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March 03, 2008


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man oh man. i wish i was only naseous. i LOST five pounds in my first trimester.. and morning sickness didn't leave me until 20wk!!! :/

but i hear ya on the vinegar. i drank almost a quarter cup of malt vinegar one day. eww.

pepper and lots of it on everything. well except for like ice cream.

I get obsessed with hot sauce when I am pregnant too.

Nothing says "I'm gestating" like a pile of buffalo wings.

Mmmm... Buffalo wings.


Couldn't get enough of them during either pregnancy.

Every time my husband worked late, I would order a medium pizza with jalepenos and Canadian bacon.

And I would eat the whole thing.

While I was pregnant I dreamed about potsticker dipping sauce. I agree, I think it's the vinegar...but combine it with some really good soy sauce, a little sugar and some hot pepper flakes, and YUM! I will admit right here, in all of my anonymous glory that I DRANK IT!

Potatoes and pickles were my cravings in the first trimester, followed by McD's vanilla milkshakes in third trimester.

And ugh, I felt the same way in my first trimester each time. Wanted to puke, in the hopes the nausea would subside, but then was unable to puke. Constant 24-7 nausea.

My first thought when I read this was that the people who wrote "What to Expect" did not include hot sauce in the Best Odds diet (though I have) - stupidest diet ever!
Personally I can't even look at hot sauce because heartburn is what is killing me this pregnancy.
I had the all-day nausea too. I discovered that if I drank coffee really quickly it would make me puke and I didn't feel guilty about the caffeine. It was a wonderful discovery because it stopped the nausea for a few minutes.
Hang in there. It does get better in 2nd tri.

Taco Bell called.

They said they know it's you that keeps emptying all the sauce bins.

And they said, 'Muchos gracias' for the plug.

I love hot sauce even when I'm not pregnant, but man, when I am, watch out!

The problem is pregnancy brain and super-hot cravings equal dinners-too-hot-for-anyone-but-mommy!

I'm the same kind of pregnant lady. Just nauseated, not really much throwing up. And yeah, it still stinks. I'm finally reaching a point that I'm starting to gain weight this pregnancy though. I think I've gained 4 pounds this week. Gah.

I am THE SAME WAY EXACTLY. Ugh. I'm starting to come out of it at 16 weeks. I hope your nausea ends sooner!

My pregnancy exactly expect the hot sauce. In my opinion constant nausea is way worse than puking a few times. I remember spending hours praying I would just go ahead and throw up. At least that part ends soon.

Ugh I did that with my daughter. With my son I actually puked constantly - and I would choose that over the constant nausea any day of the week.

They have medication for that stuff now too.

I can so empathize, especially with the gaining lots of weight becasue you are eating because you feel ill.

It's like a three-month hangover. After that, all I wanted were McDonalds strawberry shakes (yuk) and raw chocolate chip cookie dough.

God was kind, I only gained 25 and 35 lbs respectively.

Now if I could just lose it.

I'm sitting here, 10 weeks pregnant, nauseous always (and on medication for it even), but I am a puker too and even though I've got my own problems lol, I do feel bad for those who are nauseous but don't get the relief that puking does give, if temporarily. I am positively miserable! So thanks for this wonderful post that aside from the hot sauce craving I can totally relate to (especially that I despise all food and yet must eat every one to two hours). Sorry this comment made no sense, did I mention I'm preggo?!

I had missed that you are knocked up. Congratulations!

You cannot feel bad about a 70lb weight gain. Its a good thing..
See I know this because I too have mastered the 70+b gains and the three meals a day? What's that I eat 8 meals a day when pregnant.
Ity's good really..your body is doing what it must..it's all about BEING PRRPARED FOR THE FAMINE!!
See..if there is as famine while you are preganant, then you might not get enough food to make a big healthy baby.
Or if there is a famine after you give birth, then you might not make enough milk for the baby to survive.
BUT..if you gain enough weight, then YOUR WHOLE FAMILY CAN LIVE OFF YOUR ASS for the next two years.

Getting larger just means you are a good mommy and your body knows how to protect you FROM THE BAD FAMINE!
So eat up!!

I was the same way with the constant nausea without puking, too! And like some of the others who commented, I got to the point that I wished I were actually puking more often just so I could maybe have relief for a moment, AND so other people would take the nausea a bit more seriously.

Because all-day, severe, unrelenting nausea is one of the most dismal, bone-wearying sensations I have ever felt. But since I wasn't actually puking all day long, I felt like a wimp complaining about it.

My mom craved spicy hot stuff all the time when she was pregnant with my little brother. After he was born, we discovered that he was a very picky eater, but, he LOVED salsa.

(Also, he's a bit of a physical thrill-seeker. And a pyromaniac. Not that there's a connection. OR IS THERE?)

Goodness...you just brought it all back to me. (tremble) I forgot how much even thinking about food made me sick. I ate watermelon for 28 weeks and donuts for the last 12.

Um, you've just summed up the exact same way I'm feeling. EXACT!

Oh yeah, I remember those pregnancy symptoms. I use wonder how the hell can water be so unappealing? How can water make you want to vomit, but Diet Dr. Pepper was like wine from Jesus?

Those crazy fetuses.

I also craved hot/spicy food with a vengeance when preggo. Even though I felt like puking 99% of the time and hot sauce seems like the absolute last thing that would calm and upset stomach. I wanted buffalo chicken wings and jalapeno cheese sauce. I think "What To Expect" would have spontaneously burst into flames had it been on my bookshelf.

Thank you for oh-so-accurately describing exactly how I've been feeling for the past 12 weeks. And, I've almost decided that I'd rather be puking, because it doesn't seem that you get any sympathy for "just" being nauseous. I think I'll go eat some French fries to make myself feel better. But the hot sauce...now I just don't understand that.

Taco Bell made me desperately ill when I was pregnant with Alliclaus. But I craved it constantly. I think for me it was the sour cream I was craving, but I can't say for sure. All I know is that just about once a week, I would decide that surely the morning sickness was over and I would try again. And there was not a single time that it did not leave me hunched over the toilet thinking, why did I eat that shit again? And what is up with my lack of chewing? TMI? My bad.

I am exactly the same way with the nausea but no puke. I mean, that's great, not puking and all... but yeah, until I'm chewing the food I want to die and then about 30 minutes after I swallow I want to die too. Ugh. 12 weeks in and hopefully it will pass shortly.

I'm that vaguely nauseous, not ever puking pregnant lady during the latter half of the 1st trimester, both times. The very idea of food repulsed me, but not eating it made me feel worse.

I can't say I craved hot sauce but you could put 12 avocados in front of me and I'd down each and every one of them, no problem.

You are an over-achiever. Please explain to me how you are so dang skinny post baby!? I'm four months out and I've only lost 30 of my 50 pounds. =( Blah. 9 months on, 9 months off my a**. I want it gone, now.

As for the hot sauce. I just don't understand it. My s-i-l carried around these miniature bottles of Tabasco sauce with her while she was knocked up and put it on EVERYTHING. If it wasn't bland, it wasn't for me my entire pregnancy. You two are nuts.b

I feel your pain.

The first sign I was pregnant with my first was ordering chocolate chip pancakes with a side of broccoli for dinner. That set the tone for the entire experience.

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