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March 07, 2008


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I was a horse lover, myself, and am already looking for horse art, etc. for my baby girl's room. Not that we can EVEN afford a horse!!
If you weren't pregnant I would say go on the pill- that's what I did when my first was eighteen months, along with just somehow gradually denying him the breast- and he loved it. He would smack his lips when he saw my boobs for months afterward. But he was also drinking whole milk from 12-18 months, so he did the bottle at bedtime after weaning till about 21/2 yrs. Good luck- hopefully you won't be feeding 2 at once- apparently there are moms who do this, and I cannot imagine....

No weaning advice from me either, sorry. My 4yo still nurses!

My thing is arts & crafts. A's first big craft project was making beaded necklaces for her friends. Next was making 60+ valentines for friends and family (It as funny to me that she lost interest before making valentines for my ILs, and that they didn't make her top 60 list! (K: they are not doozies like yours but they've had their weird and crazy moments).) The latest project is papier mache :-)

I found your blog through a good friend and I have to say I very much enjoy reading your honesty of motherhood! Thanks for the laughs and giving me the feeling that I am actually "normal" what ever the hell that is.

I never took dance but my four and a half year old daughter does and loves it. My thing was Brownies and Girl Scouts. My mom was a troop leader and I remember the meetings and earning different badges. We had a basement full of cookies at one time. I also loved reading my Brownie and Girl Scout Handbook. I would read them over and over again. I have been hoping and waiting for my daughter to be of age to join the Girl Scouts of America. I hope she likes it!

Ok...I have nothing for you on the topic of weaning. BUT I had to comment on how much I'm enjoying your blog...this is my 1st visit. I decided I had to comment after reading your bog entry from several days ago and you mentioned a 70 pound weight gain. I was also an "overachiever" I have 3 kids and also gained 70 with each! I was the same way...the only way to keep the nausea at bay was to keep my stomache full at all times. Thank God I lost the weight afterward or I'd have an extra 200 pounds on me. Have a fantastic day! and Congratulation on #3!

I loved ballet so much that I ACHED for it. My mom enrolled me in classes again and again and I danced my little heart out - but I sucked. Yes, even a five year old can suck at ballet. I was never, ever able to get beyond the positions - it's some kind of anti-rhythm glitch in my brain - if I had to actually move across the floor I had all the grace of a drunk elephant. I tried for years - and even as an adult, took beginner class after beginner class just to see if I could ONE DAY move away from the barre. No luck.

I've taken, probably, in total, more than a dozen years worth of ballet classes, and never progressed beyond beginner. But I still love it. And so whatever WB falls in love with, I'll totally support, for as many years as she loves it, no matter what.

(thanks for making me think of ballet. always makes me happy)

I don't know you but I love you and your blog. My youngest (4th) nursed until she was 3. I know what you're thinking....gross.... I never thought I'd be one to nurse for over a year. Good luck with weaning. He might be allergic to milk. Just a thought, lots of kids are. Maybe try Carnation Follow Up. My older kids loved it.

Hi, you are hilarious! I weaned my younger son at 14 months also. He was waking up at 4 am or so and coming into our bed to nurse and sleep until his "real" wakeup. We let him cry it out, sort of staggering in there once in a while to console him. It only took a few days. He is definitely old enough to get it when you just explain to him that nursing isn't going to happen anymore. Another thing you could try is breastmilk from a sippy cup given by dad at night (gradually switch over to some other milk product). Also in ref. to self weaning during your pregnancy, I wouldn't count on it. Some babies do, but I have a friend who has nursed through two pregnancies and it didn't bother her kids one bit. Also I would like to share that when I weaned Josh he opened up so much, his personality really blossomed (for others, not just mom and dad). This bit of separation really caused him to thrive, so just to put it out there that weaning can be a really positive experience for both of you.

My guess is that as your pregnancy progresses, Drew will wean himself - most babies do by three months in to their mother's next pregnancy... not sure if the milk tastes different or what - I think it begins to become more laden with colostrum and less interesting to them... I'd say, nurse him as usual overnight - probably will be less stressful for the both of you - and he should be losing interest himself shortly.  Good luck mama! 

I have no advice for weaning. My kid is a strange one. She weaned herself partially at 18 months and completely at 2 (or a little before). She was just...done.

I know I'm a little late to the congratulations party...but congratulations anyway on the third.

You are a brave woman.

Ballet was my first love as well. I started when I was 4, I was on point when I was 9, and dancing in competitions. Unfortunately, I injured myself and was unable to really dance again until my late teens. But I also loved to sing and act (I'm a triple threat! LoL), and was able to find my other loves through music and acting. Now I'm an aspiring actress who sings and dances. But ballet was my first.

I have no suggestions for weaning- but if you find something that works- please share. I'm currently nursing an almost 15 month old and I have no idea how to wean.

my son is almost exactly the same age and i ended up weaning him over a week last month when i fell really really sick. During that time my husband slept with him in the same room and offered him water when he woke up which he would drink a few sips of mainly because he was thirsty from all the crying. We kept this going for a little while (over 2 weeks) and then finally he was just nursing twice, once before bed, and the next time was really early in the morning when he woke up. (which in my case happens to be 5ish). Good luck!

I LOVED ballet dancing! I was pretty good at it too. But I didn't have the body for it. Strong and flexible yes, but wearing a bra since 2nd grade and on the fluffy side too. Those ballet costumes weren't really designed for a girl like me. But how I loved it. Still do. My husband doesn't really enjoy it, but I look forward to taking my son to performances even if he's not interested in dancing himself. (But I'd LOVE that too!)

I took ballet as a kid too. My daughter doesn't show any interest at all.

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