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May 31, 2008


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Excellent article. I will be experiencing a few of these issues as well..

Yer such a cutie...but I wanna see your face!

geez time flies, especially when you aren't the one that's preggers :P

Congrats on half way!

I'm hoping to be able to fit back into my Mominatrix shirt by BlogHer.

I so want that skirt! Finding decent (yet not too expensive) maternity wear his been mission impossible for me!!

Okay, that skirt is adorable!!

oh my you are so cute! I really do love the
skirt too, what perfect summer maternity wear!

You're so tiny, and I love your arms!

You look great - and so does the skirt! By that time in my 3rd pregnancy, I was OUT TO THERE! :)


(I mean us. In our skirts. Not in your belly.)

My goodness you look amazing. How is it this is your third baby, again, woman?

Cute skirt--perfect for warm weather. Looks really comfortable, too.

You look maaahvelous, dahling, :)

I have like 8 tops and 5 pairs of shoes that would go with the awesomeness that is that skirt. Feel free to pop it in the mail to me when your belly no longer fits in it, k?

Could you be any cuter? I wanted *so* badly to be a cute pregnant person, then I got hyperemesis and spent the first 6 months wretching, so I'm always jealous when I see cute pregnant people.

Great skirt (and even cuter belly!)

That skirt *almost* makes me want to be pregnant again.

Fantastic Skirt for a cute preggo belly!

Get that little baby belly OVER HERE.

I want to pat baby Sunny.
PS. YES. About the skirt full of awesomeness.

I'm also on board with the skirt--too cute! Belly's not too bad either!

I already had my baby and I think my belly is bigger darn it!

What a great skirt. Looks great on you.

That's adorable! You look great! ::::waving to baby Sunny::::

Cute Belly!

Love the skirt. She absolutely should do maternity wear.
You look amazing! Can't believe you're already halfway there!

Your belly looks like mine does after I eat a bit too much pizza. (in other words, you look great for 'halfway there'!). And, yes, love the skirt although I will never have a need for another maternity anything.

Thats a great skirt. She should definately make maternity skirts too. They would sell like hotcakes!

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