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May 18, 2008


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You have to decide what size and style you want and need, and are relatively hot tubs walmart low in cost and low on maintenance.

Am I wrong to miss ultrahonest comments like that? Even if I don't agree with them?

Oh my - I LOVE your haircut!

That's a great haircut.

I think she just meant, "Mommy your hair looks different and I want you to ALWAYS BE THE SAME."

For like a year straight, every time I would put my hair in a ponytail, my son would say to me, very sternly, "Hair DOWN, Mommy."

Thankfully, he's gotten over it.

Yep. My boy squeezed my upper arm and said "Mommy needs to go to the gym."

Yeah, when I got my haircut my daughter said, "I love it,mommy."

My husband said, "it looks great, honey."(spoken like a man who wants to continue having his laundry done).

My son simply burst into tears.

Snork! You don't listen to him, girl, that's some goodlookin hair.
Way on back in the 70's when I was in 2nd grade, my mom cut her waist-length brown hair into a shag and had it frosted while I was at school. Dad brought us home, I got one look at her, dropped my backpack and went sobbing into my room. It could have been worse, at least you didnt make him cry ;)

I had my hair highlighted (highlightened?) on the top most layers & the underlayers dyed a red darker than my natural with a slight burgandy tint. My 8 year old said "I sure hope that color lightens up some so you won't be embarrassed at school."

I think she was trying to say that it looked ridiculously sexy.

Single dads aren't allowed to tell married moms they look hot...

When I bought a new pair of birkenstocks with strawberries (I was going to wear them gardening, so they were totally appropriate), my then 2yo laughed and said "Mommy, you are wearing clown shoes." To this day I think of clowns when I put them on.

I like the bangs!

It looks great! I love it!

I think it looks great! And I promise I'm not just saying that because you are pregnant and likely to be moody ;-). I honestly do love it!


The hair is perfection. Q makes me laugh.

I have curly hair that I usually blow-dry straight. When I wear it curly my 3 year old says "I want the real momma back!"

Everyone's a fashion critic!!

OMG you are glowing!!!!!

You look so pretty.

About 5 years ago I decided to go from long hair to a pixie cut. When my daughter saw me she cried and said "my mommy looks like a boy"!!!!

My kid complained about my wife's "other" hair when she got out of the shower. That was a funny conversation.

Gotta love toddler talk!

I was recently told by my 3 year old, "mommy, your legs are pokey!", that was shortly after, "you have coffee breath"!

I was really feeling great at that point!

I think you look foxy.

(although any time I get dressed up Thalia says, "mommy. You look SO SILLY!" So I feel ya.)

I think your hair cut is darling! You are so beautiful! Congrats on the GIRL! My third child is a girl too! Best wishes and hugs!

A)I know everyone else already said it, but yes, the hair, it is hot.
And 2) You know you can't listen to your kids. Their world isn't any bigger than the living room. My 3 year old deigned to tell me today "You can be my sidekick anytime, Mom." Being an '80s girl, it took all I had not to tell her "Bullshit; you can be mine."

You look fabulous.

My son was about Q's age when I cut my hair short. He had never seen me with anything other than shoulder length, braided or up. When I cut it short, his response: you look like a boy mommy.


I say you ground her, that one.

She's fresh.

You can borrow my 4yo; to her everything these days is FANTASTIC! I think it looks great! Kids! Though at least it's not as annoying as my sister telling me anytime I got a haircut while pregnant that it was such a "mommy haircut."

pretty sure that when kids say "ridicillllllious" now days it means "very cute mom."

and i must agree - super cute :)

totally agree with Fairly Odd Mother...

my son, on more than one occasion: "Momma, your tummy is jiggly...like jello."

blasted stretch marks. *sigh*

hair looks good though, wish I had the courage to cut mine off

I think it's really cute!

It's a little like Katie Holmes new doo...

Don't you know you aren't supposed to listen to the kiddies.

I think it's great! And insert "hairiest" for "biggest" in FOM's comment and you'll know what I heard from my kid last week.

It looks great. I remember getting my hair cut into a bob which I thought looked really nice. When I got home my family said......"Oh, are you trying to be Mrs. Swan??"


- Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife

I thought it looked hawt.

I think it looks great.

That is WAY better than hearing, "Mommy, you have the biggest butt!"

And, I love your hair regardless.


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