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March 05, 2008


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FeministBreeder summed my thoughts up nicely.

I've thought all along that we would see a Clinton/Obama ticket. And I'm still hopeful that will be the order.

I live and work in the DC metro area (I can see the Key, Roosevelt, and Memorial bridges from the building here in Rosslyn), and I can tell you why anyone who's been in DC for more than five minutes tends to favor Clinton over Obama, and that's an understanding of how Washington works. She's got it; he doesn't. He might be inspiring, but I can't see him being remotely effective. That, and once we're out of the primaries and the Republicans really fire up the slime machine, I think he's toast. The Clintons know what is required to win and aren't afraid to DO it.

She was an extremely active first lady (anyone here but me remember the right's constant referral to "Billary" during Bill's time in the White House?) They hated her for not being a quiet accessory he could tote around, and for being actively involved in policy making and diplomacy.

Honey, you're too young to be this skeptical:

"The truth is, I don’t need to be courted by our next President. I don’t even really need to like him. I just need to believe that he knows what he’s doing, and that he’s not using this country’s desire for change to make us believe in something that’s just not achievable."

But you've voiced exactly my thoughts.

I personally never understood quite why Hillary gets the rap as the "unlikeable" one. I like her just fine. How'd she even get that bad rap?

Perhaps she rubs people the wrong way because she's one of the strongest women this country has ever seen, and something just seems unsettling about that. People get weirded out by confident women. I personally love that about her.

But, I've always been one of those women who you have to know to love, so perhaps I feel some of her pain. Poor, unlikeable, brilliant, top-of-her-class, smarter-than-her-husband-who-is-smart, Hillary. I could totally be her friend.

Well, I don't feel good about any of the choices. Clinton offers what we have already had...the only difference is that she is female. Since 1989 we have had either a Bush or a Clinton in the White House which sounds a little too much like a monarchy for my taste. A change is something I believe we all need...I just do not believe that we will find those things in the options we are given. More experience...less experience, it all sounds like more of the same right now regardless of who gets the vote.

But hey, what do I know...I stay at home with 3 kids all day...lol

But see I'm not so sure Hil can get it done even with her experience and connections. I think that she could do a good job of running this country but she also has this way about her that rubs people the wrong way and I would be concerned that that is what is going to happen with her foreign relations as well.

Granted she's not running for my best friend but I do think that part of this job description includes being a likable person. And she doesn't have that the same way Obama does.

I do really like her policies on working families and Obama has some similar positions. Yes it shouldn't matter that she doesn't inspire people and isn't very likable but unfortunately it does and I think that will go a long way for Obama.

I will vote for Hillary in Nov if she gets the nomination but I'd rather be voting for a candidate that I really believe in rather than one that I simply have to choose over the other. I can't say that Hilary is that candidate for me.

I'd love to see a Clinton/Obama ticket. He'll be ready in '16... she's ready now.

As a mom, I feel like HC winning the presidency would be the closest I've ever come to winning the lottery.

I voted for Obama (I'm in AZ) because the race was down to him or Clinton and I chose hope over baggage, but neither was or is a great option. Neither one has experience, especially compared to McCain. I hate that when this race started there were several well-qualified candidates (Richardson, Dodd, Biden) but they never got off the ground--and so here we sit.

Anwyay, I don't fear his inexperience the way you do. I fear that Clinton can't win in November and I fear that McCain will keep us in Iraq forever and will likely go to war with Iran and generally keep us on this bad path we're currently on. If elected, Obama won't be able to make nearly all the changes he'd like, but I believe he would improve the direction of this country. Of the three people we're left with.......

I'm getting an error that says the blog I am looking for cannot be found...

Thanks so much for hanging out at my place as a Mother of Intention!

I would love it if Hillary was prez with Obama as a Veep. White rednecks heads would be spinning all over the south...

Figure I'll leave my comment here as well, since you probably don't get emailed about comments from there:

I agree, particularly with his lack of foreign policy experience, that Obama is better suited to be a VP right now, and then run for the ticket in '16. Apparently, this morning on CBS, Hillary was quoted as saying something to the effect of that a "super ticket" (i.e. her and Obama) was in the works (or "being discussed") and that they were going through the primary exercise to see who would sit at the top of the ticket.

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