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March 12, 2008


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I'll sooo have to remember this justification for letting my kids pick Cheerios off the floor. Thanks! (-;

I'd never thought about using the vacuum hose on the kids before. I bet it would work well. Is it freaky if it's practical? Hmmm....

Ah, just one of the many ways I'm trying to avoid screwing up my children...

our TP is now under, oh the horror. Although I KNOW that it goes over and not under, with it under it doesn't come off the roll quite so easily when little hands happen to get hold of it.

If you don't have perfect aim, you shouldn't squat. I wish people would follow that more - and clean up any messes they make.

I also keep CleanWell or Purell in my purse at all times. The sinks can sometimes be more gross than the toilets, so in those cases I'll use the hand sanitizer and skip the sinks.

I have no quirks.

I'm completely normal.

Now excuse me while I go wash my hands repeatedly after just have finished petting my dog...

Like I really have to pass any quirks onto my oldest son.

There's quirky and then there's OCD. And I don't mean when someone just casually mentions something they do as "OCD-like". I mean real, diagnosed true OCD. (I have it, so I know.) Some of those things, like towels needing to be folded and facing a certain way (unless you were joking), not shaking hands (because of germs, I'm guessing), and being unable to leave the house until certain things are checked or just right are traits of OCD. Just watch for this stuff. There's help for this kind of thing, behavioral therapy and meds are two. Just putting my two cents in. I've lived with it for years, and it's no picnic...for the person who has it or the ones that live with them.

JUST SIT ON THE TOILET ALREADY! If everyone sat, it would not get so filthy and require other people to hover. Stop it. It is just cheek skin is right, to the other commenter who said that.

My dear little niece washes her hands, then smells them to make sure they "smell clean". This comes from my freaky sister, and her waaay overdeveloped olfactory system. So weird.

I'm not obsessive at home - the five second rule can easily become the five minute rule. But public restrooms? I carry Purell.

People can be disgusting. Witness Submommy's story. WTF? Ugh.

Balance. It's all about balance. And sleeping pills.

Wow, you get cool silver boxes in the women's bathrooms? What the heck are those f...oh...eew. :)

And TP should definitely be over, as should the paper towels.

I MUST know the "correct" way to dry yourself off! Dish!

And ditto on the t.p. going over, not under. It drives my mom crazy, because I change hers when I visit.

AND I'm all about the hand-washing, but otherwise I think I'm fairly lax about germs. I guess my theory is if you wash your hands regularly, it doesn't really matter what you touch.

I am all for hand washing. Why, if you were at my house you would notice my dry, cracked, granny fingers. I have strep throat, and I've been to the doc enough this winter, thanks.

HOWEVER, my daughter's school makes them wash so often that HER hands are now chapped and dry and bleeding all the way to the wrist. (Nice to know she washes them so well!) Now she has to put hand cream on after every wash so as to counter act the drying effects of the hand washing. No 4yo should be that highly maintained.

I would like to be schooled on this proper drying off method!

And hells yes, TP OVER never under. Sit your bare ass on the toilet, it's just cheek skin...but stop hovering and hitting the rim, people! Eeew.

I would also just give my kids one of my tampons to play with in the store if it made them settle down for a moment. Those looks were fun to get :)

This post made me cringe the moment you mentioned the trash can. I can't stand Lil' Bum touching things in a public restroom. She's always trying to play with the trash lid or sit in the floor. This is definitely a quirk of mine. I CAN"T STAND IT.

Maggie was completely FREAKED out when I suggested she put her peepee in the potty with mine.

I told her that our peepee would get all mixed up when she flushed & it would go together to the beach and play in the ocean. Then she thought it was kinda cool.

The TP must go over. M-U-S-T.

I M-U-S-T flush a public restroom toilet with my foot. And now K. tries to do the same.

But I think my all-time gag inducing moment with my daughter was in the locker room at the gym. In one of the showers, someone had hung a USED tampon on the soap dispenser.

And here's K: "What's that?" Hurl. Gag. "um....." What can I say? Besides Hurl. And gag.

I'm definietly an over TPer. In fact - I have been knowm to change the under TPers TP. I'm sure they appreciated it.

If everyone just sat their stupid butts on the toilet seats then no pee would land on them and they'd be perfectly clean enough for another stupid butt. Are butt cheeks considered germ havens?

I totally get the doorknob flicking thing. I do it unconsciously now, especially if it's dry and cold. *mutters*

And yes, toilet paper should always go over. And if you're one of those under people and someone switched it around in your bathroom during a party... it's possible that I did it.

I was my mom's fifth kid. As long as I was not on fire or drinking from the gas can, she let me do whatever, and I survived. Today I sit bareassed on toilet seats all over the world with nary a care. HA! Take THAT, germaphobes.

Gagging a little about the metal box. Thanks for that.

That's hilarious because my mother's unwavering rule when I was growing up was two squares of toilet paper only, and washing hands is optional. Ha ha. Talk about sanitary.

I try to counteract the insanity my wife imposes upon my daughter. Usually it starts with, "But Mommy says..." or "But Mommy doesn't do it that way..." and I reply, "But I'm Daddy." That way, she doesn't know I'm deprogramming her, and she thinks I'm just being myself.

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