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May 15, 2008


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Since I showed up after the announcement I just wanted to add that my daughter said I was having a boy right off the bat and she was right.

What the heck, I'll guess boy. Which means the baby will be a girl. I'm 0 for roughly 20 on guessing these things.

Including my own!

Girl. I craved burgers (I never eat burgers) and fries and chips and was SO having a boy. Fruit and salad? Girl.

But then, this is coming from someone who, before finding out she was pregnant, just KNEW she was having a boy after a camping trip during which she spotted nothing but phallic trees.

Well I am no help here. With my first I glowed! Everyone thought by all of the old wives tales that I was having a boy... opps no... a girl. Thank goodness I didn't spend a lot of money on all blue stuff.
With my second I was sick for 2 trimesters. I also had terrible migraines. Fun huh. Found out 3 days before she was born that we had another girl coming our way.
With the third 10 years later I developed Pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy (PUPPP) in my 2nd trimester. ITCHY!!!!!!!! This time I finally got a boy, as I also call hewhogetsintoeverything, born the year of the Monkey.

I am going with a girl.

Craving for veggies = boy

(at least in my world it does)

Post the update!

I already kno-ow! (neener neener neener)

Guessing a girl.

I'm leaning towards boy for some reason. Can't wait to find out!


I heard once from someone who knew a lot of anecdotal stuff about pregnancy and babies (because her dad was an OBGYN) that when pregnant women crave protein, it's usually a boy, and when they crave fruit, it's usually a girl. She accurately predicted that I was pregnant with a boy at the time because I always wanted eggs.

So, based on flimsy anecdotal evidence, I'll guess girl.

Because I can't trust my own gut. I was convinced my son was a girl for the whole first trimester. (Mostly, I think, because I thought I wanted a girl.)

I'm going against my gut and saying girl, but for the record my gut thinks boy. How's this for wishy washy?

all the old wives tales showed me having a girl...heartbeat well above 150 throughout, chinese calendar, etc. but according to our ultrasound it's a "very proud boy." i had a hunch it was a boy. guess i should have listened. so, my guess is that it's whatever you think it is :-)

I just did the Chinese gender predictor on myself and it told me I have a 50% chance of having a girl based on my age and the month of conception. No &$^% sherlock. Who comes up with these things?

I am guessing that you are having a boy.

I'm thinking it's a boy. Only because I craved fruit (especially cantaloupe) the whole time I was pregnant with Dawson.

I think it's a girl, too. :)

I'm going with girl. I just have an inky feeling...I had that little shiver of knowledge that I had with my two boys (twins). My hubby swore it was girls. Had girl names and everything...nope two boys just like I said a million times.

So exciting!!!!!! Keep us updated, I'm a daily reader! I'm sorry you had ignorant responses, what jerks!

Q is right - TWINS.

Good luck today!

I'll guess it's a girl!

I'm sorry you got mean comments for not telling your husband the last time. Have you been belittled yet for what an impatient person you are for wanting to know the baby's sex ahead of time? After you find out, be prepared to defend your decision, and to answer the question, "why did you want to ruin the surprise?" 5,000,000 times.

Girl. Not for any specific reason - I have 2 boys, 1 girl, didn't know the sex with any of them and each pregnancy was completely different. So I'm saying girl just because!

We haven't told anybody that we found out it's a boy.
People look really stupid "asssuring" me that it's a girl.


If huz says boy and he's been right I say boy. Mine was convinced my first was a boy when we all said girl (he was the only one we were surprised with). He was right. Funny thing is, not sure how he could tell, but when my son was just crowning he ran out of the delivery room and into the waiting room and announced that it was a boy and he was right and they were all wrong. He's maybe a little competitive:)



I'm gonna go girl!


I' voting girl... but I suck at these things so it will probably be a boy.


Mmm... I have no guesses for you but I agree completely about having no idea what I am looking at when looking at the ultrasound. I am pregnant with my first child and we had an ultrasound two weeks ago and the tech was pointing out organs and such and all I could say was if you say so, cause seriously all I am seeing is a bunch of blurry pictures. And well the head. I can normally make out the head.

And I was sick as a dog during the first trimester so everyone swore I was having a girl and they were right. We think. She was kinda difficult that day.

I haven't listened to the radio show, but I always tell pregnant chicks to go with their gut. I *knew* the entire time that I was having a boy, couldn't convince me otherwise.

Even when my mom said "Oh look at you, you're fat all over, you're having a girl." And proceeded to tell my grandmother that I was having a girl, so my grandma made all kind of pretty, flowery things for MY SON.

My kid wouldn't cooperate with any ultrasounds until the last one before they induced me, and I was all "HA!"

So there...go with your gut.



Part of me wants to say it's a girl. The other part of me thinks it's a boy.
Ooooh, I hope I'm right!

I'm feeling boy for you this time.

I'm going with girl (and I had decided that before I did the Chinese Gender Calculator). A friend of mine says that girls "steal all your pretty" so that fact that you now have acne would seem to indicate, at least according to her theory, that your "pretty" is being stolen for your baby girl. How's that for scientific?

I'm gonna say girl. Mostly because you said you're less emotional. My cousin's having a boy and she's a freaking mess. She wasn't with her girls, so I'll go with this weird logic and maybe I'll be right.

I am thinking boy. If the Chinese prediction was correct I would currently have one boy and one girl instead of two boys. So I think it is a crap shoot personally.

If you're anything like me it's a girl--I've had 5 girls to 2 boys

I'm going with BOY.

And I can't believe you are already halfway through!

I'm going to guess a girl.

I'm so bad at this game. Each time I was pregnant, I was positive it was a boy (even though we really wanted girls). With Mimiclaus, I still thought it was a boy even after the ultrasound indicated otherwise. So, I don't know.

I'll say girl.

I say trust your gut. Unfortunately, I can't listen to the podcast at work.

With my son, I was *sure* at about 6 weeks prego, that he was a boy. I was so hungry all the damn time that I was convinced there was a teenage boy growing in my stomach.

This time has been completely different -- I was much more sick at first, and am on track to gain half as much weight. And -- the u/s says she's a girl.

When I was pregnant with #2, somebody asked me, "What are you having?" and it was one of /those/ days, so I lovingly stroked my belly, made my most blissed out on all the meds face, and breathed, "I think it's a puppy."

I still laugh thinking about it.

Amy @ http://prettybabies.blogspot.com

i want it to be a girl, but think it's a boy.

Hmmm, my guess is a boy. I'm just saying that though because I had a girl first, then a boy and if I were to ever have another I would want another boy...just because!

I'm guessing a boy for you

Hmm. I just found out we're having a girl, but I think this one might be boy for you?


I felt totally different for all 3 of my pregnancies...so i am no help. Can't wait to find out though, that is if you are sharing!!

Sarah -- braggert.


The migraines make me think it is a girl, but what do I know. I had a boy and girl at the same time.

touche' SciFi Dad --

I'm mixing pregnancies. eep.

January it is.

I'm going to say it's a boy...

Well, I've found the Chinese gender predictors are only 50/50 as well. They say my first should be a girl, but he has a penis to prove otherwise. So there goes that theory. You're having a lot of feelings and symptoms you did not have with the other 2, so my guess is puppy? LOL I'm sure your existing kids would much prefer a puppy to a baby who eats, sleeps, poops, cries, and demands all of Mommy's attention.

According to your ancestors (at least, assuming I got your birthday correct...) you will be having a girl.

(As an aside, if you got pregnant in April and are due in October, that would mean you carried for around 200 days or so, making you either a deer or a bear. On the internet, nobody knows you're a dog OR a bear or deer, apparently.)

Good luck today.

Also? We found out last night.

I am going to swear it is a girl.

I remember by my 4th child I started thinking who was comming as opposed to what sex it will be.Good thing I didn't know because 4 and 5(each alone) were more much more trouble than 1,2, and 3 put together.

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