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February 09, 2008


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Hey everbody, you can cut down on that sugary stuff and drink real ginger ale (and root beer) by making it yourself. You can order extracts and get carbonation from club soda, a soda bottle (like they use on the Three Stooges and old comedies) or bottling with sugar and yeast.

Then you can sweeten to taste or use less nasty sweeteners.


Oh, we are drinking it here too. I have no idea why it stays down...but it does.

ah, yes, canada dry...drink of champion hurlers. gives me the heebiejeebies and nasty pregnancy flashbacks.

I was never crazy about Canada Dry and never got relief from it and never knew why until I discovered that it has essentially no ginger in it. It's all artificial flavors and high fructose corn syrup. When I had real ginger ale for the first time, it was truly amazing.

Boylan makes an amazing one, and so does GUS. Boylan also makes an amazing Root Beer. True, they're a bit pricey, but to get real ingredients, one must pay for them. Otherwise you get the cheap, fake shit.

Crystallized ginger is a good alternative to anti-nausea medicines if you can stomach it. I also found that Emetrol just gave me fruity-flavored vomit. No fun at all

LOL! My son knows that ginger ale is soda which he is obsessed over (damn, I knew I never should have given him a sip!). I told him we only drink ginger ale when our tummies hurt. So, the other day, he came up to me, very sad and serious and said, "I Sick!". And, then pointing to the ginger ale, "I need soda". Yeah, nice trick buddy.

Aah. I lived on CD and Vernor's When I was preggers. I couldn't keep much of anything down, but the Ginger Ale seemed to make it better.

I'm so sorry y'all are still sick.

She'll be popular in college.

OMG, you brought back memories of my childhood. Ginger Ale (had to be Canada Dry), lemon jello and cinnamon toast. Once our stomach settled we also got hot tea with honey. Perfect invalid food and a sign that someone loved you. What a good mom you are!

Oh yes, famous the world over for it's healing abilities - hangovers to dehydration, it works. I hope the luck of the Irish and the champagne of Canada bring your stomachs some peace.

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