself to acutally buy anything last night. I went shopping for the dredded Maternity Dress To Wear To a Wedding.

Ouch. At least you have a good excuse. My skirts are just huge.

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