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April 03, 2008


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We've actually been putting our 10mo baby to sleep without nursing for a few weeks. I nurse around 7pm and then my husband takes him in and reads him a few books in the rocker and puts him down.

When we were packing up to leave camp on Friday, I got a phone call saying my flight was cancelled. I had to rush to catch a flight that was 3 hours earlier. I got the last seat and at the door to the airplane, the attendant insisted that I check my bag. 30,000 miles up it dawned on me that I put my pump in the suitcase instead of my tote bag like it was on the flight over. I hadn't pumped since 6 that morning (damn our 7 am check out!). I was planning on finding a place to pump during my layover.

When I deplaned, I rushed to the counter, explained that I REALLY needed my pump, and the counter person thankfully rushed down and found my bag. 15 minutes later in a family bathroom at O'Hare and I felt much better.

I am down to about 3 feedings a day, but I half expected him not to want to nurse after 3 days without it.

Now how do I get a make-up artist and hair stylist to fix me every day?

awww....yes--I remember when DS2 decded to abruptly NOT WANT TO NURSE at 7 months. WHYYYYYY? I was so SAD. My oldest went just over a full year! Then I found out it was because I was pregnant. WHAT?!? Apparently-the milk changed taste for him and he was OUTTA there...and I was still in shock. Haven't had anyone "hanging off me" since DS3 was 9 months. He also just decided he was done with it....and I was NOT pregnant again. Whew.

as for names...


I know this topic was a few post's ago but as you will find out 3 babies keeps one very busy!

You're a mom? How can you look so well rested and so, so, so young. And when did I get...older? Fun posts!

We are at 53 hours since our last feed.

I am sad. Terribly sad.

It was so great to meet you! Congrats on your interview as well! You looked fabulous!!

I'm secretly counting on BlogHer to be the final stage of weaning. If Little L is still nursing at night when I leave it's going to be hell on my husband, but at least it'll be all over when I get back!

You have to love being able to sleep all night!

Make-up artists, NY shopping, sleeping through the night...

I like you only slighty more than I hate you right now.

I recall what an absolute pleasure it was to sleep all night...so congrats!

I was just thinking about weaning the other day. It's been about a year since I weaned Lil. I miss it, a lot.

I have a feeling that this is what's going to happen when we go to Las Vegas in November (although I hope he will be weaned before...)

Oh wow! I'm at the 6th month mark. 6 months to go before I get my boobs back.... Better book that flight -- to somewhere warrrrm with ocean!

I was spared the weaning process. The milk factory got sucked dry by both boys by the time they were 3 months and they had to take formula or starve. Being that little, they didn't care where the milk came from as long as it filled thier bellies. Now we have to bottle wean our 17mo little addict.

Congratulations, Kristin! Yes, it's very sad to reach that milestone but at the same time, so liberating. With another one on the way, you could use the brief break. We moms need all the breaks we can get.

Oh, I have a little guy at home right now who I would love to get off the tit, but I keep forgetting that at 4am in the morning because it is the only thing that puts him back to sleep.

The LLL calls this "weaning by abandonment" - you know, because they're so moderate and guilt free. I totally did it too, although I recommend going to a swanky resort in St. Thomas instead of a conference. It took the edge off the guilt. So did the rum punch.

I wish I'd had the sense to wean #1 when I was pregnant with #2, but I actually waited until #2 was 9 months old (and #1 was 2 years, 4 months). When I got home, the first thing she said was, "I want to nurse." I hadn't planned for this, so I said, "Sorry, honey, if we nurse again, Mommy has to go away again." Put another buck in the therapy jar...

5 months later, she *still* asks sometimes, the little addict. One of these days, I'm just going to give her a cigarette. "Here honey, this is how big girls deal with their oral fixation."

Congratulations on having your boobs back. Enjoy it while it lasts, and don't let anyone guilt you - especially not the LLL.

Amy @ http://prettybabies.blogspot.com

good luck tonight with the rocking...

My only question:

Did The huz call you a bunch of times in a panic?

If not - all is well.

Longtime lurker, sometime commenter....
Congrats on weaning Drew! I was lucky that Bubba was the one to decide when we were done (10 months). And I just have to say "Va va VOOM" - you look gorgeous! Can't wait to see the spot on the Today show.

I was rejected, so that was really hard. It was so hard with the other two when, after working to wean them, they no longer rooted when they were sleepy or hurt. That insta-comfort super power was gone. It still bothers me. But you are a super hero for enduring nursing while pregnant. Seriously.

I was sad too but I think it was time for me. And that sleeping thing is awesome.

Terribly sad. But it hasn't hit me yet. It will hit me when I get home and I'll be rocking him to sleep instead of nursing.


Just tell me you feel a little sad about that step. I mourned the baby that was. Of course I wasn't pregnant with the next one....

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